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  1. Thats because they were made for the specific countries honestly i there last album had potential this is repetitive
  2. They have gone so down the black hole of irrelevant
  3. Steve has been touring with them since 2018 there are a few videos with him on stage but your right it takes some getting used to
  4. I know Ryan wrote save us/embrace the ending too maybe Thats why I like TRTB, ill have to give this album a another listen too
  5. He was on the last few albums too
  6. That sucks could have used him here not saying Dr. F is bad but I think this album is missing a certain element
  7. Shmotz, Gravy, Pig Benis, and Nothing are gone from those albums, Dr. F does the keyboards and bass and Tanx is on guitar and Steve replaced Nothing.
  8. I think the first two songs he sounds like Jeffrey a little bit more in the intro track
  9. I think it was blabbermouth or metal injection and the Facebook group which the actual members are apart of.
  10. Personally I think they are all great but listen to XIII Hatrix kills it on that album This song is amazing can't wait for the album
  11. I'm actually digging this new singer miss Jeffrey and Waylon
  12. I feel like there is no underlying theme. The songs work on there own but not together
  13. I can't wait for this album Crossing the Rubicon sounds too poppy but hopefully it'll grow AA and modern living sound good so do the Marrionettes
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