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  1. They actually released Everything Breaks??? It was a demo from the sudden sky recording sessions that the vocalist did and the band wasn't as into it as he was. (I think) He leaked the demo himself on his Twitter.
  2. God these girls WANT me to be straight don't they?
  3. Omg this guy again lmao I discovered this artist on a pop forum from a troll
  4. Are they releasing an English version of the album?
  5. I need another BLACKPINK collab. Sour Candy is SOOO GOOOOD
  6. My heart quite literally skipped a beat when I saw that she released this. I love her and this song
  7. It says thanks for more covers as in the FOB song Thanks for the Memories
  8. If KL does pop/alt I'd like to mention Gabbie Hanna's new song Dandelion. Ive played it almost all day today between my playing of the band Garbage (lead vox by Shirley Manson)
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