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  1. YOOOO. And with the bonus tracks? I feel spoiled! Thanks
  2. I submitted links to 320kbps rips of the Swedish and English versions, hopefully they go up soon for you guys
  3. I liked the debut, but like everyone else here I thought his vocals sounded a little off compared to the 3DG days. I've seen the band live a few times and Adam always sounded a lot better than the recording so I figured that would translate to the next record. Can't wait to hear the rest!
  4. Never really listened to Exhumed but I'm digging that single. How would you guys rank this among the rest of their discography? Wondering if this is a good starting point to get into them.
  5. Any chance someone can be a hero and upload the track 'So Unfair'? I can't find one place to download it and it's killing my inner completionist haha.
  6. This was totally different than his last two albums but top to bottom there isn't a track I'd skip here unlike the last two. Some tracks are growers for sure, but on first listen Hollywood's Bleeding, Saint-Tropez, A Thousand Bad Times, Die For Me, Take What You Want, Myself, and Wow are my favorites.
  7. First DragonForce leaks a month early, and now this? I feel spoiled haha. I can't wait to get home and check this out, the first two singles were great!
  8. Damn that's an early leak, this just made my day!
  9. I never 'got' Tool and this album didn't change my mind, but I'm happy for all the fans that the wait is now over. I will agree that 7empest is a pretty cool track though.
  10. Guess I'll be the first one then This is super meh
  11. Am I the only one that likes All Out Life way better as the album closer? I love Solway Firth but it feel like a weird note to end the whole thing on imo. I think the Japanese edition is definitely the way to go.
  12. No fucking way, I came on here just for giggles but I did not expect to see Empath already. This last hour at work is going to be tough!
  13. Any chance someone has a copy of the bonus track they can upload?
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