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  1. Honestly You'll Never Find me had me hooked cause it sounds more like their older stuff. So hype for this
  2. Yes. Hate 4.0 totally won or will win AOTY 🙄😂
  3. No one cares but yet you went on a tirade over my comment. Good job champ.
  4. I mean. They have full business making American themed satire. Donald Trump us president and a fucking joke. If I didnt live here I'd be making jokes too. Best believe if he gets reelected I'm moving to Germany. I gave hina chance and he's a fuck joke. All set with being the the laughing stock of the world 😂 Sacred Reich is trash tho so
  5. This band interests me cause they're more or less deathcore meets anime music 😂
  6. Was intrested till I saw Caleb Shomo's name. All set.
  7. Now I can listen to the full story, sick
  8. No I mean better as in sounds way better
  9. Cept this is actually better than Attila 🤷‍♂️
  10. Waant expecting this today but awesome, thanks 😂
  11. Wrong. Enterprise Earth isnt on here and is way better than The Valley
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