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  1. im sure of that but i would liek to have just a little bit of a throwback in some form in the distant future
  2. I wonder if they'll ever go back to the sound of the Build for Blame Laced with Shame ep (despite the vocalist on the EP being a convict of child porn; disgusting)
  3. Sounds like a 17 year old sksk And sounds like a 17 year old wrote it skksksks
  4. I downloaded this this morning while reading a Tumblr post about the AIDS epidemic and how we (people 16-30 yo) are the net generation after the epidemic an how we have done much fo the LGBTQ+ community inside and outside the community. I feel like this album is about AIDS, especially Virus/The Great Divide/The Bitter End. Nobody can change my mind with the exception of the band.
  5. wow wrong Marina sksksksks she took them out of her name a while ago (if you didnt already know) otherwise; if this was a joke, i thought the same
  6. this is actually track 2. track 1 is Takeover vinyl release for Record Store Day.
  7. i love Ariana more than myself, but this song was better off staying unreleased.
  8. We'll see i I like it but judging from Paranoid, reminds me of Palisades.
  9. I don't know if i like this. I think it's parts of the vocals that I'm iffy with.
  10. I think I like it? But I'll need a few more listens to know for sure.
  11. I may not understand the lyrics (at all lol) I think I like it sksk
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