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  1. This slaps harder than anything on The Spark. Fucking love it.
  2. Already been proven in this thread on how he reacts to criticism, on the first page of this thread actually.
  3. Or cause the music is literal trash. But hey, whatever floats your goat 🤷‍♂️
  4. Black Label is probably my favorite tbh, but TRT was good too. I dont mind the singles though
  5. Can we petition to have this removed from the site?
  6. And they usally credit the sources, I doubt birdbrain did.
  7. Avian Flu season you mean. Cause this is sick, and not in the good way.
  8. He's literally the Dollar Tree Hobo Johnson. I look forward to your review, I hope you destroy him in it 😎😂
  9. Not like were missing out on anything honestly
  10. I really hope this isnt that "huge" leak cause if so, that's wicked disappointing tbh 🙃 never ever heard of these guys and after listening to one track, quality aside, I'm glad I haven't.
  11. My buddy Micah is featured on a track 😎
  12. Oh no. Two artists dropped an album on the same day. Grow up. Mac would of been hyped. RIP Mac
  13. I'm on the first song. And holy fuck is this B E E F Y. I do have a soft spot for this band as I grew up with the Massachusetts/ New England metal scene. But this is fucking fantastic
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