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  1. Amazing the first song I listened to blew me away. Glad I checked these guys out. The music video felt very atmospheric and relaxed but still heavyish. The breakdown was pretty awesome too even though it wasn't like one of those chuggy or fast breakdowns. Don't sleep on these guys.
  2. Single is good. The intro was weird at first but the song got pretty damn catchy after a minute. I assume they are a new group Would love to hear more from these guys.
  3. Not too bad. Gonna give this album a shot
  4. Woohoo so glad I came online now! Cannot wait to listen to this! Been waiting so so long :D Thank you @Lord Rorschach
  5. Mesma was an awesome album and the first I listened to by these guys. Can't wait to hear what's in store for their new album. Can't remember who but someone on KL recommended them to me and they've been in my phone since thank you for posting the new single!
  6. @Summers upload sounds great no issues on the quality. Finally got round to listening to it. Internet wasn't working on my android earlier was using chat on my iPhone. Thanks again
  7. Thank you very much you guys are awesome on this site.
  8. @Andydobson12 aw sweet lol, 2 months to go wonder if Fronz will sign them to SS or if they’ll go in a different Label direction. They do speed scream raps don’t they so that’s obviously something Fronz looks for a lot of the time it seems when signing. And he’s in the single... only time will tell us now can’t wait forget though nonetheless.
  9. So are they gonna be making more music finally? I remember checking these guys out a year ago or so I think. If I remember they only had an EP out then. Hopeful for more soon
  10. I wonder when he’s gonna make a full length album. Dude is a good rapper and I’ve really liked quite a few of the edm beats. Hope he does more then singles soon.
  11. Fuck so far away. 4 months. Summer is gonna be a blast then at least
  12. About time the album was announced. Woot hyped for this. Past 4 singles they've released have been great. Was worried I'd never hear more.
  13. Wasn't hyped for this, but I respect Andy as a vocalist and cannot wait to check this out now. I really hope something actually new happens for BVB soon. Cheers thank you
  14. Genre feels more like a mix of Heavy Punk/Metalcore with small bits of Post-Hardcore on the clean spots sometimes. Not as heavy as most Metalcore bands not as soft as most PH bands. They are decent in my books, just hard to get used to vocals. And a bit difficult to follow what they are saying at times, but all in all 7/10. They did deliver on their release. it's a fun listen. Catchy at parts. But unfortunately I'll have to pass on this.
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