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  1. Weird because thats all I hear from the media about how bad trump is
  2. damn i remember waiting all night for their first album to leak and their new singer sounds amazing and more screaming too
  3. Unfortunately 7D have kinda stuck with a familiar sound but still pump out bangers
  4. I honestly never thought they would go for this long
  5. Thats because they were made for the specific countries honestly i there last album had potential this is repetitive
  6. They have gone so down the black hole of irrelevant
  7. Steve has been touring with them since 2018 there are a few videos with him on stage but your right it takes some getting used to
  8. I know Ryan wrote save us/embrace the ending too maybe Thats why I like TRTB, ill have to give this album a another listen too
  9. He was on the last few albums too
  10. That sucks could have used him here not saying Dr. F is bad but I think this album is missing a certain element
  11. Shmotz, Gravy, Pig Benis, and Nothing are gone from those albums, Dr. F does the keyboards and bass and Tanx is on guitar and Steve replaced Nothing.
  12. I think the first two songs he sounds like Jeffrey a little bit more in the intro track
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