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  1. Man, this song is strangely fire, I like that, it's very original, and I can't wait for whole album!
  2. Cool album, my fav is definitely "Lanterns", pretty catchy! Edit: Just now I realized that they mention Hollywood Undead, Simple Plan and other artists in this song. LOL
  3. Yep. I really hope they release a new record someday, I really like this band, especially last 2 albums!
  4. Do you know the Blessed By A Broken Heart? Glamcore band very good too, I think you will like it. Just a pity the band has already ended with only 3 albums Anyway, I recommend you listen to the last two ("Pedal to the Metal" and "Feel the Power") that have more of this glam/AOR vibe. The first is more "true" metalcore and another frontman.
  5. Yes, dope track, I liked more this version than original. So hyped for the whole album! lol
  6. This shit it's really dope! Thx for posting.
  7. Strongtly old school vibe in this one, nothing special, but it's also far from crap, anyway, it's still better than self-titled! If you don't like 80's Hard Rock/Glam tacky, this one it's not for you... Shit, "One Turns To None" is really good!!!
  8. These guys always released 2 or 3 good songs within a bad album, but not this one, this one is fire, it's really fire... Definitely their best album, my favs are: Carousel, Puzzle Pieces, Baggage Claim, Maeve and Counterfeit.
  9. Doesn't sound like Swan Songs in nothing, are you crazy?! Really ??
  10. Nice, great track! It's very catchy, I think it's probably top 5 of their best songs.
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