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  1. Why the hell did they not put ghost of you on this EP?
  2. shame 20/20 isn't on here, it's my fav track from the last album
  3. Good track, will be hard for them to top the last album though
  4. @Jimmatz yeah, it's on the deluxe version of the album, they just released it as a single with an acoustic version
  5. Where is the flac? these are m4a files?
  6. Was this a proper single? the date says today but it's not up on qobuz
  7. What a great album, the production on here is so great
  8. Are there any punkier tracks on the rest of the album like People?
  9. Will the deluxe album get a physial release, wondering whether to hold of buying the album on vinyl
  10. Any chance someone could upload the discography? trying to get into their music
  11. Most of the singles have actually been decent, I don't get the hate they are getting tbh, this hardly terrible, it's average at worst
  12. Wow, this is way better than I was expecting, the singles were decent and I appreciated that they were experimenting. But after a quick listen through it seems like the best tracks weren't released as singles, weird.
  13. I really hope we get an album announcement with this single
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