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  1. ok now I am super hyped for this full release
  2. prefer a little more grit but the drop is niceeee. anyone else kind of get a basement/hundredth vibe with the instrumentals?
  3. omg that breakdown... not disappointed. been in and out with them since sticks & stones. Despite this not typically being my style, there is just something nostalgic about Jeremy's voice that takes me back to my younger self!
  4. Dare I say this is my AOTY? The progression of their music has been so natural and true to sound since the very beginning. Would also like to note that Beneath the Surface might be the best song they have ever released (IMO)
  5. Confused about the Northlane comparisons - not seeing it. Actually sounds nothing like Northlane haha. Anyways, great album. Melodic and experimental
  6. Nickelback, is that youuuuuuu
  7. Didn't like any of the singles so wasn't super hyped to listen. Gotta say a lot better than expected and kinda like the vibes better than California. By vibes I mean this feels more like a fall album than a summer album
  8. between this and coven, so stoked on this album
  9. To the longtime TooL fan that wrote an extensive article begging TooL to pump the breaks on a new album due to the risk of it ruining their near perfect discography, I HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING WHAT YOU ARE HEARING AND IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO DELETE YOUR POST! thank you for this masterpiece TooL!
  10. I still think Vultures is one of the best songs on the album
  11. kinda feels like I'm listening to killing with a smile demos... definitely not complaining
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