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  1. Disappointed. It's not as good as at of her previous songs 😐
  2. Why y'all downvoters hateful? I saw somewhere saying this album titled deluxe edition too but idk what it's difference is
  3. Its like the playlist EPs Taylor and Katy are doing 💀
  4. It's not their best but at least it's a solid body of work. Chuck>aya>travel>diamond>good night I'm upset that Dingga isn't on all versions of it. And neither is Wanna Be Myself.
  5. I'll wait for tomorrow but I hope it's good (;;;・_・)
  6. Oop didn't know the album was coming out yet sksk
  7. I like her but... Does every artist need their own xmas album now?
  8. I'm excited to listen to their record omg
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