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  1. First Ozzy leaked a week early, now Intronaut? I feel spoiled!
  2. You sure? I was under the impression that Vogg and Matt were the new permanent members while Logan and Chris were just on board for this tour.
  3. I submitted it to KL around then but they rejected it for some reason I'll have to dig around for that alternate version of TWYW!
  4. It's a regular album track according to Wikipedia. I don't dislike the song, but it is kind of weird to see it included seeing as it's not an "Ozzy" song.
  5. Yep, sounds like Lamb of God. It's a pretty straightforward track which makes sense as a single. I liked it, hopefully there will be some harder hitting tunes too. I'll miss Chris, but it sounds like Art is kind of mimicking his style anyway (on this track, at least) so I guess I can't be too mad lol.
  6. Pretty much, with the exception of the one new song.
  7. Just realized what a missed opportunity this was to gather all their other acoustic recordings into one place too. There are studio acoustic versions of Rain, Polyamorous, Diary of Jane, Without You, Give Me A Sign and I Will Not Bow all floating around out there and their inclusion here would certainly have helped appease the fans that were disappointed by a lack of older songs on this album. I guess with digital/streaming people can make their own playlists and add the songs themselves, but how hard would it be to just toss them on as bonus songs? The band really didn't think this through very well did they?
  8. This is fine I guess, but it would have sounded so much better if Ben had re-done the vocals to fit the more laid back acoustic feel. I loved when Sevendust did their acoustic record so I was hyped to hear something similar from BB but this is nowhere near as good imo. Edit: I'll add that DwtD with Adam was worth it though. That's really my only standout track.
  9. Exactly which part of the 15 minute prog metal-esque closing track on their last album sounded like Metallica? I've been hearing this criticism against the band ever since HttK was released, but other that that particular record (which, I'll add, sounded that way on purpose) I don't see it.
  10. Depends on your musical preferences, Rush went through several phases where their sound changed pretty dramatically. #1 - If you like classic rock: - Their first self-titled album was pretty straight up Zeppelin/The Who worship. Decent enough record but Working Man is the only track I regularly revisit. This is also the only record they released before Neil joined so the drumming isn't quite so bombastic. - 'Fly By Night', this is where they start to incorporate the prog rock elements to their sound but you can still feel their bluesy rock influence too. #2 - If you like geeky sci-fi space epics: - 'Caress of Steel' to 'Hemispheres', these four albums are when they were at their most progressive in terms of flashy playing and writing long compositions. #3 - If you like the technical wizardry, but not the time commitment: - 'Permanent Waves' and 'Moving Pictures', here the band started to streamline their songwriting into tighter compositions but still incorporated a lot of progressive elements like odd timing and technical playing at times. Geddy also started incorporating synthesizers into their sound during this time. This was when they reached the height of their mainstream popularity with songs like Spirit of Radio and Tom Sawyer. #4 - If you like pop/pop rock: - 'Signals' to 'Hold Your Fire', these four albums dropped the guitar driven approach in favor of more synth-heavy tracks and more typical verse/chorus song structures. #5 - If you like it all - 'Presto' and onward, in the later years of the band their music was a bit more of a mixed bag. They returned to a more guitar-driven sound on Presto more akin to the PW/MP era. The title track to 'Roll the Bones' features a tongue-in-cheek "rap" section. Some of their 90's stuff from 'Counterparts' to 'Vapor Trails' had a bit more of a contemporary sound, probably due, in part, to the emerging grunge scene. 'Snakes and Arrows' featured some folky instrumentation that they never really used before. And finally, 'Clockwork Angels' nodded to the past somewhat in that it's a steampunk-inspired concept record with a bit more of the technical playing of their early prog days married with their more contemporary sound. That came out longer than originally intended, but I hope it helps any aspiring Rush fans!
  11. This was an unexpected collab, I really dig it. Really excited for this album! I submitted a leaked single featuring Post Malone too about a week ago, idk why it was never posted.
  12. Holy shit, did this really leak already?! I can't wait to hear it!
  13. This is just what I needed after the disappointment that is the new Fallujah.
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