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  1. Raskal just posted a music video for Wicked. Hoping he does a new album for this project soon. Also for some reason I can get this downloaded halfway then it says it's waiting for network though Im still connected. Is it just the nippy site???
  2. Im so damn happy, this took forever to come out. Reign of Terror was my favorite album by them trying to follow AA footsteps, but this will definitely replace that. Singles were amazing. Thank you so much KL!
  3. Woah wtf. Damn. Hope they figure their shit out soon..... that’s really shitty and messed. Gotta love when bands do that though. Fingers crossed.
  4. Im really excited to check this out. The singles were pretty cool and I'm no "edm" type fan anymore. This is gonna be great! Thank you KL.... RIP Kyle Pavone
  5. Yessssssss I'm so ready for this. Thank you @Lord Rorschach
  6. Are they gonna be doing a new full length soon? Till Death, La Familia was where I started liking them. Sangre was awesome and a great surprise. Really hoping for more to come
  7. Love how SWS is just throwing these singles at us. Not even a few months inbetween they just pumping out the new material. So excited for this album to drop XD
  8. The singles were super good. I'm a bit sad I don't see Bittersweet among the list so I'm keeping that one on. It's weird I couldn't find Never Rome as a single download either. Super happy this is out now though, gonna jam the shit out of this album
  9. ISingles were great, so far I’m super pleased with this release. Favorites are Blood, Said & Done, Dethrone, Careful what you wish for and Hell I overcame. THE GREATEST TRICK THAT THE DEVIL DID WAS CONVINCE THE WORLD HE DOESNT EXIST!
  10. I've been waiting so so long!!! Loved their EPS! Most anticipated release for me. Thank you so much KL
  11. Holy fuck I missed out on a very interesting thread jeeeesus.
  12. So excited to check this out. Singles were awesome
  13. Knowing he's coming out with a new single makes me want to listen to this again.
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