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  1. This album is fantastic. I'm hooked on Intuition Knows for some reason
  2. Oh shitttt. This dude is the only "trap" I listen to. Good looks
  3. HOLY FUCKING SHIT I JUST WOKE UP FROM A NIGHT TERROR TO SEE THIS. That's pretty much what downtempo is tho
  4. Eh. Doesn't save the song 🤷 shits bad,man. The more I listened to Chaos, the more I didn't like it outside of three songs 😂
  5. Better than their most recent work 🤷
  6. The only song I'm kinda Eh on is New Addiction, Subhuman might be my favorite. This might be the first decent Attila album in awhile
  7. I wouldn't say 10/10 but I'm definitely digging this more than anything they've made since Outlawed
  8. About That Life was shit 🤷
  9. Features on this are stacked as fuck. Is this a concept album by any chance?
  10. I hope this is better than Chaos
  11. I dig this band, but can we just admit that they're pretty much British IWABO? 😂
  12. I wish I would of found this band sooner cause holy shit this is tasty
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