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  1. THANK YOU ♡ I was waiting so much for this one... Have the vinyl since like 2 weeks actually but couldn't listened to it while being outside... This record is so good... And these guys are the kindest ever. ♡
  2. sounds awesome, thanks for the discovery!
  3. this band is totally like Amesoeurs : we all know that singer is problematic af but we all here listening to that shit on repeat (without giving any buck I hope lol) because it's tremendously beautiful. fuck feelings lol also fuck transphobia.
  4. those songs are beautiful, same vein as the previous EP. Kinda sounds like a Now Now / Caspian crossover??
  5. the second half of "With High Hopes..." have Killswitch Engage vibes?? Album sounds great so far.
  6. was exclusively listening to new wave for days and then this came out and I'm about to spinkick that guy grabbing his balls on the train right now SOLID record !
  7. those guys needs to stop ripping-off other bands THAT MUCH.
  8. thank you SO MUCH for this, 4 DAMN YEARS of waiting. I was supposed to receive the record today but french post service is fucked sometimes (usual Colissimo stuff, for french people out there).
  9. this album is so good. Can't wait for 320 as well.
  10. those vocals are boring, I expected something more screamy, not necessary the bird screams of their early days but yeah... The song is pretty cool otherwise!
  11. this album is so good. Singer of DAÏTRO is in that band!
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