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  1. the quality of this album is the same of gossip from sleeping with sirens HOW CAN THEY MAKE SOMETHING SO LAZY?
  2. this blink-182 influence in the last songs are ruining this band so bad omfg
  3. lynn said that she was really sad about postponing in the first time, that excuse of "we need to give attention to blm" was totally bullshit since they didn't posted anything about blm the last weeks warner wanted to postponing the album to sell more and the album leaked one month before the release, super stonks
  4. I really believe that the band got upset with warner making them postponing the album two times and they just leaked themselves
  5. this is a hella huge leak
  6. i feel that ludens have a vibe that is like all albums mixed, but this song is more than even ludens the sound before the last chorus reminded me of count your blessings wtf THIS IS HUGE
  7. how much autotune are ben using in this song? you almost can't recognize he's voice because of how distortioned it is
  8. how many times they've listened to blasphemy by bmth before doing this?
  9. the self titled was good but this last 4 singles are so fucking boring, there's nothing new and they are just forgettable as fuck a breakdown can't save a whole song in 2020.
  10. they took the "generic pop punk" spirit too seriously buuuut still a cute (?) song
  11. YES, there's an conspiracy that every single ex that he had through his life describes him in the exactly same way poor Jonny.
  12. how do you not feel absolutely, ridiculously moronic just to defend the shitest person that have ever existed in the "scene"?
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