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  1. This throws me like 10 years back to my emo days when every second band was like this haha
  2. Just checked this album page on iTunes and this got me most exited to hear "12. Take What You Give (feat. Simple Plan)"
  3. I can't tell anymore with this band if this is an original song or a cover?
  4. this sounds better then whole Last Young Renegade album
  5. Gotta say this is one of the best pop punk albums I heard lately!
  6. I might be the only one here who thinks this song is pretty generic, nothing special about it
  7. Just saw them yesterday with Eskimo Callboys... they're sick as hell live!
  8. Damn this clickbaits... I clicked on this only because of the album art
  9. I have high hopes for this band. I'm enjoying this album a lot.
  10. Thanks, I'm excited about this since Apologies single went out.
  11. I prefer this over anything blink-182 came up with lately
  12. Screams on "Trust In Fear" sounds like fist Blessthefall album with Craig, which is cool.
  13. This song is like 3,5 roentgen. Not good, not bad.
  14. Oh no, somebody dislike my personal taste and opinion
  15. I saw the cover and I was like "oh ADTR have a new single nice!"
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