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  1. Did they seriously put Atlantis on this? I mean, it's probably re-recorded and all, but its a song off of an EP that came out five years ago. Pretty lazy, imo. Edit: It's re-recording of the original with an absolute ass mix to top it off lol. Good EP otherwise, though.
  2. Kinda reminds me of Babymetal for some reason.
  3. Outside of Reality Stalling and Infinite World sounding like the exact same song, along with that weird rap song they threw in, it's a strong album.
  4. The fact that they're all compiled into a single .zip/.rar file makes it a lot whole lot less tedious to play all at once. It also makes archiving and organization a lot cleaner.
  5. If you're gonna sit there and talk shit about others like your own shit doesn't stink, then at least be literate yourself.
  6. What Sam Carter, Eddie Berg, and to some extent, Brian Willie do is something between a fry and yell. I don't believe there's an actual name for the style, though.
  7. Is this the same Values that did "Blind Ignorance"? I definitely like what I'm hearing, good stuff. Screams kind of remind of Ross Kenyon and cleans work pretty well. What's wrong with the album cover? Seems more symbolic than anything to me.
  8. It's a public domain image, and therefore, free for anyone to use without cost or credit. As a graphic artist/designer that uses some public domain images to manipulate, running into other people using that same image as a foundation is unavoidable. That being said, this was probably done by someone in the band to save money. However, it was done pretty lazily. Like, zero effort lazy. Just slapped on their logo and an awful free font and called it a day.
  9. Christ, this just feels like uninspired memecore, and that's without even sitting it next to Eve. I doubt it was money. The band went for several years, and all of the members seem fairly well off financially (I mean, you kind of have to be if you live in Canada, I'd think.). You don't exactly 'just play' a few shows in Japan without either being well-off/stable as a band, or having a successful album. I fully believe their parting was due to either creative differences/directions or issues with Tragic Hero.
  10. Sheesh, Too Close To Touch 2.0 much? Everything is very similar, from the vocals to the simple/plain music.They better hope the vocalist is better than Keaton live, 'cause that's their only hope.
  11. Not gonna be that guy, but are there really still people like this? We get it, you love ABR and their thirty million clones with awesome guitar work and br00tal vocals and breakdowns, but you don't have to dangle your elitist distaste for clean vocals either.
  12. This is an older single that came out some time last year (I believe), and is being uploaded here now for whatever reason. This song and their other single "Signs" have been on Dreambound's YouTube channel for quite a while now.
  13. I loved Origin, it was a super relatable album in multiple respects. I wasn't a huge fan of DISWIR (it was way too Silent Planet-y sounding to me, I like SP, but not with Rory's voice.), but I still liked it. This? This is what evolution in a band should sound like. Jesus, I hope the rest of the album is on this level.
  14. My god. This album and their self-titled brings back some memories. Too bad they broke up. :/
  15. You should look into Youtube Vanced, assuming you're on android. It's basically an ad-less, free YouTube Red (in the sense that you can turn your screen off and still hear the music/audio of the video.).
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