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  1. Love The 69 Eyes! Saw them twice live with HIM.
  2. This is really damn good! Fuck all the hate for this album, it's plain out ridiculous.
  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this album. Damn haters.
  4. Quit being a crybaby bitch and grow a fucking pair.

    1. desk


      dumbfuck #2 you do realize that person went to a three year old thread and downvoted like 20 random posts for no reason, while you just downvoted mine, which I couldn't care less, but what's the fucking point when that's not even what he did?

  5. This is horrible and extremely cringy
  6. This is really good. Love Dead American
  7. This is good but definitely waiting for better quality
  8. Solid State Records is an awesome Christian label.
  9. Why the hate on I Prevail? I Prevail is a damn good band and even more awesome dudes to ever meet in person.
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