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  1. Dude hasn't been good since Goblin, not expecting much from this 😂
  2. Lmfao this is shit just like All Out Life and what the fucks up with Corey's mask? Wack. They should of quit after Vol 3 imo
  3. Was not expecting this on a Sunday. But hell yes. Love me some Amon Amarth, thanks guys.
  4. EPs don't normally make my yearly favorites list but holy shit. I liked Different Animals, but this is so much better. Until The End is Intake levels of a banger
  5. I couldn't of said it better myself and I'm not even finished yet.
  6. ....I know what the fuck I'm smoking to at midnight and playing all day tomorrow. Thanks KL. Happy 420 to me 😂
  7. Is it anything like Luigi's Ballad? Cause if so than it might be
  8. New EE is one of the best things to come out this year, dunno what you're on 😂 based off that comment, this song is probably shit. Spite's pretty basic as is, but I'll give it a shot
  9. I'm with you on that Anyone getting strong Killswitch vibes on 11:26? Regardless ATB is here to fuck up everyone's AOTY list 😂
  10. I hope the new album drops soon. These singles are great
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