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  1. Heavy and good. Deleted Opeth discogoraphy to make space for this. Thanks.
  2. Correct. Preferred the older one though.
  3. Its a long list so I might just make another post at some other time but here we go. The big 4 minus slayer: I feel like you listen to one of them and you can skip the rest, just a big snoozefest. Don't get why they're so popular right now, back then, I can see why, however, but now, big meh. Kero kero bonito: Too quirky, sounds like someone reading a nursery rhyme, I don't get it. Ariana Grande: Unironically feel like puking every time I come across her music. Cringe af. Can also say Taylor Swift here but I feel like her songs have the potential to be enjoyable as opposed by Ariana's. Pantera: I'm not even gonna say anything about this except for that I just don't get the hype. New Years Day & In This Moment: Why, just why? I want good music not semi-good sex appeal. Kiss, The Beatles, Guns N Roses, AC/DC etc.: Guess i just don't get all the boomer hype. Mastodon: I can't get behind the vocals. At one moment I feel like it's enjoyable then I'm just blasted by a wave of mehs. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: In line with why I don't enjoy KKB, better instrumentations though I guess but too quirky. Anything hair metal: Why does this even exist? Greta Van Fleet: Why does this even exist? [2] Sum 41, blink-182, Angels & Airwaves: I always thought these were the big names in pop punk which led me to despise it cuz I absolutely didn't enjoy anything from them. However, I've enjoyed smaller pop punk bands very much. Power metal bands like Hammerfall, Helloween, Dragonforce etc.: I used to like DF for a couple songs but oof, every single power metal song has the same feel whatsoever. Crown the Empire, Annisokay, Any Given Day (most bands on Arising Empire): Just sound too samey to me, listen to one then unsubscribe from the label and you won't be missing out on anything. Holding Absence: Can that guy in the chatbox shut up already? Movements: Can that guy in the chatbox shut up already? [2] Memphis May Fire/In Flames: Too boring, don't understand the hype they get, or used to get. My Chemical Romance: Is this supposed to be a meme like Attila/Emmure?
  4. He recently deleted it off his iPod to make space for Suicide Silence discography though. ):
  5. Missing a song on the zip file, the 9th one.
  6. Finally an artist leaking their own stuff in 320.
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