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  1. wow. so i've listened to this album over and over for the past day, and i have to say, if nothing else, this is growth. this is maturing and changing your sound for the better. matty, george, ross, and adam really have upped their game here. the sounds, the textures, the genre-bending... everything is so, so different from their past work, yet it's still so The 1975. this is definitely their best work. as much as i loved their last album, this absolutely tops it for me and will most likely continue to in the coming weeks.
  2. very much so! i just had a fear that the rest of the album wasn't going to be of that quality or filled with.. well, filler. i'm just glad to know that i have been proven wrong
  3. halfway through listening to this and, my god, this is probably their most mature LP yet. excited for the closer!
  4. holy shit.. act 1 was smooth as hell, act 2 was a great mix of bangers and lyrical hits, and act 3 was just.. HARD. rap AOTY for sure
  5. honestly one of their best music videos to date. the lack of transition from the hard rap beat to bearface's crooning is a bit jarring, however.
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