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  1. Fuck, can't wait for the new album!
  2. Pretty good!!! And Tech N9ne always killing!
  3. They have finished recording the new album, new song will be announced soon. I can't wait for this!
  4. I disagree, that sounds exactly like Hollywood Undead, only redesigned/better and heavier! Check it out Lorene Drive and Upright Radio, old bands of Danny and Charlie Scene, this record has a lot of influence from these bands. Also check out "Never Look Back" by 3 Pill Morning, song produced and co-written by Charlie Scene.
  5. The fact you always do good albums it's not an excuse to be rude with other bands There are controversies
  6. Holy shit, The Used is back motherfuckers!!! After an album sooo meh, they come back with 2 pretty kickass singles, I can't wait for the whole shit!
  7. 100% fact!!! Besides Charlie came from Hardcore/Punk, Danny's old band (Lorene Drive) was Post-Hardcore, which we can see a lot of this on the record!
  8. Exactly. And I have no doubt that in 2021 they will compile volume 1 and 2, and release a deluxe version with two more bonus tracks, totaling 20 tracks, and we will have here DLCs of music.
  9. Definitely the best of them, not more stupid party songs! lol
  10. The album is fun and catchy, not brilliant (It was never!), but good. Fulfilled the purpose well, I liked.
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