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  1. no one ever said i wouldn’t still do it
  2. Did you mean: 6ix9ine discography
  3. @Summers in the BVB thread: SHUT THE FUCK UP everyone else:
  4. damn, her pipes. kinda sounds like a younger adele, don't ya think? loving the soul/funk sound. here's to LP2!
  5. gonna be honest, never listened to bvb before but i saw 70-something comments and thought "alright who did it this time" @Zephyr Sunrise love u king
  6. this is the only saving grace of this album for sure. not to be negative, but the gorgeous backing instrumentals leave a LOT to be desired from the actual selling point of the album (the poetry)
  7. i actually REALLY love the chorus. album art is dope as shit. excited for deluxe!
  8. pandering to her young tumblr audience again i guess this seems very pretentious. the poetry is nothing to write home about, quite basic and nothing surprising content-wise. really not worth downloading imo
  9. looking further, alan watts IS on the album, but only on "dark place". orson welles is on "no pressure" and "obediently yours"
  10. your pfp is how i felt stumbling into this mess
  11. on the list of things to do this morning, seeing an argument about covid-19 on a taylor swift thread was definitely not written down seriously though, this album is MUCH better than the last 2. i think red was her best album, and 1989 was okay, but reputation and lover were just unlistenable. this, however? i can get into it.
  12. not even halfway thru this project yet, but this is definitely a much-needed return to form for mr. hall. i don't think any album he makes will ever top the impact that under pressure had, but this is definitely up there with the best of his discography already. years from now, this final album will be looked upon fondly by hip hop fans
  13. *laughs in Notes on a Conditional Form*
  14. hell yeah i've been excited for this since kerosene!! let's see what the newest album has to offer
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