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  1. i was just meh they put all songs from persona but this is insanely good.
  2. are you guys really making this comments section an discussion about how you just can't just overcome the fact that bmth is changing their style and you cannot listen anything that isn't generic metalcore of 2013?
  3. the only thing i can agree is that is better than the violence but still boring and does not have anything special
  4. idk why reminds me some aspects from amo, just the chorus are different but when the song started i thought it was oli singing
  5. experiment on me is REALLY good omfg
  6. this is one of the best singles they've released from this album but still pretty generic and something that I won't listen again
  7. a band who was one day post-hc and now is alternative that decide not going to the generic path of "oh let's copy too close to touch?"
  8. why do I feel like everything from this "scene" have an HUGE influence of sempiternal or haven't been myself? can bands try something different just one time like emarosa did?
  9. catchy and idk why it reminds me green day in some aspects ?????????????????????
  10. I'm missing "Nightmare" in this, still a pretty solid album, if you play in the right order it'll be a lot enjoyable because of the interludes. Not as good as Badlands but still beter than HFK. 3am and Without Me are my favs.
  11. let's not pick amo because it's not the really aoty picking an album that also isn't the aoty hahahahaha
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