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  1. I need a full album of this goodness.
  2. 1. Hayley Williams 2. Caligula's Horse 3. Bleed From Within
  3. How come I don't see any of the thirst plebs on this thread screaming BOOB as on the charli/kehlani thread? Y'all into some boring porn then smh. Well, TIT.
  4. Halfway through my second listen, I really enjoy this album. As if they went sort of pop rock with catchy stuff, progressing on the self titled's sound which I loved a lot. The only song on here that I don't enjoy much is the closer, apart from that everything is catchy and enjoyable radio rock goodness.
  5. This sounds a lot like voyager minus the vocals. Pretty interesting
  6. Katatonia for the win. Other stuff I enjoyed are All time low, enter shikari, DGD, trivium, elder, oranssi pazuzu and RED
  7. I don't see a flicker of Serj Tankian in the embeded single.
  8. Need to rename the extracted file without the ... in the front.
  9. Super late but this album took me by surprise. It is just perfect from start to finish. Been ages since I've listened to DM and this has pulled me back into the genre with a bang.
  10. I gotta read the books once I'm done reading the current series. About time tho.
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