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  1. i literally wouldn't care if i knew you were fucking around lmao. you just didn't have to be a dick about it, like no one asked. sorry i have a life and can't spend all my time on the internet lol
  2. Hey guys, did you know that tone in voice is difficult to figure out over text? Read more about it here:
  3. yea i know, this was more or less just for fun and to get critique for further designs haha
  4. nothing's wrong with it, persay. it just seems.. dull. the colors don't really pop out, the font is very thin.. it isn't noticeable. in my opinion, a logo should pop out at you and make you notice it though that's just my opinion of course. also to anyone saying the albums should be different, i've literally listened to ONE of the albums incorporated. the albums used were just the favorite album releases of January - June as voted by users on the site
  5. i really appreciate all this discussion, the critique and compliments, all of it! thank you guys even just for taking the time to check this out
  6. ah, i didn't really think about that too much.. and it's weird that you mention multiple shadows being cast, because i only used one Drop Shadow layer style in photoshop. it was at a 90 degree angle (straight down), and i meant for it to look more like the KL was popping out as a 3D object than a shadow. i suppose the direction of light being displayed wasn't in the front of my mind. noted for future reference, thank you for this :-)
  7. cuz i hate my body lmaooooooothatshithurtedoooooooo 👋😳👊
  8. valid, this is just a concept after all i did toy with making the border thinner but it didn't look right to me, maybe i'll try that in a different rendition. and can you explain what about the shadow is wrong? just so i know what i can fix i sorta went for the idea of making the KL text a design in its own, but i definitely agree that it doesn't really look like letters. noted
  9. i've come up with a design concept for the Kingdom Leaks logo, as i feel the sleek, thin, futuristic logo we have now doesn't quite fit the feeling the website gives off. here, i have incorporated the album covers of Kingdom Leaks' favorite album releases of January - June as voted by users. these albums are: Bring Me The Horizon - amo Attila - Villain Whitechapel - The Valley Periphery - Periphery IV: Hail Stan Rammstein - RAMMSTEIN Motionless In White - Disguise further development into this concept could include recent and/or popular releases appearing in the "KL" text when you hover your mouse over it thoughts? comments? concerns? lemme know if you have any critiques as well, always looking for ways to improve (:
  10. alt-J, Billie Eilish, blackbear, Bon Iver, BROCKHAMPTON, Death Grips, Denzel Curry, EDEN, Eminem, Fall Out Boy, FEVER 333, flor, Foals, The Front Bottoms, gnash, Gorillaz, grandson, half•alive, Halsey, Hobo Johnson, I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, Imagine Dragons, Injury Reserve, J. Cole, The Japanese House, Joji, Jon Bellion, JPEGMAFIA, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Linkin Park, Logic, Mac Miller, The Maine, Muse, My Chemical Romance, N.E.R.D., The Neighbourhood, NF, No Rome, nothing,nowhere., Pale Waves, Panic! at the Disco, Post Malone, Radiohead, Run The Jewels, SCARLXRD, ScHoolboy Q, Shinedown, Tool, Travis Scott, twenty one pilots, Two Door Cinema Club, Tyler, the Creator, $uicideboy$, Vampire Weekend, Vince Staples, XXXTENTACION, The 1975... just to name a few.
  11. the second statement is true, but the first isn't. i know plenty of artists, both mainstream and underground, that sell cassettes still
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