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  1. I also agree it's not cohesive with the rest of the song. Nonetheless it's also growing on me; always good to have something new
  2. I'm sorry, but if You think he's hitting false notes then You should've your ears checked. Aaron is great in melodic singing and this song chorus is no different lol. Overall okay song, not wowzers but decent enough to bang one's head to it.
  3. Awesome album by awesome musician. Beauty in complexity.
  4. Old school Prodigy bangin once again. Loving it.
  5. This requires more attention. Solid banger with vibes from '09-'11
  6. First deathcore-ish song posted here that I actually kind of dig in a long time Solid meat!
  7. This is pathetic. So much money and time wasted on producing this garbage, while there are tons of actual good music having no proper recognition. How can people call this banger? I would even turn this off in a porn video, if I came (sweet sweet irony) across this song in it.
  8. I hear mostly OM&M influences. Sounds unpolished and raw at moments, but not bad anyway
  9. Hello. My name is Shutara and I'm addicted to Black Malachite
  10. Instrumentally badass, vocals are on point too. Good finding!
  11. They are from Poland, so Your guess was accurate Proud of my boys!
  12. Lovely stuff as a background for relaxing
  13. As long as it's good, I don't care how much hair gel does he use.
  14. Good, groovy EP, worth checking out.
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