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  1. Weird that this was rejected when I tried to submit it over a month ago, but I'm glad more people get to enjoy it now anyway.
  2. 1. I feel like they struck a much better balance between both the band and symphony on this one but I guess this is a subjective thing so whatever. 2. Wrong. Only 48% (approximately) of the set list is the same as the original. Out of 21 tracks (not including Ecstasy of Gold) 10 were carried over and 11 were new. They did a totally new rendition of Unforgiven III, the band jammed with the symphony on an orchestral piece, they did their rarely-played acoustic rendition of AWMH, they played Cliff's solo in full, which to my knowledge is only the second instance literally since he passed away in the 80's, which already seems like plenty of cool and different stuff to me. 3. Also wrong. Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman are the only old songs that received new arrangements. > seeing as the first S&M1 is basically the only way I find their music even remotely interesting K
  3. I was fortunate enough to be able to scrape together just enough money to fly across the country to stay the weekend in S.F. and attend the second night and it did not disappoint. So stoked to relive the show again!
  4. Man, the first half of the album is killer but the second half just fell kinda flat for me for some reason. That's just my initial impression though, we'll see if it changes through the weekend.
  5. I was lucky enough to be at night 2, this was definitely one of my highlights. The whole show was just amazing. Can't wait to relive it next month!
  6. If you guys didn't know, this band features the drummer Shaun from Breaking Benjamin. He was in the band prior to joining BB and rejoined them again last year.
  7. > ambient, world, *goregrind*
  8. That's my guess too. At first it seemed like he was pushed out but now I'm getting the feeling he just wasn't musically on the same page as the rest of the band anymore and decided to move on. Such a shame too that he gave up the Megadeth gig to stick with them just for this to happen. Fingers crossed Chris gets into something killer again, it would be a damn shame if his talent went to waste.
  9. It's ok, sounds like generic LoG all the way through. Resurrection Man and On the Hook are my only real standouts. Pretty much exactly what I expected after hearing the singles.
  10. Another ok track. All these singles have felt a bit unspectacular to me. Seems like this is just going to be kind of a bland album.
  11. Wait, so who's playing drums for them now?
  12. Oh shit, didn't expect this! Can't wait to give it a listen tonight.
  13. I thought Conformicide had a lot of cool riffs and good ideas but it felt like they tried a little too hard to get experimental which, to me, resulted in an album that felt kind of bloated and tedious to listen to after a while. I also didn't really care for the screechy higher pitch vocals David was going for and a lot of the lyrics felt extra on-the-nose which came across a bit cheesy to me. Imo this album feels a lot more balanced out like they found a good middle ground between Conformicide and their earlier albums, and David definitely toned himself down a notch which I found a lot more palatable. It's a little leaner and immediately had me wanting to start it over again when I got to the end.
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