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  1. I'm excited for this album. I guess Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die is supposed to be featured on a track, from what I've read. Can't wait for August.
  2. Oh god damn I love the vocals on this.
  3. Sounds awesome. Interpol usually puts out killer tracks. Thanks for the upload.
  4. Hell yeah this band always rules. Thanks for the upload.
  5. Yeah, you're right. It's the exact same image. Wow, that is incredible. xD
  6. Holy shit I've never heard of these guys. I'm blown away by this.
  7. Hoping this is heavier than their last full length.
  8. Wow, haven't heard anything from these guys in what seems like forever. Am eager to hear how this is. Cheers!
  9. Can't wait to blast this in my car. Thanks KL, you guys rule as always!
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