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  1. Yeah metalcore with black/death metal undertones so far
  2. And what if they never saw the answers? Also these are all different people asking rather than the same person.
  3. "Defensive" of what? What am I defending lmao? Use words correctly dude. bro................................... i get it.............................. !!
  4. They didn't insist on anything, they basically said "we don't really care" with this tweet This is a metalcore album, stop being stupid.
  5. "Opinion" No, you simply mislabeled the band and I pointed it out. Nice try.
  6. If it's not broken, don't fix it. "post-hardcore"
  7. I'm more disgusted by your use of "yikes"
  8. Yeah it's a nice addition, those songs are pretty enjoyable but it's silly to think a band that pretty much prides itself on mo$h would just suddenly drop it (also most of the tracks they released before the album dropped where like their prior material anyway so what were people even expecting?
  9. People mad a moshcore/metalcore band didn't go full Deftones worship for some reason lol
  10. Damn, it's like they didn't try with this one. It's Headspace without all the substance. Didn't think them kicking out that one dude would affect them this hard.
  11. Groove metal/metalcore rather than "metallic hardcore"
  12. Wow a "metalcore" album that sounds like Breaking Benjamin with djent riffs Very interesting
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