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  1. Oh HELL yeah!!! The legend is back, with Dave Ingram on vocals once again, and it fucking SLAYS!
  2. Holy hell, I didn't get over the first song. Barnes's vocals have truly gone to shit and it just makes me too sad to listen to this...
  3. There's FLAC as well among the links, only it's not mentioned here. Also, thank you very much, excellent album!
  4. Ross Geller's wanking music. No, seriously, these guys are amazing, thank you.
  5. Just a reminder that Gift means Poison in German.
  6. Ha ha, it's censored even on their Bandcamp. Guess you have to buy the physical record. We'll see who's the real pervert...
  7. Yes! Finally a 320kbps version. Unless this was upscaled…? EDIT: According to Spek, this is genuine 320 kbps, thank you! Amazing music. EDIT 2: Hope a FLAC will be added, this band deserves it…
  8. Great, thanks. However, it is upscaled, the actual bitrate is 192 kbps.
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