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  1. Ok Boomer? Really now? Sorry not sorry but, Kanye is pure hot trash all around period and Jay Z is trash as well. Don't like it, go cry in a corner or go pray to Kanye or something.
  2. This is actually pretty damn decent for what it is. There is alot more people here who like this compared to the people who just want to hate.
  3. Yeah this is really good! Definitely a really nice treat.
  4. These guys are amazing dudes with incredible work ethic. I've had the pleasure of playing a show with these guys.
  5. Very HIGHLY underrated band and it's a damn shame. These guys deserve so much more.
  6. Really fucking good! Do NOT sleep on this or this band guys.
  7. Um who's to say that this project still won't be a "supergroup"? Just because the original members are not able to be a part of this project this time around, doesn't mean that it might not be considered a supergroup anymore. Again we do not know who Craig has recruited to take on this project with him this time around. It may not be just some unknown or not so known musicians, it may very well could be well known musicians from other past bands. Again I don't think judging this and being so critical of this right from the start is very appropriate, the song itself is still a rough staged demo and until we have and know 100% confirmed info on the band as a whole and have possibly another song or two, we should not be so quick to be judgemental. We do not know anything about the details of the new era of DRUGS yet...
  8. Thanks I truly appreciate that! It has been awhile since we have come out with anything but, my band is still around and somewhat active. Me and the other members just have other projects and life stuff that we are currently focusing on but we do plan on eventually releasing a full length album in the near future sometime.
  9. I'm happy you guys enjoyed the single
  10. Hello beautiful people. Me and the legend Kurt Travis.
  11. Wow mind blown already, super hyped for the actual full album to drop.
  12. I actually have to say that I agree with RockinXander on this one. Yes none of the other original members outside of Craig are back in this project but, he makes a very solid point... How many bands have done this same exact thing, came back with all new members except for 1 original member maybe 2 if lucky and have continued on with the original name and it has been absolutely no issues with it? There have been a ton of bands that have done this. Just because none of the other original members are in this reemergence of DRUGS does not mean that it is still not gonna be DRUGS, this is only one rough demo of a single, we have no clue what the rest is gonna sound like and we have no clue who the new members of DRUGS are. Craig could have recruited some really good new members with his extensive amounts of connections that he has in the industry. This new formation of DRUGS could actually be really damn good. You can NOT be so quick to jump the gun and cast down judgement on this until more has been revealed about the reformation of DRUGS and if more new songs start arising giving more understanding into what we can expect from this new era of the band.
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