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  1. Just the look at the artwork tells me I don't need to hear this ever
  2. This is like listening to Asking Alexandria without Asking Alexandria in it
  3. But if you look it up on google play or itunes, it actually really is "To Dead Too Dance" there
  4. To me all their latest songs sounds like they are releasing the same song over and over again. Not a fan of this genre, I liked their early music.
  5. Oh yeah, this is the stuff I needed right now!
  6. I'm so spedning money on this and Silverstein's redux album and purchasing it because of the nostalgia.
  7. I like that these two are working together, but I just don't like what they did. I mean it's not bad, but it's not for me.
  8. uh well this it Not Enough for me...
  9. This sounds so 2009, thank you autotune!
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