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  1. i mean i think this album and dream on, dreamer are both good soooo maybe don't be a pretentious gatekeeper
  2. 3.15.20 by Childish Gambino what a moment in history. review coming soon (i know i said that about no future but that album wasn't worth the hype :/) here's a picture that was posted on the 'donald glover presents' website
  3. I'll never understand why people go out of their way to shit on mainstream artists in genres that they obviously don't enjoy listening to. I get that it's trendy to hate popular things but when is the trend gonna end?
  4. also @967-EVIL track 5 "Dreams & Boxes" is 10:56 in length, not 1:56
  5. part 2 of the symmetry album series, let's see how PLACEMENT holds up in comparison to COMPLAINT!
  6. neat! new territory for grandson, surprisingly. still, sounds pretty good! also, i spy a sticker that reads "xxwhy sessions"... next project?
  7. okay, what the hell? after self-titled i really didn't think this would be the direction they'd go in. i guess they took a lot of inspiration from that 745 sticky remix they did. this is definitely gonna have to grow on me
  8. fuck yeah album 3!!! this sounds like the evil twin of their song "Youth"
  9. damn, i guess when jeff tweedy called his last album a "shallow attempt to draw attention away from his hairline" he really took it to heart
  10. never heard of this band before, but ive had this song on repeat. fucking slaps
  11. how are you saying that it didn't sound amazing or that you don't love it when you literally gave every song a 4/5, 4.5/5, or 5/5 except for one (which is still a 3.5/5)???
  12. a trippy fucking video, and a contrastingly calm song. i actually adore this, gives me "be my mistake" vibes. can't wait for notes, like always!
  13. been so excited for this release!! it's finally here... review coming later today
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