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  1. now i can say that they are my guilty pleasure again
  3. idk why i feel like i'm not going to listen this ep more than three times, it would be wrong say something like "this is bad" but none of the three songs were really catchy to me, maybe comatose is the most interesting but i can't really enjoy that alternative rock vibe with a vocalist that has such a melancholic voice. it's totally my personal taste but i really don't know how i feel about this.
  4. from a band that is famous from "just covering songs" this album is decent but there's nothing too exceptional or that we haven't seen in past albums like oak island 7/10
  5. this is totally my opinion but live acoustic are so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. i couldn't finish this bc of being bad/boring af can't believe is the same band that made peripheral vision
  7. things are better: are you okay? me: yes, of course im totally fi..
  8. good in harassment girls is what you mean, right?
  9. it's really good when you feel like a band can release an record that has the same quality that the debut had, i would give this an 9/10
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