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  1. I really like it, but it honestly sounds a bit too much like a Slash song. Which isn't too bad because I like Slash, but I listen to Slash for Slash and Alter Bridge for Alter Bridge, you know?
  2. This is absolutely insane. Better than anything off the last album imo.
  3. This is a fucking bop. Glad they did two versions, 9/10 times I usually don't care for features and would just rather hear the band themselves.
  4. Dethrone is far and away the best song on the album. It's not even close. Song absolutely slams.
  5. This sounds completely different to anything they've done before. I'm seriously digging it. Honestly can't wait for the album.
  6. Those cleans are gross. Unclean parts aren't bad though.
  7. I feel like I'm listening to a mid 2000s Christian Rock song. Which is not a good thing.
  8. Not feeling this one at all honestly. Only really like Smartfriend.
  9. Can I just say that Throw Them to the Lions is one of the best songs he's ever released in any of his bands? That song blew me the fuck away.
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