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  1. SEED OF PAIN, BACK AGAIN Holy Terror style metalcore reigns
  2. Nice, nice. definitely need to hear this one. Any chance of a FLAC rip? (Also I should mention that track 6 is actually 192 kbps, scanned it and it ended up being 192 kbps just upconverted to appear as a 320 mp3 so either a rip screw up or the whoever pressed the CDs screwed up and compressed that track for no reason)
  3. Why would someone rip a CD that low in the first place lmao
  4. This band tried really hard to deny being deathcore on Facebook, was funny af
  5. Insane that TAS went and made atmospheric sludge Neurosis inspiration quite high
  6. Both are prime time smooth brain knuckle drag music so it's really hard to choose
  7. Hmmm idk all the slam death metal riffing and typical chug-chug breakdowns all over this. Where do you hear Bulldoze in this? Exactly, you don't since this is slamming deathcore not beatdown HxC.
  8. Or someone properly rips a CD (as in not use itunes for example) before western releases
  9. Still lolzy how many deathcore bands call themselves beatdown hxc
  10. This program is Fakin The Funk, costs money but it's affordable and so far the best audio checker I've come across Free options are Lossless Audio Checker and Spek Also the files are upsampled on Deezer too, assuming this post was from Bandcamp.
  11. It sounds fine (my audio comment was more in general since people seem not understand why these things matter) my problem isn't the production (and I loved this record and this production style). My problem is the files say "320kbps" and it's not, so it's taking up more space than it should and also not accurately represented. If I were to download FLAC files, scan them and it says "actually 320kbps" I'd be pretty annoyed especially if I paid money for it. If it's a lower bitrate then actually say that, not upsample it so it takes up more room and misleads people. It's like on Deezer where all this some upsampled shit somehow makes it on there. Audio quality as well as not misleading the audience matters, I find it strange the site even points out audio codecs/audio quality but doesn't make scanning files that are uploaded to make sure they are actually what they say they are a requirement.
  12. Sorry I want the audio quality of music I like to actually be good This isn't "nitpicking" either and this isn't even suggesting anything is your fault lol
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