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  1. Lyrics are kinda basic. Love the energy and instrumentation.
  2. Ok the lyrics are painfully basic. The instrumental needs a little retouching.
  3. I wondered why they use the same imagery. It kinda stale. The song is good tho. Been a fan of itm since 2016 after a bff made me listen to Sex Metal Barbie. I've loved everything they've released (after their debut. It was a productive mess)
  4. I thought linkin park for some reason. I definitely remember it being on Misanthrope too.
  5. Gurl I hope it's not as basic as the snippet seemed like ffffff
  6. Looks like cum, it's kinda funny a bit. I'm not a fan of deathcore but i know plenty of people do.
  7. Glass houses the name seems familiar to me idk why.
  8. Badlands>>>>hfk 100% Even though Alone and Sorry are my fav songs by her after Nightmare
  9. BF was my introduction and my fav album from them.
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