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  1. Looks like cum, it's kinda funny a bit. I'm not a fan of deathcore but i know plenty of people do.
  2. Glass houses the name seems familiar to me idk why.
  3. Badlands>>>>hfk 100% Even though Alone and Sorry are my fav songs by her after Nightmare
  4. BF was my introduction and my fav album from them.
  5. I'll listen to this in February after I get to hear Kesha's album High Road first ✨
  6. I no longer stan Nicki as of several months ago (it was actually not too many months after this album came out. Probably like 3 months after)
  7. Idk what the date it but I found the tracklist 01 A Second Chance 02 Carry Me 03 Up to Your Knees 04 Identity 05 Between the Lines 06 Stripped Away 07 One Forever 08 Distance and Time 09 The Missing Link 10 What Is Waiting 11 Inside and Rotting
  8. Truly an icon. HOWEVER: Make Up over Bloodline?????? And Sweetener (song) at all??
  9. for a minute thought this was Being as an Ocean fff
  10. well, this is one of my fav alvbums of 2019. highlights: Falling Adore You Lights Up Watermelon Sugar Fine Line
  11. only a day early BUT i dont care i get a head start on it!
  12. In both ways he basically says that since the girl hes with is bisexual, he wants a threesome with 2 girls and himself.
  13. Love to know hes fetishizing bisexuality
  14. Okay MCR. Yeah, no they destroyed these songs. They're bad. I was excited too, knew them from Trial by Fire.
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