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  1. ABSOLUTELY MONSTROUS THIS SHIT SLAPS Preordered the vinyl for this the very day it was announced also this got nothing to do with beatdown hardcore, this some hard ass groove metal my dude
  2. This is melodic death metal, not metalcore.
  3. This has nothing to do with hardcore, hardcore is a punk subgenre lol. Also "slamming beatdown" isn't even a real genre and most bands that fall under it are just deathcore with slam riffs.
  4. This gets more enjoyable every listen, they decided to go for a more fast paced record this time.
  5. OG metalcore lives, the only thing powerful enough to stop Vein
  6. This is def deathcore lmao Death metal riffs, slams, chuggy core breakdowns Textbook deathcore
  7. One of the few deathcore acts that still go hard
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