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  1. Worth every second. Glad I pre-ordered. Definitely an AOTY contender for me.
  2. Holy shit. These singles didn't stand to the rest of the album so far. Nero Forte-Red Flag has slapped so far.
  3. Definitely a unique direction for the band to take. Absolutely love what I've listened to so far. Can't wait for this and my pre-order. I can see why some aspects (the throaty, edm/industrial-esk) could throw people off or entirely turn them off to the album, but from what I've heard, this might come really close to Singularity for me. Without a doubt my favorite Marcus record. Just from his vocals to the overall lyrics. You can tell this album meant a lot to him personally. To those who don't enjoy it though, totally understandable.
  4. I've been dying for something new from these guys! Stoked for their new album.
  5. I remember listening to their first release, really enjoying it and then entirely forgetting these guys exist. Definitely gonna have to peep.
  6. I was just talking about how I wonder when they're going to be working on new material, also.
  7. Definitely gonna give a listen later. Hyped. What a good Tuesday.
  8. Just in time for my lunch break! You guys are the best.
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