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  1. Sheesh, Too Close To Touch 2.0 much? Everything is very similar, from the vocals to the simple/plain music.They better hope the vocalist is better than Keaton live, 'cause that's their only hope.
  2. Not gonna be that guy, but are there really still people like this? We get it, you love ABR and their thirty million clones with awesome guitar work and br00tal vocals and breakdowns, but you don't have to dangle your elitist distaste for clean vocals either.
  3. This is an older single that came out some time last year (I believe), and is being uploaded here now for whatever reason. This song and their other single "Signs" have been on Dreambound's YouTube channel for quite a while now.
  4. I loved Origin, it was a super relatable album in multiple respects. I wasn't a huge fan of DISWIR (it was way too Silent Planet-y sounding to me, I like SP, but not with Rory's voice.), but I still liked it. This? This is what evolution in a band should sound like. Jesus, I hope the rest of the album is on this level.
  5. My god. This album and their self-titled brings back some memories. Too bad they broke up. :/
  6. You should look into Youtube Vanced, assuming you're on android. It's basically an ad-less, free YouTube Red (in the sense that you can turn your screen off and still hear the music/audio of the video.).
  7. Very nothing,nowhere-esque, was a fan of his first EP along with all of his Crooks stuff. Kinda wish his songs were longer, though.
  8. Gotta be Shokran and InVisions for me, Demon Hunter was okay, too, I suppose. Everything else was pretty meh, though.
  9. Reminds me of a slightly heavier, slightly more nasaly version of Forget Tomorrow. Pretty good.
  10. The 128kbps was actually fairly high quality for what it was, but I was also listening on a somewhat upper-end system that might've made it sound a little better then how it actually sounded. Either way, 320 versions will almost always sound better, especially on a good pair of cans.
  11. Technically late 2018 (didn't see it on that other thread.), but The Afterimage.
  12. ...No. Just no. They were at least haflway decent as a Asking Alexandria/Capture The Crown ripoff, but this is just on a new level of awful. It's like T-Pain and Atilla had a baby and out came Brokencyde's retarded twin.
  13. Hey, maybe they're going to this sound so Keaton can actually perform halfway decently live. Dude is the literal definition of hot garbage live.
  14. Dude needs to change his name if he wants to get any kind of looks his way from label/fans . Not a bad rapper, just not really into his style at all.
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