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  1. what about Madeon - Good Faith?? that's become one of my favorite albums of all time smh yal
  2. anyone know if this and Kingdom are on a SIN deluxe? or are they already dropping a new project
  3. i can't believe i didn't listen to this sooner holy FUCK. this is absolutely gorgeous.
  4. update: it's good. not as good as sick boy, but it's alright. i really only liked a few songs on this album, and the darker, more subdued sound on this album compared to their last is a little disappointing, though it works on some songs better than others. 6.5/10 fav tracks: The Reaper (feat. Amy Shark) P.S. I Hope You're Happy (feat. Blink-182) Do You Mean (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & bülow) [Ty Dolla $ign is really good here, i didn't expect it] Who Do You Love (feat. 5 Seconds of Summer)
  5. memories do not open was horseshit, but sick boy was surprisingly good. haven't listened to the singles for this, so let's see if it'll match up to their last album
  6. water bong dude is back. and just in time for the holidays, it seems! nice timing
  7. interesting tidbits of text in the cover art: BOTTOM LEFT: FUNCTION (A_STARVE) VAR CELEBRITY; VAR HOPE; VAR IGNORANCE; VAR CLIMATE; VAR ADVERTISING; IF { FAMINE == CLIMATE & CLIMATE=/(HEALTH >-0) PRINT CLIMATE STATUS RUN SIMULATION "GLOBAL_EXTINCTION" }; ELSE RUN_SO HEAVY BOTTOM MIDDLE: Media Emipire aquires WokeCrisper See how the partnership will help you take control of your DNA. M.E. BioChem absorbs LaVista private security firm. Doubling down on surveillance, privacy6, and enforcement. FAR RIGHT MIDDLE: / /. . TOOLS • VIOLENCE GENERATIVE CONTENT: AGGRESSIVE WEAPONS: RANDOM DAMAGE: UNLIMITED ------------------------------------ very interesting to see how deeply involved this climate change concept involving villainy and mythology is presented as.
  8. errors aside, this song is absolutely heartbreaking and breathtaking. the lyrics are perfect for this ambient-ish instrumental (which is a woozy ride btw) and her voice actually becomes raw at a few points, which is refreshing to hear from amber. can't wait for her new EP!
  9. @pillow the download links redirect back to this page. they don't go anywhere
  10. holy shit can you use any more bloom and lens flare i can barely see their fucking faces
  11. this is amazing!! i've never listened to a madeon album before but this is glorious all the way through. any recommendations for his other work?
  12. i'm guessing since the first Believers Never Die was released around the time they started their hiatus, this means they're going on hiatus again after the Hella Mega Tour
  13. have you met him? if not, that's a tad hypocritical
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