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  1. I was expecting sth truly horrible. I'm surprised is actually good! Of course, the original is the original.
  2. Heartbeats is pretty good, the rest on the other hand... Does this man actually sing about anything else? Because, holy shit, I don't know how old is he, but he really needs to grow up.
  3. Finally new delicious music! Thank you so much.
  4. Motionless in white and New Years Day: the music is awful; they look ridiculous and try way too hard to look "weird", and both singers have the worst vocals I've ever heard in my life. Also, Arch Enemy with Alissa Gluz; horrible HORRIBLE vocals, she sounds awful.
  5. The album cover caught my attention and I downloaded just for curiosity, I'm glad I did because it's an excellent album! Great band, I need to listen to their old stuff.
  6. It's good, I'm kind of disappointed though; I guess I was way too excited. Still a good listen.
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