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  1. Wow, this is easily better than entire NEV1, and better than most of what they have released since Notes From The Underground, it's really good, great production too! Danny ❤️
  2. Man, this is so fucking dope! Thx for posting, reminds me a lot The Venetia Fair and Ice Nine Kills.
  3. Pretty cool song, it would be a great soundtrack for Need For Speed or Tony Hawk's !!
  4. The best track of these new releases!
  5. The beat is cool, but the first guy is pure trash!
  6. Holy shit, I fucking loved!!! All is pure fire in here, man, it's pretty fun, It completely met my need for old Paramore, I can finally say RIP Paramore! lol
  7. Another one solid track, I can't wait for tomorrow to listen all this wonder! lol
  8. Thx dude, I will look for this final song.
  9. Can anyone tell me if they released something after "Every Sick, Disgusting Though We've Got In Our Brain" ?
  10. It's just an easter egg, the masks are not coming back, J-Dog appeared in a backstage video with the same type of "undead" makeup as Tech N9ne.
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