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  1. I am FUCKING PUMPED for this album. Shame it's only 10 tacks tho, with the 4 pre-releas songs. W already have half the album. I hope there's more songs than just 10.
  2. YAYYAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS i hope their new album is as good (better would be prefered) as their last album.
  3. This song is actually terrible. I hate saying it as a stan but 😢
  4. HANDS DOWN. the best album this decade.
  5. (late ik) well this is the Money brothers' band.
  6. unless it's something like what Queen did with the Mercury Phoenix Trust fund thing, i don't like it and it's not anything necessary.
  7. Uhm im pretty sure she's not straight. I listen to more than one genre, thank you. 90% of KL are old men listening to heavy metal.
  8. Yes. Over a year ago. Idk why labels think it's a good idea to release posthumous records of new material.
  9. he's a bad rapper. he destroyed DREAM and his version of Amy Winehouse's song You Know I'm No Good. its a solid ep, just not PUTS and DREAM couldve been eons better solo.
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