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  1. Normally with bands that I discover I never bother to check out their normally extensive discography cause it feels like too much of a chore but rn I'm really keen to get into Sylosis. Cant stop listening to I Sever and sharing it with my friends 😂 Would you be able to tell me the best place to start/their best album?
  2. First time listening to Sylosis. I fuck with this.
  3. 1. Bring Me The Horizon - amo 2. Thornhill - The Dark Pool 3. FEVER 333 - STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS 4. Northlane - Alien 5. I Prevail - TRAUMA 6. The Brave - Aura 7. Void of Vision - Hyperdaze 8. YONAKA - Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow 9. Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding 10. While She Sleeps - SO WHAT? Honorable Mentions: Aviana - Epicenter Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
  4. Correction - its "HERE WE! HERE WE! HERE WE FUCKIN GO!" Source - Am Scottish
  5. I never realised until now how much I have listened to this album since release. If I could pick one word to describe it that word would be m o o d. I know that I've been pretty depressed and lonely for the past month but idk if I'm like that anyway or if the album is making me feel like that. Regardless I'm loving the album and dont really care if it's making feel like shit all the time. Favourites are of course Nurture, Lily and the Moon and Where We Go When We Die. I went through my first breakup that left me feeling really lonely and isolated for most of the year. When I first read the lyrics for Nurture that had me written all over it, no matter how cheesy it might be. In regards to the other 2 songs, I'm lucky enough to never really have experienced grief in life yet but those songs are just hauntingly beautiful and convey that feeling perfectly. Music video is also great for WWGWWD. Theres no new releases that are sticking out to me this month so I'm just gonna call this AOTY for me. Felt super strongly about Alien at release but that hype died down quick. Unlike Alien, this has no filler tracks that lessen the overall impact of the album so this is definitely the winner for me.
  6. Sick album. Favourites are probably My Worst Enemy, Heavy Feather and Look Away after a first listen. Heavy Feather has basically been my anthem since it came out holy shit I love that song too much. Thanks for sharing
  7. My main critique of this album is that most of the songs are much longer than I feel they should be. My Pain is definitely the worst offender of this and I kinda despise it after realise it wasted about 5 minutes of my time before getting anywhere. Other than that this is a pretty solid album - some killer, some filler, some catchy shit in between. Faves: Unsainted, Nero Forte, Red Flag, Spiders, Solway Firth I can't list my least faves as after 1 listen I've forgotten what most of the songs were. Hopefully with time and more listens that'll change. Pretty solid album but doubt it'll be AOTY for me. Now to wait for Nik Nocturnal's guitar covers which will upload exactly 2 seconds after the album releases
  8. What would you say is their better album? Singularity?
  9. Since I have nothing else better to do and the 320 is out, imma share my thoughts on the whole album. Prepare for an essay length post. My thoughts may change on certain tracks once I read the lyrics but after many many listens in the past few days i'm just gonna talk about how the album sounds instead of the subjects it covers. I'm typing my thoughts out on each track as I listen to the album so let's go. 1) Details Matter - After a few more hours to let the song settle and after reading the lyrics, I'm retyping this section. What a song. Originally I had typed about how I feel the song wasn't structurally interesting and how I felt like I was zoning out towards the end of the track and overall found it disappointing. After focusing on the whole thing, word for word, this is one of the coolest and best songs the band have ever created. The lyrics hit exactly at home and the low-tuning and fast-paced instrumentals really add a unique punch to the track. What a way to start an album! 2) Bloodline - This was on repeat for weeks when the single dropped and my opinion hasn't changed - it's a tune. The lyrics hit hard and the post-chorus at 2:35 is my highlight. I love the sort of synthetic tune (idk what else to call it) that they layer all the instruments on top of as its pretty damn catchy. As it's a single that's been out for a while I don't have any new hot takes on it so I'm just gonna leave my thoughts at that. Dope ass song 3) 4D - As of right now, this is my favourite song on the track. The intro section reminds me strangely of the Torchwood soundtrack and the breakdown the Vega Core track from Doom 2016's OST. The chorus absolutely soars and I don't think is beaten on the album. I like Northlane the most when Marcus shows his range when singing so obviously this chorus rose the track up to a favourite of mine. As mentioned above the breakdown absolutely slams and the similarity to Doom makes it better in my book. I will be seriously upset if they don't play this live as all I want to do is chant the chorus back at the band I love it so much. 4) Talking Heads - I've lost count the amount of times I've legitimately hurt my neck when listening to this track. I've been obsessed with it for about 9 months now and it still hasn't lost it's punch. I see a lot of people here having a problem with the deep voiced spoken word sections on the album but I don't see the problem with it and find it helps the structure very well, splitting the song into 3 sections: 1) the aforementioned nu-metal spoken word, 2) the clean verses and 3) the filthy breakdown. This track is Nic's highlight for me as I feel the drums are most prominent here than in any other track. If i'm alone i'm never not air drumming to the breakdown. Dope ass song. 5) Freefall - While I dig the intro, I really want to love this track more. Unlike Talking Heads, 4D or Eclipse, I'm never finding this one stuck in my head. Saying that, I am a fan of every aspect of the chorus and it's likely that when I learn the lyrics this'll rise to be one of my faves. *I just opened the lyrics on genius and holy shit that second verse fucked me up. This album without a doubt will improve when the contents of the lyrics are brought into consideration. 6) Jinn - As everyone in the entire universe expected, this song fucking slaaaams. The song has such a fast pace that makes it one of the most interesting on the album structurally. The breakdown is probably the best on the album and I love the electronics they've mixed into it, and the entire track... and album. I can't think of another song with a recurring breakdown except for Jinn. It's out of this world (hehe). I reckon this track, Eclipse and Sleepless are the most they experimented with their sound and this can clearly be seen in the outro. The complete electronic takeover is something I never expected Northlane to incorporate but damn am I happy it's included. This section is certainly gonna get the crowds jumping at gigs. I also really dig the lead in to Eclipse. It goes without saying that it's really satisfying when tracks lead into one another and this in one of Northlane's best examples of that. 7) Eclipse - This one seems to be really divisive amongst fans but I feel it does a good job of representing the feel of the whole album. It makes me curious to see how everyone worldwide is gonna receive the album when it drops in their territory. Anyway I really dig this track. The instrumentals are super catchy and while in the intro the nu-metal spoken word returns, I again don't see the problem with it. The lyrics hit hard and the music video really elevates it when in conjunction with the vid for Bloodline. Like Talking Heads, it's impossible for me not to air drum to the breakdown. While I can't completely relate to Marcus' upbringing (my parents are not drug addicts or physical abusers) the line "I will never let myself be like you" really hits home with me and my sister. One of my favourites on the album. 8) Rift - I really don't have any strong feelings towards RIft, be they positive or negative, so I'll keep this one short. Marcus is good. Instruments are chill. It's an aight out of 10. Like Details Matter the structure is too similar throughout the song to keep my focus so I do zone out frequently and as such, this song has failed to make a strong impression on me. 9) Paradigm - This song seems to be a favourite amongst people on this site so i'm gonna embrace the hate. This song does pretty much nothing for me. It reminds me a lot of the second half of Mesmer - I find most of that section of the album quite forgettable and the songs kind of merge into one for me. Hopefully the lyrics elevate this one but even the instrumentals fail to get my super pumped. Definitely my least favourite on the album right now and it's a shame. 10) Vultures - Again like Bloodline this song has been out for absolutely ages so my opinion is gonna be nothing new. I dig it. Vocals are a nice change to the proggy Northlane (even though that's my favourite Northlane). Let's move on. 11) Sleepless - I really surprised myself when I ended up loving this track. The percussion beat isn't really adding anything but I don't mind its presence. This is clearly Marcus' highlight on the album and I love it. I think part of the reason I feel this way is that in name and sound it is similar to Weightless from Node - which was my favourite album until Alien came out. I'm gonna guess the lyrics are about his relationship with his Mum who he has long since cut ties with after his childhood. Like Bloodline, the style of singing really reflects the emotions he wants to convey and this track is another example of lyrics really adding something to the experience. Favourite Tracks: 4D, Jinn, Talking Heads, Eclipse, Sleepless (probably in that order) Let's add Details Matter somewhere in here too but it needs to settle more to find a ranking Least favourite tracks: Paradigm, Rift Thanks for reading Edit: Forgot to finish off by adding the obligatory AOTY comment. This is the AOTY. Thank you. Edit 2: I was wrong about Details Matter and Freefall those tracks are all I can think of. The guitar in the chorus of Freefall DAMN!
  10. The breakdown in 4D heavily reminds me of the Mastermind track from Doom 2016. I dig it. Edit: Nvm I'm thinking of Vega Core. It took me a few days to find the right track 😂
  11. I'm gonna post my full thoughts when a better version of the album comes out but for now I'l say Sleepless is definitely not a song I'd expect a band like Northlane to release but it might actually be one of my favourites. I've surprised myself with that thought. I may be reaching but I thought the background sort of ambience was very similar to Weightless from Node and due to the names of the songs I'm doubting this was an accident. The album was definitely worth the wait and I genuinely think anyone with any interest in music should listen to this and see how the band have expertly mixed countless styles and genres together to create one of the most unique final products I've ever heard. Obviously I'm biased and I dont think I'll ever not like a Northlane album but this is such an interesting evolution in their sound that will hopefully help the band receive more attention and fans. The boys deserve it. Also any replies saying this album is one of the most generic things ever, asking me if I've listened to so and so band cause they're so much better than this, no I haven't. Shut it.
  12. If I'm being honest the second half of Mesmer kinda morphs into 1 for me so if all the songs on Alien have this big a contrast between them I will die happy
  13. What is it you dont like about them? I am aware of a few folk who only watch Nic's videos so am curious to hear what turns you off of the rest of the band. If you haven't give Leech a listen - it's one of my favourites
  14. I've never listened to much Korn or Nu metal in general so to me, and in terms of Northlane's music (mostly in the vocals), I feel this is experimental and I'm loving it. Roll on August!
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