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  1. Another beautiful ballad, it's amazing how great this type of music by them is great!
  2. True, after listening several times it looks like this: 1. Idol, 2. Coming Home, 3. Gonna Be OK, 4. Heart Of A Champion. It's quite clear that Volume 2 will be more experimental than Volume 1.
  3. Hellyeah, this so fucking good!!! I can't wait for more of this!
  4. Not bad, this chorus was totally unexpected, but cool, bridge/breakdown it's fine too. I hope album leaks soon!
  5. I can't wait for whole album, this is fucking good!!!
  6. Cool art, reminds me of some Resident Evil covers, anyway, much better than cover of Volume 1!!
  7. Really dope pump-up song, will already be on my gym playlist! lol
  8. I fuckin loved, I liked this version even more than original, can't wait for more!!! This metalcore band deserves more attention, they are very good!
  9. Wow, this is easily better than entire NEV1, and better than most of what they have released since Notes From The Underground, it's really good, great production too! Danny ❤️
  10. Man, this is so fucking dope! Thx for posting, reminds me a lot The Venetia Fair and Ice Nine Kills.
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