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  1. The amount of pressure K-pop idols have should include a therapist 😭
  2. Thanks! I will say that when vol 2 was posted I searched for "punk rock halloween" and only the one came up.
  3. Its various artists but doesn't list them sksksk Also where can i find volume 1?
  4. this is the tracklist for Endorphin if anyone needs it 1 The Earth Mantra 2 Black Gold 3 Symphony of Trust 4 Pendulum 5 Passerby 6 Lure 7 Victims 8 Walking Dead 9 Taphephobia 10 Storm
  5. i bought this CD last week and it may be one of my fav Kpop mini albums!
  6. IM READY!!! But I'll have to download it later tho.
  7. i think the link is missing some of the singles, but im not complaining! thanks a bunch!
  8. Wanna know where I got it from? I changed it to fit the thread.
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