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  1. After 5 listens, i gotta say. This reminds me alot of what Devil May Cry has been doing with soundtracks since DMC3, obviously darker and heavier but holy fuck do i wanna hear a version of BFG division live this. All that aside, the download link just brings me to the FB page?
  2. I was just listening to BFG Division and then i see this
  3. Usually a part of Nu Metal in general 🤷‍♂️
  4. Okay. Definitely gonna have to give this band another shot, can kinda see the reason for the hype now. I've already listened to the album three times 😂 solid 9/10 just for being so unique and atmospheric
  5. I second this, but the album is pretty lit in general imo
  6. I mean, just cause they're one of my favorites doesn't mean i have to dickride them like most of the site does 😂 This is literally the best sounding thing they've released from Afterburner, Prisoner and Lyrics Lie are meh.
  7. National whiskey day is next Tuesday ya know 😂
  8. I still like LB tbh, but this shit brings a stupid smile to my face. Imo Ocean Grove have yet to out out a bad album
  9. @Direngrey555666 i wouldn't say i hate them but i dont see the reason for all the hype. Maybe ill give them another shot at some point, who knows
  10. I never understood how people are so into this band. Like what am i missing? 😂🤔
  11. This site dickrides DGD way too much LMFAO
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