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  1. This band has nothing to do with beatdown
  2. Judging by the linked song looks like they are going back to what they do best, dunno what was up with that last album. Guess they are going for the tongue-in-cheek no-so-serious approach thematically which is fun.
  3. Or maybe the cover is just bad and it being gay or not doesn't matter
  4. The japanese album in english is "Reol - Jijitsujō"
  5. It's not metalcore that's the thing, I don't know why people think low grooves or djenty guitar tones = metalcore
  6. It's not, Oppressor is only available on the Japanese edition of Only Self
  7. Hoping for a japanese edition update, been trying to find FLAC of Sayonara
  8. Meh, pretty mediocre melodic death metal
  9. ABSOLUTELY MONSTROUS THIS SHIT SLAPS Preordered the vinyl for this the very day it was announced also this got nothing to do with beatdown hardcore, this some hard ass groove metal my dude
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