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  1. War of Ages - Buried Alive (Single) (2017)

    Some classic metal vibes in the chorus, and good guitar licks - I like it
  2. Afterwake - TIL (2017)

    Really decent band
  3. Feels like It's already been written by 10 bands before - heavy banger, but doesn't stand out except some neat guitar licks if you ask me.
  4. Speaking With Ghosts - Illuminated (2017)

    I am totally digging this band from now on. Those drumfills in breakdowns are simply badass!
  5. Nidus - Coalesce (2017)

    Didn't know Samwell Tarly played drums.
  6. Empathy Test - Safe from Harm (2017)

    Linked track is really enjoyable - soothing vibes, like it
  7. Despite Exile - Relics (2017)

    One of those deathore bands that are actually enjoyable
  8. *Awesome bands registry has been successfully updated*
  9. Phinehas - Dark Flag (2017)

    I feel very good influences in this one. Gonna give it a listen later on, but after Break the Earth I am quite certain it's gonna be worth it!
  10. For All Eternity - The Vacated [Single] (2017)

    I don't usually dll singles just to simplify my music folders' mess while actually waiting for the full album to come. Well...fuck this, it's worth every mess in the world. Badass song in every aspect
  11. This is huge, I'm loving this - especially ending (first one tho).
  12. Damned Spring Fragrantia - Chasm (2017)

    Just heard "Float" by accident on YouTube, then immediately refreshed KL to see if it is already here. Dayum.
  13. Oh right, how could I miss this joke