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  1. fuck yes!! thank you so much @AiiR, been waiting for this one
  2. pretty sure this is just the lyrics to the entire album fit into an 1800x1800px space... who thought this would be good design
  3. ngl i'm not sure why there's so much hate here. yea this song is a big mess and doesn't flow well and is crazy and experimental, etc, etc, but that's why i enjoy it so much! isn't that what we've come to expect from poppy? plus fever sounds great here :)
  4. hell yes thank you!! so excited for this release
  5. for the most part, i enjoy this project as an overall album. that's not exactly a good thing, though. i mean i enjoy it overall because a lot of the songs just sort of meld together, and it all sounds like one big song. nothing really stands out here which sucks. if i had to pick one favorite, it'd definitely be harmony hall, but that's the only one worth remembering imo
  6. compared to The Click, this album ties every theme displayed in its songs together cohesively in a grandiose and exciting manner. tl;dr: it's really fuckin' good
  7. it has hereby been decreed that only @Satan's Favourite has mastered the ability to decide for everyone what good music is.
  8. been listening to part 1 and 2 of this album since they released, and i've bumped the whole thing front to back since i woke up. this is what i think. Big Wheels to be honest, on first few listens, i wished this track was longer, but now in context of the album, i think this track is a perfect length. the instrumental during his verse reminds me of "You Might Think She Likes You..." by Death Grips, and the jazzy break afterward is just breathtaking. not to mention, now i can scream "I'M A POWER BOTTOM" and have justification for it (also fuck you KA how dare you transition into joyride so smoothly) 9/10 Joyride this one grew on me after having listened to it for two weeks. i am a SLUT for horns in my instrumentals, but the way that little section of lyrics before "Find your way through the garden" is autotuned just doesn't sit well with me for some reason. very cool sounding song overall though. 7/10 Georgia as someone who lived in georgia for 11 years, this song definitely sounds how a warm summer georgian sunset looks. it's emotional, but in one of the best ways. it makes me nostalgic for the few good times i had living with my mom in georgia as a kid. i've gotta be in the mood to listen to it on its own, though, and unfortunately that's the case for a few of these songs. 6.5/10 Corpus Christi the ambience in this track accompanied by that smooth as hell acoustic riff and the very vulnerable and personal lyricism all make for one of the most intimate songs here. Kevin's delivery reminds me of many of the songs on Billie Eilish's debut in that it feels like he's sitting across from me in a relatively quiet room, spilling all his secrets to me in verse. 7.5/10 Baby Boy the inclusion of the chorus from LET'S GET MARRIED is a nice touch, and the riff at the end is grimy as hell, i love it! but the melody throughout the song just.. rubs me the wrong way, i'm not sure why. i want to listen to this song more because it's such a feel good song, but it just doesn't feel right to me. 5/10 Mississippi honestly, not much to say here. the atmosphere is nice, the melody is calming and delightful, but in general there isn't much to this song. it's just kinda... here? 4.5/10 Use Me THE LADDER SNIPPET. i knew from the teaser on his twitter it'd be a banger, and right i was, my god! the choir sample is fantastic and the beat switch with those CRISP FUCKING DRUMS goes soooo hard. that chorus at the end is really fun too. 8.5/10 Peach the best song on ARIZONA baby, no contest. i'm going to be bumping this all summer. joba, bearface, and dominic fike all feature on this vibey track and contribute something of substance.. what more is there to say? 10/10 American Problem really fascinating sounds here. reminds me a lot of the textures and feelings evoked from most songs on American Boyfriend. verses are great as hell, too. the last verse is one of the best on this project! 8/10 Crumble another nice song to chill back and just kinda listen to nonchalantly, but again i'd have to be in the mood to listen to it, so i'm pretty indifferent about this one. 4.5/10 Boyer man, crumble was so chill, i bet this last song is gonna be heartfelt and emotio- HOLY FUCK WHAT 10/10 overall this project is a delightful surprise! i really enjoy the varied moods and textures here, the lyricism is a bit tiring at times but Jack Antonoff and Romil carry even the most repetitive of hooks with their outstanding production. 8.5/10
  9. clicking on the "Physicals" link in the OP brings up a discogs page for the VHS with this description: A limited edition bundle: BALLADS 1 logo tee and a VHS tape of found footage and snippets of unreleased Joji music. VHS tape running time is 9 minutes 33 seconds which includes three snippets of unreleased music and camcorder footage from Joji, during the recording process of BALLADS 1.
  10. i actually really dig this! groovy and catchy tunes, thanks mark and alex
  11. very very weird and interesting choice of sounds and textures chosen for this debut. i dig it.
  12. personally, i've lurked on KL for months prior to my account creation in june last year (where i lurked even harder), but in these past couple of months, i've contributed a lot more to this site than i ever expected to. i've been active in the chatbox, made myself a cool little signature banner, submitted a leak or two, even donated $5! of course, all that isn't much in the grand scheme of this site, but i'm still content with how i contribute. although i haven't made any close companions here just yet, i've still had some fun encounters with others, and i feel like part of the community, even if it isn't very directly. right now, my life schedule is really packed and honestly i don't really have time to get on here as much as i'd like to anyhow; hopefully, though, my life will start to become less restrained and i'll have more time to become acquainted with others on KL. and if i ever get to a point where i have lots of hours of free time a day, i would absolutely love to become a staff member for the site. how could i not take the opportunity of assisting KL's inner workings when it has provided me with so much of the music that i love, and so much more music that i didn't know i could love in the first place? TL;DR: if i ever had enough consistency in free time in my daily schedule to help as a KL staff member, i would take that opportunity in a heartbeat.
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