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  1. God this is bad. Thank fuck its not I'm the game. Atleast I havent heard it if it is 🤷‍♂️
  2. Just the video included in the post sold me on this, cause holy fuck
  3. I didnt even know they had a new one coming out. Too hype for FFAA and Norma Jean this week lmfao thanks regardless
  4. I'm actually pretty excited for this one
  5. Getting The Dahli Thundering Concept vibes from this. I dig it
  6. I agree that the autotune is weird as fuck but this song slaps regardless
  7. Is this the same guy that did freestyles over Gucci Gang and Bodak Yellow?
  8. Honestly You'll Never Find me had me hooked cause it sounds more like their older stuff. So hype for this
  9. Yes. Hate 4.0 totally won or will win AOTY 🙄😂
  10. No one cares but yet you went on a tirade over my comment. Good job champ.
  11. I mean. They have full business making American themed satire. Donald Trump us president and a fucking joke. If I didnt live here I'd be making jokes too. Best believe if he gets reelected I'm moving to Germany. I gave hina chance and he's a fuck joke. All set with being the the laughing stock of the world 😂 Sacred Reich is trash tho so
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