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  1. No fucking way, I came on here just for giggles but I did not expect to see Empath already. This last hour at work is going to be tough!
  2. Any chance someone has a copy of the bonus track they can upload?
  3. Glad I'm not the only one not digging the vocals... I loved the last two records and was really looking forward to new material but I'm just not feeling this
  4. Aaah, that makes sense. I had a Google play gift card so I just downloaded the regular edition, I'm really digging this album so I'm keen to hear the rest of the songs.
  5. Sooo, anyone gonna leak that bonus EP, or...?
  6. Meta is insane, definitely need to check out the rest of their stuff
  7. It is just the one new track, Mad Hatter. The Jade Helm score has been available on their YouTube channel since last year.
  8. Hell yeah! Hope this'll scratch my Symphony X itch until they finally make a new record. I'm already digging Djinn.
  9. Between this, Alkaloid, and Rivers of Nihil, it's been a killer year for prog/tech death fans!
  10. I liked Pt. 1, but this completely smokes it. Can't wait to sit down and listen to the whole thing top to bottom. Another winner from BtBaM.
  11. I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Walmart edition and just submitted the bonus tracks, so hopefully they get posted soon for you guys. I've been using KL for a while, but I just now created an account just for this haha.
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