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  1. It was done because the original mix was the equivalent of stepping on dog shit.
  2. Real original album cover you got there.
  3. Really, really refreshing. It's unique within a genre that's extremely hard to be unique in. I think the best part about this album though is that it's not vocally driven, it's given time to shine instrumentally.
  4. RIP. Thought a new album was coming out. Welp, that's disappointing. Good shit, nonetheless.
  5. That is Kyle singing, right? It's amazing how much he switched up his vocals from The Afterimage.
  6. Jesus, Eleven Seven turned these guys into a harder Nickelback clone. There's way too much talent in this band for them sound to like a wannabe FFDP with Chad Kroeger on vocals. The douchey album cover should've been a giveaway, though. I mean, what happened to songs like Jesus Slaves, Officer Down, or even Remember When? They all had some substance musically and lyrically. They actually had something unique with Disobey, even if it wasn't directionally cohesive, this is just bad. Kinda surprised people are praising this, to be honest. Edit: Second half of the album is definitely better, but that first half isn't catching me at all.
  7. Agreed. Not one to judge people for their music tastes, but it's hard to take anyone's criticism of originality or quality of said music when their supposed favorite artists are Disturbed and The Weeknd. The song is clearly more melodic than the last, but still just as good as All That You Lost.
  8. Seconded. This band kind of lost what minimal originality that had when Kassim left and they chose not to replace him. Hopefully he'll come back now that he isn't with Alazka anymore.
  9. Thanks for ripping/uploading this. I'm probably in the minority when I say Tom did his fans pretty dirty not uploading his album anywhere. I'm the type who likes to listen to albums before I buy them just in case they suck (a good example being Wage War's newest effort.). I understand why he did it, but it'll only hurt him in the long run. I'll probably end up buying this just because I agree with a lot of his messages and want to support him, but it's a bad business move.
  10. Good shit. I'm glad they moved away from being Betraying The Martyrs clones and found their own sound.
  11. The production on all of their albums suck, honestly. Misery was probably their best, and it was still pretty bad.
  12. Damn good cover, but why do a cover of a song with that lineup in the first place? I feel like an original song with all those guys on it would be pretty nasty.
  13. I had Recover on repeat throughout high school, but could never really get into this one. I think it was the poppier vocals from Joel that turned me off originally, might have to give this another listen.
  14. Loved their first record, but the second one felt very uninspired to me. It lacked a lot of experimentation that the first had, and lost a lot of its uniqueness as a result, imo. The only song I liked was the bonus track (I believe it was), Bringing it Down 2.0, which they seemed to introduce again with this single. They heaviness is mixed in really well with the overarching melodies. There's some massive Siamese vibes in the chorus, though. Have you ever heard him sing live? I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them, dude has an awesome voice. Honestly, though, if you're going to give a vocalist shit for vocal manipulation, at least try to sound educated on the subject.. Auto-tune = T-Pain and Pitch Correction (which is used here) = something literally every vocalist uses.
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