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  1. I prefer this over anything blink-182 came up with lately
  2. Screams on "Trust In Fear" sounds like fist Blessthefall album with Craig, which is cool.
  3. This song is like 3,5 roentgen. Not good, not bad.
  4. Oh no, somebody dislike my personal taste and opinion
  5. I saw the cover and I was like "oh ADTR have a new single nice!"
  6. I'm glad-ish for this acustic-ish songs, thanks for posting
  7. Any chance someone will upload deluxe acoustic versions in 320 too?
  8. this sound much more like blink-182 then blink-182 do
  9. Just the look at the artwork tells me I don't need to hear this ever
  10. This is like listening to Asking Alexandria without Asking Alexandria in it
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