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  1. The 128kbps was actually fairly high quality for what it was, but I was also listening on a somewhat upper-end system that might've made it sound a little better then how it actually sounded. Either way, 320 versions will almost always sound better, especially on a good pair of cans.
  2. Technically late 2018 (didn't see it on that other thread.), but The Afterimage.
  3. ...No. Just no. They were at least haflway decent as a Asking Alexandria/Capture The Crown ripoff, but this is just on a new level of awful. It's like T-Pain and Atilla had a baby and out came Brokencyde's retarded twin.
  4. Hey, maybe they're going to this sound so Keaton can actually perform halfway decently live. Dude is the literal definition of hot garbage live.
  5. Dude needs to change his name if he wants to get any kind of looks his way from label/fans . Not a bad rapper, just not really into his style at all.
  6. Spectrum and Locked Away are pretty sick. Anthem (For The Broken) has to be the cheesiest song I've heard in a while, though. I mean, "for the broken"? Really, guys? In all seriousness, though, it's a pretty good EP. If their's anything to really nitpick, it's like they can't decide between being Metalcore or Melodic Hardocre(-esque).
  7. 1. Architects - Holy Hell. - These guys are pretty much an auto-AOTY for me at this point. 2. The Afterimage (RIP) - Eve. - I waited so long for an LP from these guys and finally got one. It lived up to my expectations. 3. Now, Now - Saved. - Loved Threads, and loved this, too. 4. The Plot In You - Dispose. - An album I wasn't much of a fan of at first, but it grew on me. Outside of being way, way too short, it ended up being a strong album with a completely new sound. 5. nothing,nowhere - ruiner. - Another album that I thought was okay, but slowly grew to like a good bit. Still not nearly as good as Reaper, though. 6. Currents - I Let The Devil In. - The only thing stopping this from being higher is that it's an EP. Once again, this band shows why they're quickly climbing the ladder to the top of the scene. 7. Erra - Neon. - I wasn't a fan of Drift, for a plethora of reasons. This one took a few listens, too. Even if he got a little better with this album, I just wish JT had a bit more variety. 8. The Fallen Prodigy - Relive // Regret // Repeat (super underrated band, imo.). - This album is non-stop heavy. Fast, hits hard, all mixed in with some great guitar work and Jesse Cash-ish cleans 9. Mayday Parade - Sunnyland. - Almost forgot about this. Classic Mayday Parade, loved this album. 10. Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises. - I know this album got a bit of flak for being a bit repetitive, but I kept finding myself coming back to it. Heather is just hard to resist. HM's: Normandie - White Flag / Planet Loser - Planet Loser / Our Hollow, Our Home - In Moment // In Misery / Seraphim - Shades of The Future / Shields - Life in Exile. | Framing Hanley - Puzzle Pieces & Baggage Claim.
  8. I wasn't really much of a fan of their material after The Moment, give or take on a few songs. This and Puzzle Pieces are pretty damn good, hopefully the rest of the album can match it.
  9. I don't know if it's just Youtube, but does the mix seem off to anyone else? The music (guitars, mostly.) seems a good bit louder than the vocals.Good song, otherwise.
  10. Did you listen to TPIFS at all? The entire album, except for Apnea, has some semblance of cleans.
  11. GOTK is pretty much taking over the BFMV sound while BFMV themselves are doing their best impression of Nickelback.
  12. My 13 year old sister has better Photoshop skills than whoever made that cover. Song fucking kicks, though.
  13. Definitely not a bad album. The biggest problem for me (emphasis on me.) with this album is the fact that it sounds like a downgraded Currents, and that's made clear from the first track, Aglæca. Even the closing breakdown for that song is very similar to the breakdown in Apnea. Screams sound just like Brian at some points, and the cleans aren't very well placed in some of the songs. The vocals aren't bad at all, they just lack their own originality, imo. The latter is really just nitpicking, though. That said, this is an album I'll be listening to again. It's a quality album with quality music from a band that just hasn't quite found their identity yet, I feel. 6.5-7/10.
  14. Probably because it's the highest quality rip they've received. That's my guess at least, as those review copies are likely somewhat carefully watched for this reason. I'm no expert on how leaking works, so take my two cents with a grain of salt.
  15. They're pretty damn good, musically, at least. But my god, please fire whoever is doing the videos. They're cringey as hell. They would've been better off using that money to pay Scott Rudd (or anyone else) for a good lyric video instead.
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