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  1. Not too crazy about it, listening in about halfway through now. Reminds me of just about any other Post-Hardcore band
  2. i literally cannot find anything about this band or an upcoming album on google anywhere
  3. hes said in an interview earlier in the recording sessions for this album that he could not verbatim say that this is a "real MM record" or something of that vibe
  4. YES SIR gdfljvkbdv but another vinyl rip leak? sksk
  5. upvoted for the link. But this song, as a Blackpink stan, is the WORST song ive probably ever heard
  6. idk if i got the cd or the vinyl tbh dgjkgbjdfkgvb anyway, for Seether's album; my favs are Can't Go Wrong, Beg and Written in Stone.
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