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  1. i actually really dig this! groovy and catchy tunes, thanks mark and alex
  2. very very weird and interesting choice of sounds and textures chosen for this debut. i dig it.
  3. personally, i've lurked on KL for months prior to my account creation in june last year (where i lurked even harder), but in these past couple of months, i've contributed a lot more to this site than i ever expected to. i've been active in the chatbox, made myself a cool little signature banner, submitted a leak or two, even donated $5! of course, all that isn't much in the grand scheme of this site, but i'm still content with how i contribute. although i haven't made any close companions here just yet, i've still had some fun encounters with others, and i feel like part of the community, even if it isn't very directly. right now, my life schedule is really packed and honestly i don't really have time to get on here as much as i'd like to anyhow; hopefully, though, my life will start to become less restrained and i'll have more time to become acquainted with others on KL. and if i ever get to a point where i have lots of hours of free time a day, i would absolutely love to become a staff member for the site. how could i not take the opportunity of assisting KL's inner workings when it has provided me with so much of the music that i love, and so much more music that i didn't know i could love in the first place? TL;DR: if i ever had enough consistency in free time in my daily schedule to help as a KL staff member, i would take that opportunity in a heartbeat.
  4. whenever i'm out and about with just my phone and something leaks, PTL works fine for me because i always download them onto this one app i use for iOS called Documents. i just go to kingdom leaks on the in-app browser, select the PTL link, and it just downloads in the app and i can listen to the leak right then and there. of course it's not as nice as downloading to a PC and adding files to an itunes library and such, but it is really convenient when you wanna listen to a new leak on the go! (p.s. i am not affiliated with nor sponsored by Documents by Readdle)
  5. ngl this feels like a really unnecessary way to milk chester's death. like, you could've easily named your linkin park cover album something along the lines of, "hey these are songs by linkin park that i covered". y'know what i mean? it doesn't have to be creative, but it shouldn't leave a bad taste in my mouth just by the title and cover art alone
  6. i never said it wasn't, i really liked YSIV! i just feel like it wouldn't have even been a thought had there not been so many people asking for it. feels almost like pandering to me i guess? i mean at least it was a great sendoff to the persona
  7. finally, we're back to actually good Logic. no more biracial bobby, no more young sinatra pandering, no more trap shit. just. good Logic.
  8. damn it's almost been a whole day i guess the mods just really hate High Beams
  9. GOD yes i've been waiting for this shit since QUIXOTE dropped back in july. hype is high
  10. well damn! this was my first Flume project and honestly, i was blown the fuck away like jesus
  11. i can see where you're coming from. personally i love his shit because of the contrast from his very bubbly, upbeat youtube persona prior to his music career, to this incredulously tortured soul that makes his emotions known through his curdling screams. one of the many things about his songs is his main goal, which is not to grab your attention, but to fucking clockwork orange your attention. but like i said, i understand your perspective! this style definitely isn't for everyone. maybe the edgy 14 year old in me is showing lmao
  12. y'all, this guy is so SLEPT ON!!! he's one of the best artists on Dirty Hit, please give this man a chance
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