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  1. sorry FLAC 404 Not Found... woops it worked eventually what happened.
  2. 11 years later... thanks a lot for the flac rip!
  3. thank you very much for flac rip!
  4. surely it is, we need more original names of bands, cuz if the names are wayyy to easy (like one noun's plural form, u know those djent bands did so...), it'll be difficult to track them down and hard to get the information.
  5. chill dude I just make fun of the name "Atlas" lol
  6. nah we could have a count, how many bands' names including "Altas". I've already known 2 bands called "Atlas", Atlas Uncharted, The Atlas Project, Ghost Atlas, On The Shoulders Of Atlas, The Atlas Frame, Atlas Falls, and now we have another member.
  7. medium speed death metal of the top.
  8. speaking of Deafheaven, I think I still like Sunbather the most. (tho I'm not one of those "pop music lover" who just wanna try something different and eventually being recommended back in the days...
  9. I really like the cover art tbh, and this release would be my best of the year probably. won't enjoy it until lossless is out.
  10. thank you very much for m4a quality. the album could be somewhat epic I wish.
  11. here's the iTunes Q127 m4a rip from their original wav lossless since the release isn't free now. also including their 2017 demo. download
  12. passtheleaks for most of the time. zippyshare is a little slow for me, but PTL always go full speed. and zippyshare could only save a file for 30 days I guess if people still download this file. it'll expire if no one download the file anymore.
  13. I never give a fxxk about mp3 since the beginning of my music listening journey. I was a lossless nerd back in the day but now we have iTunes whatever m4a, why not choose it? it's has the quality which is near the lossless (excluding the production problem), and the size is reasonable (which is nearly as big as a 320kbps mp3). iTunes m4a for the win, FLAC/APE/ALAC/WAV/WV for the backup. btw TTA and WMA lossless are the worst, don't get them.
  14. but download link has a problem. pls have a fix.
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