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  1. Finally I can hear Sayonara without having to find clunky youtube videos
  3. These files are all upconverted 128kbps files just a heads up to everyone
  4. Disembodied Converge Counterparts Kickback Congress H8000 Strongarm Rise of the Northstar Neglect Integrity ZAO
  5. Yeah this and Three Knee Deep are AOTY so far
  6. Not my fault people are crying about me dude, unless I'm actually harassing people (which I haven't) then I don't know what to tell you. Plenty of people sling insults first towards me over harmless discussion/arguing too. Also I don't pay attention to the chatbox, don't care about it.
  7. Dude you're the one coming at me over this, I'm not angrily slamming my keyboard or whatever you think I'm doing. Was just mentioning how I found it's inital advertisement weird seeing the article about this new single shared around outside the site. Also you say "dude who cares about genres, ur just nitpicking" but still cared enough to change my tags on the 3KD leak which makes less sense to me based on your own feelings towards this. "lul ur known 4 crying about genres" Grand total of what? 3 times? I haven't done anything to you lol chill out.
  8. "Bro you don't get it, there is no way to enjoy music and discuss genres, it's literally impossible to care about two things" lol
  9. And People who cry about people who care about something inherent to music discussion is mad funny
  10. Still don't get why this was advertised as "death metal", sounds like later Converge or Cult Leader but heavier.
  11. SEED OF PAIN, BACK AGAIN Holy Terror style metalcore reigns
  12. Nice, nice. definitely need to hear this one. Any chance of a FLAC rip? (Also I should mention that track 6 is actually 192 kbps, scanned it and it ended up being 192 kbps just upconverted to appear as a 320 mp3 so either a rip screw up or the whoever pressed the CDs screwed up and compressed that track for no reason)
  13. Why would someone rip a CD that low in the first place lmao
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