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  1. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - "Fire" out June 18 Seems to be a B-Side from Blossom
  2. When this album came out I wasn't as blown away by it as much as I was with The Mortal Coil back in 2017. I had that album on repeat every day for at least 6 months and it quickly made Polaris one of my favourite bands of all time. Over the past few weeks, I can happily say the same about this album as there hasn't been a day when I haven't sat at my desk headbanging to this album instead of doing work. I'm currently listening to their recent live recording in Sydney and it is bringing back so many memories of when I saw them for the first time in Glasgow last year (which happened to be my first mosh pit. Consume is lethal) supporting Northlane. When this pandemic is over, Polaris is the band I want to see first when they reschedule that belter of a headlining UK tour. Also, Creatures of Habit might be my new favourite song by them, overtaking Lucid. I really don't see anything overtaking this as my AOTY...
  3. I've never really listened to this band and as such don't really have a connection to their music but no one can deny that the fact this song exists is monumental. Definitely gonna dive into their discography before June 5th as this song, and their story, is incredible Edit: Ngl on a first listen I wasn't all too amazed by this song but I haven't stopped listening to this since it was released FOUNDATIONS THAT COULD NEVER BREAK WAS MOVING FORWARD A MISTAKE
  4. And it's a double shame that the majority of this release isn't even mixed by him. The songs he mixed are definitely the highlight though. Can't stop listening to Cultist Base, The Only Thing They Fear Is You and Meathook.
  5. Hard disagree. The Only Thing They Fear Is You is my favourite so far and is sooooooo much better than the pre-release version. I can't stop listening to it. I think it's melting my face off
  6. If you fancy diving more into their stuff, chances are if you disliked Mesmer you won't like Node either. All their work before that is with their old vocalist Adrian and I'd recommend giving Singularity a spin if you want to add more to your backlog
  7. I'm thinking maybe this genre of music just isn't for me but tbh I thought that was pretty decent. Took a few minutes for me to get into it tho
  8. Normally with bands that I discover I never bother to check out their normally extensive discography cause it feels like too much of a chore but rn I'm really keen to get into Sylosis. Cant stop listening to I Sever and sharing it with my friends ? Would you be able to tell me the best place to start/their best album?
  9. First time listening to Sylosis. I fuck with this.
  10. 1. Bring Me The Horizon - amo 2. Thornhill - The Dark Pool 3. FEVER 333 - STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS 4. Northlane - Alien 5. I Prevail - TRAUMA 6. The Brave - Aura 7. Void of Vision - Hyperdaze 8. YONAKA - Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow 9. Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding 10. While She Sleeps - SO WHAT? Honorable Mentions: Aviana - Epicenter Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
  11. Correction - its "HERE WE! HERE WE! HERE WE FUCKIN GO!" Source - Am Scottish
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