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  1. Cos they wanted to? I don't see the problem where an artist does what they want and people throw a fit (see a select few posts above)
  2. sacRED as a whole (if you forget that she ever had Ed Sheeran on the album) is easily her best album (folklore dethroned RED for me) All Too Well STILL brings me to a tearful wreck. I love all of her albums to a point. They are all a stepping stone to get her to where she is now and I wouldn't change a thing about them except change a song or two here and there and maybe rearrange some tracklists
  3. Imo, folklore (iconic) > rep (career highlights and career embarrassments) > 1989 (aged like milk sadly) > lover (should be retitled to filler, there's a handful of good songs on it)
  4. The physical bonus track The Lakes supposedly leaked recently today so can somebody help find it and add it?
  5. I- Nevermind. You didn't read the rest of my posts in this thread it looks like.
  6. Idk I'm not of Asian descent so I have little to no say in it at all anyway. I was just reporting what I've heard online. And idk any of those bands.
  7. I agree. They coul just release instrumentals separately like DGD has been doing fr the past 12-ish months.
  8. This is why I stan MM. Always evolving~ Btw WE ARE CHAOS out 11.09 Red, Black and Blue We are Chaos Don't Chase the Dead Paint You with My Love Halfway and One Step Forward Infinite Darkness Perfume Keep My Head Together Solve Coagula Broken Needle
  9. If I'm not mistaken, I've seen several (and NOT just a few) Asian people online say that it tends to be used in the same context so those people I've seen and talked with have said to just avoid using it.
  10. Just a btw, this is for the deluxe reissue of I Disagree. Released August 18. I Disagree (More) bonus tracks No. Title Length 11. "If It Bleeds" 12. "Bleep Bloop" 13. "Khaos x4" 2:57 14. "Don't Ask"
  11. Just say Asian. Using oriental is actually as offensive as using the n word for black folks and the f word for us LGBT people.
  12. I submitted it through the submit a leak thing cos I was told before that THATS how you update these links instead of dming the OP
  13. I'd like 3DG and Saint Astonia do a collab cos SA's vocalist is 3DG's original vocalist
  14. The digital single 'Naughty' is between the first 2 tracks on the physical edition~ I have it if y'all wanna update it~
  15. Why not just release a singles compilation then?
  16. Tracklist
  17. They actually released Everything Breaks??? It was a demo from the sudden sky recording sessions that the vocalist did and the band wasn't as into it as he was. (I think) He leaked the demo himself on his Twitter.
  18. God these girls WANT me to be straight don't they?
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