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  1. Absolutely love that riff. It fuckin' bangs.
  2. These singles and the previous album are these guys at their peak imo. Great stuff.
  3. I can't see myself liking this band as much with a new vocalist. Matteo was just such a unique and amazing singer. Hope to be pleasantly surprised though.
  4. I love Polaris, but I gotta go with Hollow Front. Shit just straight up slaps.
  5. Dude, Ghosted. Holy fucking shit. Vagabond was a banger as well. Album is definitely top 5 this year for me.
  6. Didn't care for the last EP, but this is dope.
  7. Jeez, 17 songs? I've liked some older stuff from these guys, I'm intrigued.
  8. How is this even the same band that made Ground Dweller, Unimagine, & Dissonants. Anon wasn't great, but it at least had some redeeming qualities. This and Headrush just sound like drivel you'd hear on your local mediocre rock station. For once, I'm not looking forward to a Hands Like Houses album at all.
  9. Holy shit, Falling Ashes is fucking insane!
  10. Immediate feels in the opener. Shit, Kill the Ache into Let Me Leave almost had me tearing up. Serious emotion in this so far. Split has some fuckin' groove! Holy shit! How I Fall Apart got me all emotional, man. Fantastic song. Better Days is a fantastic closer. I prefer Shattered from TPIFS, but that is a master piece of a song to me, so I didn't see them topping it tbh. All in all, I'd say the singles, as great as they are, are on the lower tier of the album. They definitely saved the best for the rest of the album. Probably my #2 this year after Bleed From Within.
  11. Ngl, I'm kinda iffy on this release. After Aftermath and Pressure Point, I was expecting a lot more. It all kinda blended together by the end. All of it was very samey.
  12. I'm gonna have such a hard time choosing this or Bleed From Within as my AOTY, I just know it.
  13. Fuck, this song hits hard from both musical and emotional standpoint. These guys are rapidly moving up on my favorite bands list.
  14. Bro, if Tom brings these vocals to the next Chelsea Grin album, shit's gonna be lit.
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