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  2. Can't wait to see where these guys go. As of right now my favourite is still Grotesque but Pretty Stupid SLAPS
  3. I hadn't heard of PhaseOne until yesterday so I didn't know what to expect. Considering this is Northlane and they've featured with the likes of Polaris I expected something like their own genre. Guess I'll be fucking off now
  4. I liked a solid 10 seconds of this then got baited so hard at 3:00. Can't wait for the boys to release their own stuff. Back I go to blaring live versions of Talking Heads
  5. I feel like this bands sound has evolved with my taste in music. They were one of the first bands in this scene I truly obsessed over and Lifelines while lyrically pretty generic had a heavier proportion of cleans than there were screams and more upbeat sorta radio rock songs (stuck in your head and one more time come to mind) which helped ease me into the genre over time. Over the past couple years my taste has obviously grown wider and I have embraced heavier bands with a more equal balance of the 2 vocal styles or even pure screams. If the rest of Trauma is like this single, I feel like this band has taken a similar sort of journey and have put that into their songs. This post is probably a bit rambly and stupid but I just love how this band have released songs that perfectly align with my changing tastes in music My hype for Trauma went from about 1 at announcement to 100 after this song!
  6. Now I've not listened to much of OM&M (Only the Defy album and SECOND & SEBRING) but holy shit I'm loving this. I loved Defy for it's more melodic elements but this goes fuckin hard. New album hype! We all have our own opinions...
  7. Ah ok I never saw that on the sub. I thought I was being smart... 😂
  8. Just thinking to myself, why was this released so long after the original album? I feel like it's no coincidence it was released just as they completed their next album so has anyone seen any sort of hints in this album to their next? This is the first time I'm trying to piece together some Northlane teases so I'm probably (definitely) looking for something that isn't there (although Josh said there would be similar marketing for their next album to Mesmer. I guess time will tell)
  9. Again, that's every one of their Deluxe Editions... Personally, I've been listening to the instrumentals on repeat for the past 2 days and think they're great. Colourwave has risen to one of my favourites on Mesmer due to this edition
  10. Every one of their deluxe editions has instrumentals of the songs it's nothing new from them. Granted, Node had some extra mixes of some tracks and an Adrian song done by Marcus but the only thing REALLY new there is that Tame Impala cover. Mesmer Deluxe is literally no different from Singularity...
  11. I feel responsible for a good 7,000 of those views
  12. I presumed Vultures was on Album 5 and didn't even know it wasn't confirmed
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