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  1. i feel the same way. i really like JOW a lot and the sound from that album and the one after
  2. I know I am late to this but never really gave this band a chance because I didn't really like the first song I heard where in the video she is dancing around in a yellow dress but this song is fucking awesome and so is rule of nines. Looks like they're killer live as well.
  3. Thanks for the leak! Was looking forward to this release and after a full playthrough, I am impressed and really like it. I like Savage Sinusoid better but this album is still great. Really digging the song Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano.
  4. Definitely better than the White Devil album.
  5. Reminds me a lot of the Dope album Felons and Revolutionaries
  6. Does anyone know if Gareth ever released any of his solo stuff? Guess it was supposed to be kind of acoustic, Ben Howard sounding.
  7. Yeah, EFBN wasn't my favorite. Not one of their albums that I go back and listen too. Absent Sounds took a couple listens and grew to like it more
  8. Thank you! Like it so far on the first play through. Didn't really care for their last album too much, still appreciate the album but it's definitely hard to compare because the Able Bodies album was so good and the Able Bodies remix was great as well.
  9. Fuck yeah, excited to give this a listen. Their album ..and you were a crow is really good.
  10. The voice kind of reminds of the guy from Raised Fist
  11. I think so, the album somewhere at the bottom of the river between the Vega and the altair is my favorite album of theirs and is really good.
  12. This is pretty fucking great. I loved their Ugly Organ album and this reminds me of that.
  13. This is pretty damn good. Can't wait for the full album to come out.
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