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  1. Honestly it's not a bad album but nothing creative
  2. So from what know they will release a song each week till the release
  3. Now 20 more years to wait for the next album
  4. Got damn I've been waiting for this
  5. Honestly the video reminds me of burn by mushroomhead but good song
  6. Bro this album slaps I was transported into another dimension just to listen to this masterpiece
  7. Another solid album thanks
  8. Damn another one, this should be good
  9. This whole album is perfect another solid record by the new gods
  10. I'll stick with Shokran new album
  11. In all honesty this is some brutal shit P4 is going to be amazing
  12. Damn I didn't expect this drop sooner
  13. Set it off never heard of them but I'll give them a listen
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