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  1. Every track here is a banger, with cool guitar solos, the lyrics are heavy and deep, themes necessary for this our time! The vocals are good too... I think this álbum is pretty solid, I loved so much!!! ❤ My favs are: I Will Rise, You're The Reason, Second Chance, End Of The Innocence and Without You.
  2. Is it my impression, or the singing vocal at the beginning of the last track is Marko Saaresto, the lead vocals of Poets of the Fall?
  3. Pretty solid, I'm looking forward to a full album of these guys!
  4. Well, I just heard all the studio albums. Firstly, thank you for posting, I got to know the band better now, there are interesting things here, and some fun ... Anyway, overall I liked it, and can't wait for the band's sixth album, I hope they release a new single soon. My top albuns: 5. Swan Songs 4. Day Of The Dead 3. Notes From The Underground 2. Five 1. American Tragedy My top 10 fav songs: 10. Levitate 09. Your Life 08. Broken Record 07. California Dreaming 06. Day Of The Dead 05. Bad Moon 04. We Own The Night 03. Lump Your Head 02. Been To Hell 01. Hear Me Now
  5. Holy fucking shit, the cover of Maniac is sensational, totally addictive!!!
  6. Simply epic, I'm speechless, what a masterpiece!!! My favs are: The Raven Child, Ghost In The Moon, Lavender, Moonglow, Maniac and Book Of Shallows.
  7. Oh shit, this is banger as fuck!!! I fucking loved the bridge, it's so badass! This girl sings like hell, pure fire, and with each release they are better, I can't wait for a release of a record. Thanks for posting.
  8. Nor will I waste my time listening to this fucking shit!
  9. The first half is really good, but the second half is so meh. It's still a good album, the first half offsets the rest!
  10. I hear they were working on a new album for years, and finally a new Single. Let's see how it got.
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