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  1. They've released a video that contains both singles in it. I suggest giving that a watch. Heaven Shall Burn has always had some hard hitting videos but this one takes it to a new level. This is an album I can't wait to listen to.
  2. I'm not exactly sure what happened but it seems like it was an initial screw up. iTunes, the copy I originally downloaded from here on Kingdom Leaks, and as you say Google Play Music had the version with her initially. It looks like not long after that they switched out the versions because now the version with her on guest vocals can be bought by itself. You can hear the version without her on guest vocals right now on Spotify. The album has the version without her on it and the 2 singles from this post have their own listing just like it's listed here.
  3. The original album version doesn't have Alissa White-Gluz featured as guest vocals. The video that released for the single did have her on guest vocals though.
  4. @Anton Chigurh Check out Ephemeral off of the Shadows of the Dying Sun album. That whole album is outstanding but I always default to that track when recommending Insomnium to people. Also, check out the band Belzebubs. That came out earlier this year and it's really just Insomnium under a different name. Edit: I was dumb and for some reason replied to your comment. I meant to reply to Smash_Adams.
  5. @Sepulbreed Always amazed when I go to Bjorn's Wikipedia page. The amount of side projects or appears on listed on his page is always rapidly expanded.
  6. @Daniel_Defoe You're on track here. Industry standards would label this an EP. The label can market it as anything they want but I bet we'll see a lot more people and reviewers call it what it is. An EP. It is straddling the EP or album designation though.
  7. Bloodbath is missing. That's what I'd vote for.
  8. At this point, I'm not sure if Strid got the "Speed" nickname from the roots of Soilwork. Or if he got it from mainlining actual speed. He has to be doing that with the amount of vocals he lays out. I'm convinced there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't head into the studio to record for his bands, side projects, or just helping out other bands that are missing a vocalist.
  9. I'll take it when I can get it, but damn, it did bum me out a little seeing the album isn't hitting until 11 Jan 2019.
  10. @The Top Hat Thanks for catching that little diatribe before it was edited. That's a post for a good laugh. On topic though, I really hope more and more bands start doing these releases. I have no problem supporting bands that I really like, Chevelle as an example. But I can't justify buying multiple copies of an album for one extra song from other retailers. It's nice to get these rarity compilations.
  11. @c1rcl30fdu57 The band chose to use Rarities in the album title. Just because you don't like it, it doesn't make it any less true. When songs are put on albums for exclusive purposes, such as regional or retailer exclusives, those songs will typically be labeled as rare. Get it? Those songs are not on every version of the album. That's partly why. Another part is your piss poor attitude on the forums. Specifically your attitude in the In Debt to the Earth listing. You demand standards and facts, yet you only like the facts you believe. That's a slippery slope. The last reason, apparently you really hate being down voted. It bothers you a lot more than it should and I find that hilarious. If you'd like to receive more up votes, you may want to fix that attitude of yours. Learning to embrace facts that you don't like is also another good thing to do.
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