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  1. no. this is the international release. the Japan release has Can't Wait, which i sent to BenjaminBurnley to add to the op. idk if there is any vocal differences on the same tracks, just that Can't Wait replaces Unforgettable. theyre like a heavier version of All Time Low, i find.
  2. as a fan of Avril's since TBDT, dont bother with this album.
  3. website links im sure are allowed. as long as theyre not direct download links.
  4. You cannot be serious about that tragique ass mess
  5. i thought it seemed familiar nnnn the song reminds me a lot of Palisades's selftitled.
  6. obviously! considering its Ariana, thats not even a though nnnnn Pharrell Williams spearheaded the production for sweetener. the only good songs on sweetener wer ethe songs from Max Martin and Ilya. Pharrell didnt contribute to this album. Max did.
  7. how is it annoying? top 5 NASA Bloodline Bad Idea In My Head Needy
  8. oh yeah. but you did know it was happening?
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