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  1. Been waiting on this tbh. Good looks.
  2. Hey. Guess what? Not as good as everyone hypes it to be 🤷‍♂️
  3. Oof. I know what ill be listening to at work today. Thanks.
  4. Album definitely suprised me after not vibing with some of the singles, but i like this waaaay more that ArSe, feels more like a follow-up to Mothership than that did. Might be on my AOTY list, might not, already have quite a few contenders Lol @ all the hate in the comments cause DGD made a DGD album 😂
  5. Honestly, this is already on my AOTY list and definitely one of my favorites this month. I can't really pick a favorite song cause they all fuckin S L A P. i will agree with the post above me that Exist Warp Brakes is dope 😂
  6. Only single i haven't liked was Prisoner
  7. Whoa whoa whoa hold up. They did a song with BEMIS?!
  8. These guys are from my hometown, if you dig it definitely think about picking up a copy 😎
  9. I've been waiting for new music from them. Sweet.
  10. Honestly waaaay better than their last effort. I dig it.
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