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  1. Honestly, I love it more than anything off of So What?. Reminds me why I liked this band in the first place.
  2. Era was one my my top albums in 2018 and If this is what's to come, their next album is gonna be one my favorites as well. These dudes can do no wrong in my eyes.
  3. Huh. Kinda wild they're putting something out already.
  4. Oh shit, super stoked! Loved their debut. These guys, Novelists, Polaris, Bodysnatcher, & Lorna shore. Early 2020 already lookin' sweet. Thanks for the upload!
  5. Three acoustic songs from Turn the Light On. I feel like they're re-releasing the album as an acoustic one and I ain't mad if they are. Absolutely love these acoustic versions.
  6. If they just released an entirely acoustic version of Turn the Light On, I wouldn't even be mad.
  7. Can people just have their opinions? What may be a banger to you, might not be to someone else. If someone doesn't like something, who gives a shit? It literally makes zero difference in your life. No need for the passive aggressive bullshit.
  8. Serious early Slipknot vibes.
  9. Ah hell yeah, Bodysnatcher always bringing that good heavy shit.
  10. Hands down my AOTY, and it's not even close. I adore this album front to back. Gonna be listening to this for months.
  11. Talk about a sophomore slump. This sounds so artificial and by the numbers. Loved their debut, but I don't see my self coming back to a single song on this record.
  12. So glad they fixed the mix on Malevolent Enslavement. That song kicks absolute ass with a proper mix.
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