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  1. AVIIRA - Tyranny (Single) (2018)

    I dig this. A lot. Never heard of this band before, gonna do my research. Also the artwork is cute.
  2. Whitelake - See No Evil, Speak No Evil (2017)

    I've checked. No regrets
  3. blessthefall - Hard Feelings (Exclusive Preview) (2018)

    I guess there's nothing to be surprised about screamer using his vocal less in upcoming music after 13 years. But aside from that - He is still a badass that can scream as we hear. About the preview - I can already tell that this album will be as special as any other album they'd written, in it's own way. Emotions still keeps sinking from those leaks - and that's all what actually matters to me tho. Same with Asking - not as heavy as expected but still very special.
  4. Whitelake - See No Evil, Speak No Evil (2017)

    (Judging about the linked single) This is beautiful. Meaty riffs, no cringy-sounding screams/growls, power blasts out of the speaker. Definitely gonna check out full record!
  5. Modern Error - Blackout Poetry (Single) (2018)

    I usually skip lesser known bands' singles, but this one was a good discovery
  6. Parkway Drive - Wishing Wells (Single) (2018)

    Solid single. I'm happy that Winston is not one of those vocalists getting softer with each next album they release. Riffs are more classical, but I still like the song overall. PS. intro is damn good, I have strong affection for acoustic guitar+piano+chello
  7. If I got that right and You've just discovered them, definitely go check out their "When X Met Y" album remaster from 2016 and "Eyes Wide Opium". Both are really great, diverse and enjoyable albums.
  8. *Coming to write random shit about the artwork* Am i the only one disturbed by the fact, that this artwork giant/monster must have a hard time rotating his head in any direction due to those long-ass horns? *Actually listens to a song afterwards* Well, those shreds are really rad. And even the vox isn't that painful
  9. Horcrux - The Dark Mark [EP] (2018)

    So neatly sounding instruments, although the guitar playing high-pitched arpeggio sounds a little bit too dry and mechanic - the tone could be chosen slightly better if You ask me. Nevertheless really enjoyable!
  10. Displacement - Dispacement (2018)

    Okay Australia, we get it. You have awesome musicians... Don't worry, keep sending them anyway
  11. Hatred City - Ones (2018)

    Intro melody is really beautiful. Riffs are not far worse, but the vocal doesn't appeal to me at all Should've been prepared for this though.
  12. Eyes Wide Open - Fire Is the Solution [Single] (2018)

    This is really cool, especially chorus is catchy and the vocal timbre is pleasing to listen to. I'm bumping topic for others to see.
  13. Curses - Rest [Single] (2018)

    Awesomesauce. Really solid single from such unknown (i guess) band that I've just discovered. Also thanks @Frak The Gods for mentioning the debut - 10 more tracks to enjoy
  14. Life Barrier - Ghost Pains (Single) (2018)

    Positively surprised. Solid music and tolerable (nothing "wow", but not bad either) vocals
  15. Overweight Swim Team - Comfort Where the Key Fits (2018)

    I just came here to make a rant about this stupid-ass artwork. So well...yeah I'm disturbed.