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  1. That moment when Rammstein is popular overseas and people like them and I'm sure more than half of them don't know German.
  2. Holy shit, I didnt even know this was coming out. I still love and listen to their previous album, will have to wait a couple hours to listen to this, I'll be back. Also, that album cover has some good color choice.
  3. Loved the last single, love this one too. Can we please get an album? Or an EP at least?
  4. They are gonna blow up if they keep this up. Love the album, start to finish.
  5. This some quality shit right here. Out of line always had some of the best industrial bands.
  6. Never been a fan of Sum 41 but that artwork is beautiful.
  7. The screams/growls remind of Alissa White Gluz (Archenemy). Neat. Cover despacito.
  8. This needs more bloody recognition.
  9. Shame I couldn't enjoy this as much as their older stuff, which was phenomenal. Only Quarter Past Midnight is fun here. The rest feels like they will go down the imagine dragons route eventually, shame.
  10. Feels like its mostly going to be "anthems" on the album. Well, guess it's worth jamming for a couple days and then trashing it only to dig it up again an year later, same as unleashed.
  11. Was recommended this by someone on KL a couple months ago. A phenomenal album indeed.
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