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  1. Extremely meh imo. I loved their first two albums in high school so I keep trying to give these guys a chance for nostalgia's sake but they still haven't put out a decent record since WITA. I especially hate the production of their albums since American Capitalist, particularly the drums; they sound awful. Was hoping having a new drummer would fix that and yet they still sound exactly as bad.
  2. I don't know anything about Cattle Decap other than when their Forced Gender Reassignment video went sort of viral a few years ago but I listened to Bring Back the Plague on a whim after hearing the hype for this record and that track honestly fucks. I don't usually like anything within the realm of grind but I think I'm gonna download this and take the journey soon.
  3. Btw, for those that aren't aware, they have a number of studio and live acoustic recordings already available if you want to check those out: - Polyamourous (studio) - Rain (original version was just acoustic guitar and vox before it was replaced by the full band version, still technically acoustic either way I guess) - So Cold (live) - Diary of Jane (studio) - Had Enough (live) - Until the End (live) - Breath (live) - Without You (studio) (Japan bonus track only) - Give Me a Sign (studio) (Japan bonus track only) - I Will Not Bow (studio)
  4. Is this any different from the acoustic version that's already available on the So Cold EP? I thought it was weird that they skipped a song like Diary of Jane because there's already an acoustic version out there but they still included So Cold. (Edit: Upon further inspection, the recording on the EP is actually live, not studio)
  5. I bought the album through Google Play and it's definitely the version with Alissa despite her not being listed as a guest. All the leaks I've been able to find have that version too, I can't seem to be able to get my hands on the original anywhere. It's really strange.
  6. Really digging the new track, what's with Stålfågel though? Seems like they're marketing it as a new version but this is the same exact version I got with my copy of the album.
  7. I can see why older Leprous fans would be turned off by this, I enjoy that material too, but I became a fan with Malina and I'm LOVING this album so far.
  8. Adam's voice sounds more like it used to than the first album but idk, this album just doesn't feel as memorable to me as the first one songwriting-wise. Maybe it'll click better with repeat listening but first impression is a bit disappointing unfortunately
  9. YOOOO. And with the bonus tracks? I feel spoiled! Thanks
  10. I submitted links to 320kbps rips of the Swedish and English versions, hopefully they go up soon for you guys
  11. I liked the debut, but like everyone else here I thought his vocals sounded a little off compared to the 3DG days. I've seen the band live a few times and Adam always sounded a lot better than the recording so I figured that would translate to the next record. Can't wait to hear the rest!
  12. Never really listened to Exhumed but I'm digging that single. How would you guys rank this among the rest of their discography? Wondering if this is a good starting point to get into them.
  13. Any chance someone can be a hero and upload the track 'So Unfair'? I can't find one place to download it and it's killing my inner completionist haha.
  14. This was totally different than his last two albums but top to bottom there isn't a track I'd skip here unlike the last two. Some tracks are growers for sure, but on first listen Hollywood's Bleeding, Saint-Tropez, A Thousand Bad Times, Die For Me, Take What You Want, Myself, and Wow are my favorites.
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