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  1. @realowl woohooooo thank you!!!! Thank you @lessontohighest
  2. Well shit. Some jaw dropping good metalcore.
  3. IM GONNA BE HALFWAY TO 30 IN 5 DAYS. HOLY FUUUUUUUCK lol. Life. :lol:;):rolleyes:

  4. Lol grinding them gears still eh? Enjoyed the shit out of this mixed with North Corridor (full) at work tonight. Thanks for posting the full album. Much love @mR12
  5. Why is a Xmas album being released in October?? I'm so confused.
  6. And that's my cue. Some people are just too thick headed. Can't wait for the full B-side record to be released. Great "Single"
  7. Lol my phone's full of VBR 128 and whatever else shitty quality is below 320. I can care less. Pretty sure there's a few others who care less. It's called being lazy and not wanting to sit in a internet browser and switching tabs back and forth every 10 minutes to download and convert every song to preferred quality. We do have lives you know.@c1rcl30fdu57 don't be a grumpy man lol. Not everything has to be perfect buddy
  8. Finally getting to listen to this. 9/10 ONLY because it's not as heavy as Rise and Shine. I don't exactly care about Apocalypse DJ yet coz I have yet to hear every song. But Evolver a banger of a pop rock album. The electronic influences are really well placed. They did a great job on this. I'm really enjoying the non singles so far. Gonna be a fun listening later at work tonight Well I heard some distorted vocals but I'm sure they were the dudes uncleans that I've heard before. I change to 9.5 lol buuut I've also only heard 1 new song with uncleans so far in love with this album
  9. Dude it's not a big deal. Don't be like those people who complain about quality. Some people don't care about quality. They just care about the fact it's out they want to hear it and there's a possibility it could be submitted and posted. KL'S MOTTO "We don't encourage piracy but we encourage you to listen and try before you buy" No one's trying to bust your balls here but like wtf. Dude was just trying to nice and helpful to the KL community. Sharing is Caring remember.
  10. You are God lmao jk jk. But still you are amazing.
  11. @Physyadelic I love long review bro. Had fun reading that, can't wait to check out the album. Hoping it's as good as the numbers check out lmao. Jk jk I have faith in you. And I love Atreyu either way. But gotta say idk if the album will top the singles for me hahahaha
  12. @Altered84 its more like pop rock now, or space rock. They are probably trying to get a bigger audience or just messing around with new sounds. Rise and Shine had some heavy songs. They weren't boom boom heavy but they were still good to rock out too because Turn It Down has a growl at the end. Did enjoy the small EDM/dubstep breakdowns. I didn't hear much from Apocalypse DJ lol but I'll be going backwards in time to check out eventually one day. But I'm also not pleased by one genre alone lol. I love what these guys can do. Really wish Boomerang and Radioactive Mother(Lover) were part of the tracklist. Two really good singles, keeping those unless the albums redone. Lmao holy fuck I actually sat here and typed this? Hahahaha I haven't even listened to Evolver yet.
  13. @LKA this is awesome. @densenuggz loving the bouncy tunes XD.
  14. Once again I can't sleep when I know new music's on its way. I'm a sucker for the music Thanks a bunch @Lord Kingdom. Tomorrow's gonna be a good day.
  15. I suck at trying to sleep when i know something's gonna be on that i haven't stopped thinking about since the first 3 singles. Very happy. Going to download and pass out to the new album now. KL Love you guys so much thank you @realowl. Assuming it's morning for most of you guys hope you have a wonderful day goodnight friends