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  1. Better than Catastrophist. And I love the song, but this is pure masterclass
  2. wooow fucking great. drums are brutal as expected. love it.the guitar solo is awesome
  3. the 4 bonus tracks are not not leaked yet
  4. Terrible.sounds better than the first two songs.but still boring.his vocals destroys everything
  5. right some songs ignite immediateley, 2-3 needs a bit longer. a country boy can survive is the worst and boring.
  6. Double album is in the making it comes next year according to dez. I hope the production sounds like this
  7. that was better than I thought. Austin D'Amond is a beast on drums.
  8. I heard the previews on amazon. there are 5-6 good songs. whisky river, if drinking don't kill me, outlaw man and i'm the only hell mama ever raised sounds cool. cover or not. it's more in the style of devildriver. yes I know that many people think that this was not the best idea.but it's cool to hear these songs in devildriver style with guests.dez has already announced early enough that it will be completely different than you think.and many people now pretend that they didn't know it. And why not? many musicians want to try something different.yes I hope that the double album has a better mix than trust no one.It was a really good album.But the mix was awful. For me the best mix was from fury and the last kind words. I don't know why they still have the same producer after 3 albums. his mix is just horrible. sorry for my bad english
  9. I hate this pain. it kills me
  10. Is the new Devildriver leaked?
  11. why are the bonus tracks not to find? I google all of them and on youtube and there is nothing to find. no one have the vinyl? the 2 songs are not on spotify.
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