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  1. It's finally here, fuck yes. Been waiting for this one. Super stoked.
  2. This is rad. Happiness is my favorite album from DGD. Thanks for the upload.
  3. This sounds awesome as fuck. Thanks for the upload!
  4. Really surprised that I like this. Didn't expect Anti-Flag to be putting out bangers still. Pumped for the new album now. Thanks for the upload.
  5. This is so fucking unique. Reminds me of Twelve Foot Ninja kind of!
  6. Hell fucking yes. So pumped for this.
  7. Holy shit, never heard of these guys but this shit is fucking amazing.
  8. Hell yes what an early treat we have here. Lets do ittttttt.
  9. Holy shit really? I had no idea this was happening. This is fucking amazing.
  10. So stoked for their new album. Digging this new track a lot. Thanks for the upload.
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