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  1. This song is awesome. vultures was also awesome. Definitely buying tickets to the tour with Erra
  2. “I don’t understand the hype” - probably never saw them live when they were supporting Parkway Drive like 6 years ago when they were the opening set. Come a long way since then. This is what I wanted the new BMTH album to sound like
  3. Reminds me of knuckle puck. Great stuff
  4. Been waiting for new music from them for so long. This is amazing
  5. Great album. They almost have a CNCC vibe to them imo (heavier but also super catchy riffs)
  6. Love it. I think I like the production on the original Out of It single a little better than the album version. Other than that I'm digging it
  7. If this whole album is like the intro track then I'm in
  8. Do the opening/bridge riffs in Signal Fire remind anyone else of TooL??? Great album
  9. this album is fantastic on first listen
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