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  1. AOTY no question, almost no contest. Every song is a hit and these guys smacked it out of the park. Keen to see the rest of the ep's which I assume will be in different styles.
  2. I really liked Pink Elephant. Didn't enjoy it as much but still a solid album.
  3. Honestly the best pop punk album released in years. Every song feels unique and great in it's own way. It doesn't get stale like other pop punk albums and pretty much every song is catchy as hell. Bloody Valentine, Forget Me Too, My Ex's Best Friend, and Play This When I'm Gone stand out to me but again that's not to say the other songs are bad these are just a step above. Better than the last Neck Deep album that's for sure, also feels alot more personal.
  4. Worldwide Suicide: 9/10 Hellbringer: 8.8/10 Moving On: 8/10 (a bit lighter but in a good way, kinda gives me From Death to Destiny vibes) Timebomb: 8.5/10 (very different but in a good way, great driving song) Son Of A Witch: 9.5/10 (the breakdown never gets old) Crossroads: 6/10 (decent song but doesn't fit on the album and doesn't feel like an IHW song with the female vocalist taking up so much space on the track) Husk: 8.5/10 (more on the solemn side but has standout lyrics and feels more personal than the other tracks) Force Of Life: 9/10 (absolutely phat with unique elements) Iron Dice: 7/10 (decent, but doesn't standout and honestly I dont like Randy Reimenn. The pitch of his screams just hurts the ears) Dystopia: 8/10 (not bad, not a fan of the slow intervals but I like the heavy) 2033: 8.5/10 (has this brooding atmosphere I'm a fan of and is a great finisher) Stands out to me alot more than Ark. Ark would mostly just fade into the background for me with a few standout tracks. Whereas this has far more standout moments and while some of the experimenting doesn't pay off alot of it does. The whole album has this really unique vibe and overall I think it's great. 8.5/10
  5. Idk why everyone is getting so riled up about the one dumbass tryna say the production on this is worse than the original. Don't get me wrong the screams are very meh just like the original and the overall flow of the songs are the same as the original but the production of the whole album is easily better than the original hence why there's how many comments confirming this and only one guy who feels the need to go against the current. Idk what this album is like for people new to the band but honestly it's not really for them it's for the fans. They made every song shine and this album can easily be played along with the rest of their discography instead of being that one album that was noticeably poorer quality than the rest. It's not a 10/10, it's not horrible, it's just good and if someone disagrees with your opinion so be it no need to bother trying to convert someone who obviously just wants to be different.
  6. Fall is easily better than the first 2 and arguably better than In Bloom.
  7. Lowkey miss the Gossip era so much. Kellin's voice really suits pop punk. Listening to him scream is like listening to a child scream.
  8. I think this is way better than their earlier stuff. Feels like they've gone from being almost a bit too trapped in the pop punk genre to having their own sound. If you listened to the singles heaps before the release the album probs won't be as interesting because the singles are some of the best tracks on the record. Fall especially will have you singing the chorus on at least the second listen. I don't get the complaints about Ben's voice as to me it sounds more refined than ever but I mean each to their own. 8.5/10
  9. Hate his look. I know it's not what he actually looks like and it's probably to help people focus on just his music but idk it just makes his music videos off putting to watch and the cover art blegh. Album's pre good tho.
  10. This just has that vibe y'know? you gotta sit by a rainy window with a cup of tea and truly absorb this album. It honestly displays the real dark side of Hayley in a mature way as opposed to After Laughter which was also great but was more focused on being boppy with the contrasting dark lyrics.
  11. I noone going to mention the fact that Tilian fucking screams? This is easily my fave DGD album, such a step forward and Tilian's screams are godlike.
  12. Heavy, raw as hell, and honestly his best work.
  13. This is amazing. Hobo Johnson is one of a kind. Honestly this should be trending, a lot of people on this site would appreciate how overall fresh this album is.
  14. How do these guys not get more recognition. Every album by these guys is great, theyre constantly improving their sound and I can't think of a single song by them that I truly dislike.
  15. The opener was good, not so much the rest of the album. They are good at metalcore but then they fall into this trap of copying old trends/linkin park. Alot of songs attempt to mix dubstep, rap, and pop with metalcore. The dubstep works to a degree but the rap and pop truly butcher this album. Rap and metal can mix well but it doesn't here, it honestly just sounds like theyre trying to make a radio hit constantly and it sucks. The album has some alright songs, but bow down is the real standout. The problem is their are far more terrible tracks on this record than good ones. This album has zero identity, its straight up mixing sounds other bands are good at into one album and its terribly executed. 4/10.
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