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  1. Been a while since I've thoroughly enjoyed a black metal album from start to finish.
  2. Goddamn, what 9 year old spicy memekid made the cover? Cool song though.
  3. That first guy's an ostrich neck...
  4. Been a great while an album has left me just blankly staring into space and enjoying every moment while listening to it. 10/10, will blast.
  5. I'd say starset but I guess you already know that. Check out sunset neon/blue stahli. While the vocals there are not similar to Dustin's, Sunset neon is a kinda disco/synthish 80s like music while blue stahli is like a metal version of MNQN. Antisleep vol. 4 by blue stahli to be specific, although it lacks vocals... Edit: Forgot about SoulExtract, it has a similar sound to it with sort of dubstep influences here and there, both his albums, The Circadian Algorithm and I forgot the 2nd one are pretty great.
  6. I'd be damned, this is on trending #10 on youtube in my country (India) where people listen to local bullshit...
  7. This is not on par with Live Love Life which was a pretty good album. This just feels uninspired, it's not bad, just dull...
  8. Yup. I was initially skeptical of it and didn't expect it to be anything more than meh. But it blew my 0 expectations away and I loved every bit of it.
  9. My AOTY so far. This album has way more folk stuff than their previous ones hence is somewhat less heavy. Also love it that the female vocalist gets way more exposure than back when Anna was there in the older albums normally limited to 2-4 songs. Here, Chrigel & Fabienne both have more or less a fair share of vocal work and boiii, they do deliver it well. Awesome album overall, just a small gripe, the closer sucks, like, just repeating 2 verses of the previous song for 3 whole minutes is... Blegh.
  10. I don't see the new link, the one in the post leads me to a file does not exist on zippyshare.
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