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  1. Groove metal/metalcore rather than "metallic hardcore"
  2. Wow a "metalcore" album that sounds like Breaking Benjamin with djent riffs Very interesting
  3. Why do people still say shit like this as if it's groundbreaking?
  4. stupid hard track just like Thin Ice lookin' good
  5. Except it has nothing to do with hardcore. Hardcore is a punk subgenre.
  6. Deathcore with slamming rather than HC, good song
  7. bruh I doubt we got 10 year olds on here
  8. bruh why does she still even make music lmao
  9. God this is so unfunny, the fact that this came out in 2019 is even crazier For real these meme bands fucking suck, this is somehow worse than that "Angry Reacts Only" band Though I don't know what you mean by "when WTC did it". They didn't do anything, it was other people meme-ing the fuck out of them with the shredded wheat thing
  10. Yeah 90s deathcore was a lot like this though less Entombed esque. Hoping more of these OG style deathcore bands like No Altars, Burn Victim or Moment of Truth start coming out more.
  11. How deathcore should sound, the OSDMcore thing is always welcome
  12. Hope he goes towards making black/death metal tracks at some point. I'd like to hear his approach to it.
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