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  1. Fame on Fire are pretty good, but man do they stick out like a sore thumb on Hopeless.
  2. During all those George Floyd protests/riots, he was posting videos of himself doing stupid shit like screaming at police officers along with posting all kinds of pro-racist, anti-white crap on his IG stories. People called him out on being an opportunist, disagreed with what he was doing from a moral standpoint. He starts telling his fans to go fuck themselves/suck white genitalia/kill themselves knowing full well that a majority of his fan base likely has some form of depression/anxiety. Fans are what make these artists, and when they use their platform to spread/promote hate to both others and the very audience that makes them what they are, then that makes them shitty people. Especially when said individual would've gone down in flames if it weren't for this industry. Maybe I'm just being sensitive, and it's nothing more than my opinion. Don't really expect it to be much more than that.
  3. Lotus is a garbage human being, but I'll give him the Jonny treatment and give credit where it's due for the music. This shit is legit.
  4. I miss their Seeing Clearly sound, as dated as it is. This budget Djent/Architects sound is good, but it doesn't really fit them all that well.
  5. For anyone who might not know, this is a side-project for Rory Rodriguez and Mike of Dayseeker.
  6. Looking at his/her favorite artist speaks volumes in this case.
  7. Definitely the wrong genre. Paste error, maybe? More Folk/Indie-ish, with a touch of midwest in it. Just my opinion, though.
  8. That song title on track 3 alone makes want to check this out.
  9. It's pretty good, and very much sounds like Osatia. I do kinda miss that 2009-ish 0 & 1's, Wires-era A Skylit Drive sound they had on Sky People, though. I do realize it's kinda dated, just thought it always fit really well with these guys.
  10. Definitely VoM - Outsider or Currents - Second Skin. Souvenir by Saviour is up there for me, too. A Lunar Rose is such good album.
  11. The clean vocals were a nice surprise, always thought they should've used them more. Especially after hearing the guitarist (bassist?) singing in Élan Vital.
  12. It's good, but album of the year? What are you smoking? 😂
  13. By the looks of it, I think it's a single cover. A bad one, but a single cover nonetheless. I don't think Currents or Sharptone would allow this otherwise. Still not as bad as The Afterimage's album cover for Eve, though.
  14. Christ, this is good. Glad they're back.
  15. The YouTube thumbnail is already reminding me of Design The Skyline. No thanks.
  16. It's a public domain photo, if I'm not mistaken. Meaning it's an free picture anyone can use in any capacity (even with minimal editing) without worry of copyright.
  17. My expectations were pretty high after Hearts on Fire. But wow, this is actually really good so far and I'm only on the fourth song. Tragic Scene and The Shade Can't Save You remind me of why I loved A Spark to Believe so much. Edit: This album blew my expectations away, honestly. Outside of No Hesitation (not a bad song, just not really my flavor at all.), there isn't a bad song on this record. Exit Strategy or The Shade Can't Save You are probably my favorites after a first listen.
  18. Because they have no identity. One minute, they're a metalcore band, the next they are a ballad rock band you hear on Octane, and then they turn into a pair of sadboy rappers with a drumset. They make decent music, but I feel like that's why they get a lot of shit.
  19. This is awful. I mean, Design The Skyline level awful.
  20. Either someone in the band has some money or they're moderately connected in the scene. I'm assuming the former. Good stuff regardless.
  21. The music itself is decent, but christ their videos make me feel that 2009 scene kid level of cringe.
  22. Listening on a pair of pretty high quality pair Sennheisers right now and the mix sounds kind of muffled, or something along those lines. Could be just a me, though. Otherwise, yet another absolutely amazing track from one of the hottest bands in the scene right now.
  23. I get the feeling that Polaris is being massively overhyped, and a lot of people are going to be disappointed. Getting a 'heavy for the sake of being heavy' vibe with the last two singles. Jmo, though.
  24. Did I get a corrupted download, or are all the songs 3:17 and cutting off before they're over? First time I've run into something like this.
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