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  1. personally for me it went from 10/10 2/10 8/10 and then back to 10/10
  2. been listening to this all day. some of their most grisly and visceral work since midcity, for sure. favs are Say The Name, Pain Everyday, Body For The Pile, Looking Like Meat, Check The Lock, and Enlacing.
  3. i already have this, but thank you regardless! i believe it's a midnight release, which is why it won't show on itunes. if you could, maybe look again in 3 hours?
  4. hello! can i please get the album "Paradise Drive" by Devenny 404 in mp3 320 please? thank you!
  5. "Each song title coincides with his Crater Speak catalog published with Midway Contemporary with track names listing earmarked pages." source:
  6. Message from Cornchip Management: Cornchip
  7. @BenjaminBurnley let's ask him!
  8. if you’re disappointed by blackbear’s more pop-sounding work, you’re definitely not gonna like this; it’s his poppiest album to date
  9. are we going to ignore the other aspects that are eerily similar, i.e.; the black rectangle with artist name in white text placed vertically next to the top of the accompanying image, all of which is surrounded by a white frame? maybe to your average joe it seems different enough, but from a graphic design perspective, the elements of the cover are enough to be sued over
  10. surely there has to be a line between inspiration and plagiarism. i would never accuse an artist of plagiarism without absolute proof, but you have to admit the arrangement of the cover is almost spot on. the placement of the black rectangle with white text inside next to the top of the image (a beach, no less) which is all surrounded by a white frame... comparing the images side by side, it all looks pretty incriminating. and the 1975 doesn't get a pass either, the arrangement of that cover is almost certainly copying Music For Films (although Matty's admitted to that, though it doesn't make it any better) a good example of "inspired" album covers would be Gerard Way's "Hesitant Alien", which takes inspiration from David Bowie's "Heroes" and Iggy Pop's "The Idiot".
  11. this album cover looks exactly like the “Saw You in a Dream” EP by The Japanese House... in fact, this template is how all of her EPs look. someone better investigate this...
  12. no one ever said i wouldn’t still do it
  13. Did you mean: 6ix9ine discography
  14. @Summers in the BVB thread: SHUT THE FUCK UP everyone else:
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