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  1. Damn haven't seen this name in a long while. Thought I was hallucinating for a minute Very excited for what's coming next.
  2. Fuck yeah! The EP has arrived so happy they released something. Hoping they stay active and work out a new album for next year. Singles were amazing so I know I'll love the rest. Thank you @Lord Rorschach for the upload XD
  3. Never listened before but I'm gonna give them a shot. Here's to trying something new!
  4. Yaaay it's on the way! Can't wait for this
  5. Oh damn if I hadve known this was actually gonna happen I wouldve posted my cover too hahahahaha. This awesome guys well done love how this post has 31 comments and climbing
  6. Come on people be fair lol. It's actually not half bad. I wasn't expecting female vocals though tbh. But I wouldn't say this is terrible. Great job @shfydgi
  7. Hmmmm im interested @shfydgi show me whatchu got homie
  8. Thanks Venom I'll totally check out Adept. I swear ive heard about them before a few years back. Off to YouTube
  9. Awesome! Loved the singles. Listening to it right now. So far pretty pleased. Lol the intro to I Won't Break sounds like something out of Streets of Rage(Sega Genesis for those confused) 10/10 for me here
  10. Lol damn normally I don't listen to bands from Nuclear but these guys wow I'm making an exception. Cannot wait for the album. Some god damn good right here. Do not sleep on this!
  11. Liking this a lot more then the last album.
  12. Totally gonna download this. So many good oldies on this. XD god damn.
  13. XD can't wait to hear this!!! Thank you!
  14. Thanks for putting featured artists down. Recognized Wrekonize almost right away. Like the features on this. Album sounds better than the last. Cleans are a lot better. Rascal(rapper) is using grittier sounding vocals too I noticed. Just wish he'd put more emotion into them though. I don't mean to sound mean but he sounds monotonous at times :/. Really happy about the Shifty feature btw that was a great surprise, I love Crazy Town!
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