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  1. Definitely the best of them for me! The production is amazing, it's modern, fresh and everything works great. Matt Good is getting better as a producer, which makes me excited for the new Hollywood Undead album. My favs are: Break Me Down, Medicine, Never Enough, Blood Lines and Ghost.
  2. I enjoyed it! I will add the album to my list when it's released.
  3. Nice!!! These 2 singles were better than the previous ones, when is the album out?
  4. Oh yeah, I'll keep an eye out for this shit!
  5. The only good thing about Netflix's adaptation of Saint Seiya was this song!!! My fav childhood anime has been totally ruined, but this song is dope, although the original version is better! Thx for posting
  6. Really nice, I liked this EP more than album. 🔥🔥🔥 Thx for posting
  7. Sick, my first impression is great! I can't wait for 320 kbps/FLAC.
  8. Stay is the most boring EP song, try Can't Stop Me Now or Run Like A Rebel.
  9. Beautiful ballad song... Total highlight for Masato here, I loved his vocal !!
  10. Holy fucking shit, this is pure fire!!!!!
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