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  1. No im just fucking sick of people like you and I don't give a fuck if people hate me for it.
  2. Oh no some fuck boy doesn't like my attitude. Get the fuck over it you sensitive cunt. The dude beat pregnant women and stabbed people like it was fucking breakfast. You support shit like that you're worse that I'll ever be for talking shit to fuck tards like you.
  3. You guys know this dude is a confirmed scumbag right? Like the music or whatever but the dude was not one to be missed.
  4. Bruh this shit flame. Streets gon fuck heavy wit this fam. Album is an absolute unit. Free 69! It's treyway bitch! *gunshot to head*
  5. Nah I'm good. But thanks for your input. I'm gonna keep being a dick.
  6. Go ahead and give me any facts about him that put him anywhere near any of the greats. Give me some insight into what makes any of the shallow shit this kid says so impactful on you angsty teenagers.
  7. So now that the album is out it'll only be a couple more years till you people shut the fuck up about this trash and forget this kid existed.
  8. Pure genius. RIP PEEP my emo stallion.
  9. I dunno. This sounds like fucking trash to me. Especially that music video that came with this post. I don't know why white crowds listening to "rap" in videos always makes me cringe.
  10. I wonder how long the staples in the back of her head will keep her face that way.
  11. I remember seeing these dudes live with erra. They pretty much had zero energy and the music was kind of boring. I see much hasn't changed.
  12. I'm so disappointed a battle rapper is battling rappers. /s
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