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  1. I'm digging this, especially for the riffs! Mixdown could be slightly better + vocals are not comparable to more known bands, but they are stil plausible
  2. Waiting Room has so many Architects throwbacks. Really good vocals, decent instrumental, (vocal "Whine" + melody + ending breakdown riff are just godlike). Sounds really promising, waiting for a full release!
  3. Speaking of guitars - I hear some SoB's "Serious" and SOAD's "Stealing Society" influences. Song's awesome
  4. Johari - Progressive metal band from Louisville Kentucky The Johari Window - Metalcore band based in Belgium.
  5. Its really good, although I expected more of a twist from original rather than re-play without distorted guitars and screams
  6. With delay, but there it is!
  7. Not familiar with older Ghastly material (I'm too much behind in EDM genre these days...), but definitely checking this release today Black Mamba is awesome, but I cannot unhear Knife Party flavor in here. Centipede-stylised vocal addition most likely.
  8. As a fan of $uicideboy$, BONES and Ghostemane - I'm gonna give this guy a try for sure
  9. I've almost scrolled through this without listening. Too good I've changed my mind, because the song is really cool Some parts reminds me of Beartooth.
  10. The Kings back at it again with those songs
  11. Just wow. Architects vibes somewhere out there, but I'm glad it's not copy/paste same band wannabes. Solid single, would love to hear full EP.
  12. With all respect to Dreambound, I believe the band deserves something bigger of a label to be promoted by. Music's awesome btw.