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  1. Heartbeats is pretty good, the rest on the other hand... Does this man actually sing about anything else? Because, holy shit, I don't know how old is he, but he really needs to grow up.
  2. Finally new delicious music! Thank you so much.
  3. Motionless in white and New Years Day: the music is awful; they look ridiculous and try way too hard to look "weird", and both singers have the worst vocals I've ever heard in my life. Also, Arch Enemy with Alissa Gluz; horrible HORRIBLE vocals, she sounds awful.
  4. The album cover caught my attention and I downloaded just for curiosity, I'm glad I did because it's an excellent album! Great band, I need to listen to their old stuff.
  5. It's good, I'm kind of disappointed though; I guess I was way too excited. Still a good listen.
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