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  1. Cool band, cool song, cool guest appearance.
  2. These guitar licks...
  3. Guys definitely have potential.
  4. Solid song(s) lately, but I prefer their older vibe.
  5. Please don't ask me why I've never listened to Veil of Maya before. People do make mistakes.
  6. Very pleasing discovery for me
  7. Johari is really worth checking out, so a bump here from me wont hurt nobody. Thanks for the upload @LKA
  8. Saved this thread for later and forgot about it for days. So much time wasted - another awesome album from them!
  9. Funny how i fell in love with a band 'cause of falling in love with a girl. At least a feeling for The 1975 lasts today
  10. Tarantula's intro is so epic. Whole album is a djenty banger!
  11. Fine, but not Perfect.
  12. Back from guitar coma
  13. I guess i'm not ready for those yet XD
  14. Came to comment upon worst cover photo ever taken. Stayed for cool music.
  15. 2nd listen and I'm digging it even more. Fuck my first comment.