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  1. Better than the other song I heard
  2. This is...terrible. I have no other words.
  3. This is so bad its laughable. Even if it wasn't a diss, it'd still be a shit song. Almost makesme feel bad for what Eminem is gonna do to him. Almost 😂
  4. Ill be downloading this as soon as i wake up so i can wake and bake to it
  5. I'm very happy with it, way better than Revival So we not only got a free album, we literally got a free Deluxe Edition album
  6. I've never related to a comment more than i relate to this one. This cd is badass.
  7. Definitely their best since Crimson. Is that Good Mourning vibes i detect on this album? Regardless, awesome release.
  8. Im not gonna do a track by track, but wow. I'm impressed. Favorites: Doomsday, Holier Than Heaven, Kick Rocks,Black Cloud,Drag The Lake,The Gifthorse Indifferent: Feels Like I'm Dying, D.I.E (i kinda like it, but the spelling out words part makes me kinda eh on it), Beltsville Blues Pass: Set Me Free (Good song, but i feel that it dosent match with the rest) All in all, i love the album, better than This Could Be Heartbreak & Let The Ocean Take Me. Dont get me wrong, i like those album, but they're not as good as say, Youngbloods or Severed Ties. This album is more like a mix of their older sound and a new direction in sound 8.5/10
  9. Wasn't expecting this till tomorrow, but im having a shitty day, my mood is bananas cause im quitting cigarettes after about 10 years of smoking. This helps, thanks.
  10. Can we meet in the middle and say Sylar Park?
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