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  1. Hope he goes towards making black/death metal tracks at some point. I'd like to hear his approach to it.
  2. The evidence shows that I am so Genres have established definitions and frameworks so in a way they kind of are rigid inherently. If you deviate too far it's just a whole different genre at that point (that's how we get new subgenres, that's literally how genres work lol). Most of the "hardcore" bands they're playing with are just metalcore/crossover bands anyway. Using "hardcore" as an umbrella term is fine but don't claim to be a particular genre when you're not. BDHC is a specific form of hardcore with a distinct sound. So yeah I know better than the band in this case ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (and most of the time the band is the worst source for the genre they play anyway unless they literally pioneered a genre). I doubt Desolated are even that serious with "beatdown" in the first place, they probably just go with whatever HC dorks at the time are calling them. If you don't believe me with what hardcore is here's some sources that back up what I've been saying: https://rateyourmusic.com/genre/Hardcore+Punk/ https://www.allmusic.com/style/hardcore-punk-ma0000002641 https://www.thoughtco.com/hardcore-punk-music-2803394
  3. Yeah they are unfortunately, you do realize being in a band doesn't make you automatically right. Motorhead calls themselves rock 'n' roll and Carnifex call themselves "modern death metal" and obviously neither are correct.
  4. It sounds nothing like hardcore punk, have you ever even listened to hardcore punk lol You just sound like you can't distinguish differences in sound bruh They aren't BDHC sorry, way too metallic for that
  5. It's not, beatdown hardcore is groovy metallic hardcore punk. Bands like Bulldoze, Knuckledust or Billy Club Sandwich are examples of BDHC. Desolated are playing 90s style groove metal/metalcore here pretty much. Nothing to do with BDHC.
  6. Sick EP, not HC tho Also I got this in FLAC if anyone wants it (also how do I go about adding that to this since this is an already existing topic?)
  7. No one is commenting? This is one of the best releases this year.
  8. "People who argue about things are snobs" Also I changed my mind anyway it ain't really PV
  9. Actually more enjoyable than My Own Grave This new record looks like it will crush Unearth in terms of melodic metalcore quality
  10. I would say "Grindcore / Metalcore" is as accurate as you can get If you want something more broad you can just do "Hardcore / Metal" There is maybe like 20 seconds of any actual rapping on the 2nd track
  11. This is not a rap record guys lmao "if you were to put metal a good amount of people would get the wrong impression of what this is" literally how lmao, saying it's rap gives people the completely wrong idea
  12. Not straight up metal, there are hardcore punk subgenres here Yeah the genres are wrong, Ghostemane decided to release a hardcore/metal EP
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