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  1. I had to recreate another password just to comment how bad this is HOLY SHIT
  2. Probably my favorite solo project from Danny so far, but in my opinion that's not saying much..
  3. Not bad for what it is lol
  4. I didn't even have to listen to see how thirsty the band was, it's one thing to do a covor to honer him it's another thing to take 7 tracks and try your hardest to get your name out off of his death, makes me want to vomit
  5. This just brings me back to ademas immortal song for mortal combat years ago, it was actually good tho only difference.
  6. R. I. P Kyle. All the good ways you choose to use your Voice will be missed
  7. Great album, lyrics and cleans all 10 tracks don't sound identical witch is rare af as of recently... nice surprise!🔥
  8. Guys vocals our amazing I just feel like this album was very repetitive and safe, Could have been so much better.
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