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  1. Highly agree, been a huge fan since 2014, they really need to be bigger, probably the best modern industrial band
  2. Amazing, massive hype, Industrial Hardcore is apparently a real genre now
  3. Super sick, so glad the industrial is part of their sound even more so going forward. Really hope they blow up even more than they did with Forever with this album, they really deserve it.
  4. If its possible for someone to send me the extra tracks too that'd be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  5. Pretty damn good aside from a couple songs. Reminds me of a heavier early linkin park mixed with korn made with a modern twist. Interested in hearing more from these guys in the future.
  6. Thanks for uploading this! Doesn't seem like there's anywhere to buy this digitally without paying for shipping so this is greatly appreciated. Very excited to listen heard good things from other people about it.
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