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  1. Yeah, huge Beartooth vibes. Not a huge fan of this buttrock-core sound. The song writing seems predictable and the lyrics may or may not be cringe worthy. The chorus's seem generic in my opinion. Though this appeals to a lot of people, so they gotta be doing something right. Just not my taste I guess. Glad to see it's being recieved well though, for I have a lot of respect for these dudes. 4/10 in my opinion based on song writing, lyrics, and overall uniqueness.
  2. Wow what an early leak this one is. Thanks!
  3. I don't think it can get anymore generic than those four power chords.
  4. These dudes have so much music under their belts, it's unreal.
  5. 1. Chon 2. Terraformer 3. White Bat 4. Disguise 5. Southern Hospitality
  6. Not horrible, but isn't very unique. Most notable thing is Deryck's voice, separating the band's sound from other bands, though I don't believe that stands for the instrumentals IMO. Nevertheless, it's a group of talented individuals and this song just may be perfect for someone out there, just not for me. Regardless, I'm like semi-excited for the new album. Thanks for the upload!
  7. Oh damn this is awesome!!
  8. Love 311. Excited to hear what they sound like in 2019.
  9. Oh why hello. Wasn't expecting this. These two songs are awesome, not a surprise though. This band always kills it. Thank you!
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