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  1. Oh god the beginning is like a musical, the way they start singing along on the phone, made me laugh right away ("I'm sorry sir but I think you have the wrong number) , but when the tune got heavier and I felt the classic INK take over, I was like this shit is gonna be some awesome scary shit, and it is and I love it so much . Definitely feeling some Avenged vibes in this more then any INK song recently, it's really cool. Sarah Bartholomew is a really good singer too, and she adds way more creepiness to the track. You can even hear her singing along in the background throughout the song, like a banshee. Spencer's did such a great job on this, but it feels so short compared to the rest of the albums songs. I wish they would do a few more bonus horror movie songs besides this n Thriller. This is gonna be super fun to cover on a side note. Thanks for posting
  2. Ye ye new Doses single Ty @PhantomFear Ty @NieR:Automata™ I just woke up though lol. Can't wait to check in this out later. XD
  3. You are so awesome bro haha thank you so much. I love Disarray. I'm the one who added Lost Cause to the tracklist when the submission went in ooops. But nonetheless amazing thank you. No apologies necessary either man, your an artist you have things to do and we love you. Congrats on the show, hope you had fun and a great time. Hope you guys get out to Vancouver Canada so I can see you at Rogers Arena someday
  4. Damn I never commented on this. K well I will say I enjoyed this 50-50. I understand why they chose this direction for this album. But I only enjoyed less than half of the album. Still definitely worth listening to though. On another subject though anyone following this thread will be pleased to read that The Used are releasing a new album early 2020, it will be a throwback to their roots(so screams hopefully and the craziness we all love) they supposedly finished recording this month. So be prepared for singles to come, watch YouTube and get that shit to KL. praise the 2000's
  5. Holy fuck after a 2 full listens of the album I love it..... Fake Smile is by far my main favorite and I can definitely relate to it at this point of my life. My other favorites are The Other Side of Things, Gone in Your Wake, Disassociate, Chemical, 171xo, Lost Between, Alone(Out of My Head) and Vanish. They did an amazing job on this album, I love the diversity of the tracks. They didn't abandon heaviness all together and that makes me happy, coz I did love the debut and enjoyed them as Outlands before they become Thousand Below. Makes me so happy to see how much they've grown over the past few years. This album mixes so much together, and the songs that aren't "heavy" hit very hard. 10/10
  6. Yeah Shane from Oh,Sleeper was the vocalist if I'm not mistaken. And the members were from AILD respectively as far as I remember.
  7. @KL Bot you predicted the future we have a new As I Lay Dying album in 2019 hahahaha oh god, looking back on this thread giving me some laughs. I love WovenWar so much and I really hope the members do something with as this band again. I understand Oh,Sleeper and AILD may not go away this time again for a while and I'm happy with that too, but I honestly loved how this band sounded as well. Both albums are amazing. Some bands stick with their side projects for the most part, and I hope said members decide to come back to this at some point.
  8. I forgot about the OiC side project. Lmao damn it's so good. Really hope a full length comes out this year or early next year.
  9. Them be fightin words, and we got lots of people here ready to defend please be respectful about your opinion and others. Or gtfo.
  10. Yeah bro you did a lot to help me yesterday get this up for everyone. Take your time I mean lmao it's not horrible but up to you in the end right? Thanks again though, I really appreciate it and I'm sure Heist will too
  11. Hater jk jk. But yeah it took a while to do
  12. Before I forget, thank you very much @Summers for helping out this afternoon with getting this together. You are awesome.
  13. @HeistMonkey121 we love you so much man. Hope you and the guys go far and get lots of attention from the new release. HAPPY RELEASE DAY YOU MONKEYS haha yes that was me in your facebook page
  14. New covers have been put up, lol I forgot to say something :lol: among some normals I did Rocking The Boat ;) more to come throughout Oct. XD

    1. Daniel_Defoe


      I have demos at least recorded for some original songs I'm writing right now haha. 

      And I'm also planning on recording a couple random covers possibly next week. 


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