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  1. Yeah I'm sad now 😔 My rar app was giving me trouble so it took a long build up to nothing
  2. Surprisingly I might've found it on vk. I haven't unarchived the 7z file yet but it had the bonus track listed in the link. Lol
  3. Can someone find the bonus track "お前が死んでも誰も悲しまない。" 1 Graffiti Shock!! ーSEー / RAKUGAKI 2 メリケンロック / RAKUGAKI 3 もう絶好だ! / RAKUGAKI 4 社会のちり箱 / RAKUGAKI 5 モンキーパニック / RAKUGAKI 6 僕は涙が出ない。 / RAKUGAKI 7 ピストルゲーム / RAKUGAKI 8 馬鹿とハサミの使い方 / RAKUGAKI 9 爆裂メリーさん / RAKUGAKI 10 DARLING? / RAKUGAKI 11 閃光 / RAKUGAKI 12 夕焼け小焼けでまたいつか / RAKUGAKI 13 平成後遺障害 / RAKUGAKI 14 明日ミサイルが来ようとも戦争が起こってもここで歌いた / RAKUGAKI 15 (Bonus track)お前が死んでも誰も悲しまない。 / RAKUGAK
  4. It would've been nice if I had this during state tests last year~
  5. Idk why but the name sounds familiar but I don't listen to this band (and really neither the genre much)
  6. Not too into the single but I'm sure it'd grow on me later
  7. I think the collab version of Physical is better. If only it was included on the CD. I'll look forward to listening to the rest of the album!
  8. Same. But the material make up for it~
  9. @Michael this was a double single release
  10. This era is shaping up to be her best since Teenage Dream ✨
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