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  1. @PhantomFear I think Mantra is a stronger track, I like this about the same as Sugar Honey Ice and Tea, it's not bad but it's not amazing either, solid vocals, but it sucks that they didn't have a guitarist for this, so it just sounds like an edm track with heavy vocals
  2. I loved the last 2 singles but this just sounds like wannabe panic at the disco...
  3. I agree, I remember when imagine dragons used to make good music... those were the days
  4. As someone who likes yungblud, this is a dumpster fire of a track...
  5. Been following this guy for a while, he deserves way more support
  6. pretty bad, nightmare is the only one of the 3 songs i've liked, her second album was pretty bad with only a couple of good songs, was kinda hoping that we'd get an album like her first one that was more experiment, I guess not. More main-stream shite it is
  7. Sounds like Billie Eilish but for people over the age of 12
  8. Way worse than their last album, why did they have to add a generic electronic beat?
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