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  1. Personally I think they are all great but listen to XIII Hatrix kills it on that album
  2. I'm actually digging this new singer miss Jeffrey and Waylon
  3. I feel like there is no underlying theme. The songs work on there own but not together
  4. I can't wait for this album Crossing the Rubicon sounds too poppy but hopefully it'll grow AA and modern living sound good so do the Marrionettes
  5. Damn this song is nuts I just wish the breakdown was a bit longer
  6. Thanks its hard to find their full discography
  7. All the tracks sound like temporary names and these aren't the official names
  8. Because it is the guy from sleeping with sirens
  9. @LionHeart24 I get what your saying but this is a good song besides johnny barely writes the songs j-dog and Charlie do
  10. Honestly it's not a bad album but nothing creative
  11. So from what know they will release a song each week till the release
  12. Now 20 more years to wait for the next album
  13. Got damn I've been waiting for this
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