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  1. I can just gaze at the album art forever and be at peace doing so...
  2. This was really good, gonna have to dig through my older music and listen all the older Avantasia stuff again. I'm once again intrigued in Avantasia. Seems everyone named Tobias is a melodic genius, be it Sammet or Forge.
  3. Grew out of skillet, although just can't grow out of Ledger. This is just the kind of poppy stuff I wanted, although the lyrics are basic af...
  4. Not the vocals but the instrumentals sound so to me. (In some parts of the song, not entirely. I'm also not saying they copied some riff/tune) Also, the cover art, although that's not really relevant.
  5. Imagine Dragons 2.0, minus some of the cringe.
  6. It's finally here and just in time for beautiful Valentine's day. Time to put some corpse paint on my hand and make love to it.
  7. Uhh... Why is there a caps lock image at the bottom?
  8. Would love to be on staff, it would seem I've got time to spare as well just... A trash internet. So, nah.
  9. Hell yeah bois We officially acknowledge the existence of dance metal now. If this is the direction modern power metal is heading, I'm boarding the hype train.
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