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  1. @Daniel_Defoe Man, check out this album
  2. Pretty cool... Clearly influenced by old Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Hollywood Undead and Twiztid. My favs are: Introvert, Dead Language, The Fall, Rise Up and Empire. 1. The Truth 2/5 2. Introvert 5/5 3. The Fall 4,5/5 4. Dead Language (feat. Aj of Fire From The Gods) 4/5 5. Rise Up (feat. Hospin) 4/5 6. Head Lights 3/5 7. Ill Information (feat. Shifty of Crazy Town) 3,5/5 8. Empire 3,5/5 9. Game Over (feat. Wrekonize) 3,5/5 10. Reality Eyes 3/5 11. Believer (Imagine Dragons Cover) 1/5 Overall: 3/5
  3. Meh, is the Feel Invincible beta? Basically the same thing, only worse!
  4. Holy shit, this breakdown is pure fire!!! Can't wait for the album!
  5. That was obviously a joke, c'mon...
  6. Yeah man, for ME it's the best record of the month. xD
  7. After the second audition, I can say that this is easily the best album of the month!!! I fucking loved the whole album, my favs are: Let Me Be Sad, Bow Down, Every Time You Leave, I Don't Belong Here, Gasoline, Breaking Down and Rise Above It.
  8. I'm in track 7, and dude, how I'm loving this record! lol
  9. Every track here is a banger, with cool guitar solos, the lyrics are heavy and deep, themes necessary for this our time! The vocals are good too... I think this álbum is pretty solid, I loved so much!!! ❤ My favs are: I Will Rise, You're The Reason, Second Chance, End Of The Innocence and Without You.
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