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  1. Damn good cover, but why do a cover of a song with that lineup in the first place? I feel like an original song with all those guys on it would be pretty nasty.
  2. I had Recover on repeat throughout high school, but could never really get into this one. I think it was the poppier vocals from Joel that turned me off originally, might have to give this another listen.
  3. Loved their first record, but the second one felt very uninspired to me. It lacked a lot of experimentation that the first had, and lost a lot of its uniqueness as a result, imo. The only song I liked was the bonus track (I believe it was), Bringing it Down 2.0, which they seemed to introduce again with this single. They heaviness is mixed in really well with the overarching melodies. There's some massive Siamese vibes in the chorus, though. Have you ever heard him sing live? I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them, dude has an awesome voice. Honestly, though, if you're going to give a vocalist shit for vocal manipulation, at least try to sound educated on the subject.. Auto-tune = T-Pain and Pitch Correction (which is used here) = something literally every vocalist uses.
  4. I never thought I'd actually say this, but this band is pretty much a budget Speech Patterns.
  5. Definitely more of a fan of the Oasis style, but that little riff(?) at 1:00 completely makes the song for me.
  6. August 9th, according to Google.
  7. It's a strong release (especially compared to that last album), but it's not even album of the month. That probably goes to Wolves at The Gate. AOTY? That still belong to Turn The Light On by Imminence.
  8. Jesus, I remember Amidst The Bloodshed back in high school.
  9. Sounds like it has some potential, but that god awful mix ruins anything good about their music.
  10. That logo/interwoven triangle thing on the cover is an obvious rip-off from Nothing More. Hard to get more obvious than that. Decent music otherwise, though.
  11. Getting some strong Polaris vibes (vocalist hair aside), and I'm definitely fan of that
  12. Sounds very similar to Too Close To Touch, imo.
  13. Honestly almost thought that was Chester singing at the beginning.
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