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  1. This band needs WAY MORE attention than what they are getting. Their Love // War 8 song release was really damn good. This song is straight fire and with the Dave Stephen's feature makes it amazing!!!
  2. These guys are actually pretty good! I would definitely say that these guys are a pop punk band way more than being labeled as alternative rock and post hardcore. I don't hear either of those genres in this song.
  3. This is far more post hardcore than being metalcore. But this is a decent album.
  4. Love this band, definitely happy that they are back.
  5. I absolutely love these guys. I've seen them live a few times and they put on a very high energy performance each time.
  6. This is missing track #7 which is a acoustic song.
  7. This is actually a really damn good cover and the features are bad ass.
  8. Hmmm gotcha! So is there any news then on that band or any new information about that album they were supposed to release?
  9. Is this the same band that was supposed to release an album called, Devestated?
  10. Can't wait for the new album. I'm surprised that we don't have their other new singles.
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