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  1. There's really 15 songs in this? I feel like i'm listening always to the same thing
  2. maybe bc here's a place you can opine whatever you fucking want???
  3. forgettable af. they did the basic to some older fans remember how they were in the past (reminds me a lot Feel era) butttt i don't see myself like OMG I NEED TO LISTEN THIS ALBUM again obviously it would be better than gossip but still something not too great
  4. this is like the first album in YEARS that singles aren't too great but the rest of the album are really catchy
  5. that "can you feel my" reminded something..............................
  6. i liked it but i really prefer their "soft style" from cc this is pretty forgettable tbh
  7. the chorus are mehhh but the rest of the song surprised me in a good way
  8. it reminds me "the fountain" from bad omens
  9. isn't generic as i tought it would be but still not something that surprises me 8/10
  10. it reminds me a lot of infamous idkw
  11. i really don't know how i feel about this band limitless has an terrible mixing but great songs the fallout was an excellent debut, one of the best albums in 2012-2013 and they'll never do anything in that level again the resistance was decent but not nearly as good as the fallout retrograde and sudden sky are good but meeh
  12. what kind of too close to touch is this
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