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  1. No because its a great album imo.
  2. But subjectively to him it is the best release for this month. Just because you don't agree, doesn't mean he is "wrong."
  3. Music isn't objective, its subjective. So to say there is music better than I Prevail objectively is just silly because its all subjective. Dude loves the album, don't see why you have to even bother.
  4. I really enjoyed the album. Glad to see them try something new. This band will always get hate because of how they became popular ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Wait till you hear Gasoline or Deadweight
  6. Not really. There are still some heavy elements on this album. MMF has all but ditched that for an arena rock sound. I wouldn't say OLN has come even close to doing that.
  7. Considering how much their debut record sold and how many shares and likes the post about their new album, its safe to say its "highly anticipated"
  8. Ah yeah I remember Tyler posting on Twitter about it. Thanks for the reminder.
  9. Didn't they work with Drew Fulk on this record? Despite the hate I am excited to see how this record turns out
  10. Ah okay that makes sense. Thanks for the info!
  11. Isn't this EP missing a song? On iTunes it has 7 songs. Looks like this is missing "Catalyst." Anyway we can get that song as well?
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