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  1. I wish I would have listened to this sooner. animal jam is my favorite ep of 2018 and this sounds like a full length of that same sound.
  2. damn, takes a real one to admit fault and apologize. humble af you're good people in my book
  3. eh, it's just an easy, surface level way to give people a good idea of what they're getting into. it's no more unnecessary than all these other niche genre labels that end with 'core'
  4. I know it wasn't necessary. In the same way your 'lol not really' wasn't necessary. ya know?
  5. yeah, Will Swan has his on label 'blue swan' and 90% of the bands he signs have a 'similar' style to dgd. it's more then just the guitars sounding like wills style,.. it's the entire soundscape that takes inspiration from dgds discog. so, yeah. really.
  6. what if had just heard about dgd today? and I knew nothing about them... but wanted to sit and marathon their discog?
  7. huh didn't realize this was here thanks @coachlow for the bump, might as well give IG and Happiness another go, it's been about 3 years since writing them off forever, maybe somethings changed
  8. that's been my issue too the music and thematic elements are great, but if the subject was about anything else, or at least not so on the nose, I feel like this would be as good, if not better than 'Safe...' why? how is his opinion any less valid because of your opinion?
  9. "4. Preppy Boy 5. Smug Cunt 6. He's Got His Mother's Hips 7. Diet Gum " album just loses it half way through I see. I'm intrigued
  10. interesting cover art + a tag I enjoy + @Lord Kingdom post = me checking it out
  11. yet another sick fucking band I can thank the kl community for introducing me to you guys are the best
  12. this has grown on me a ton, but I can tell it will likely wear off just as fast for that exact reason. I hope not, I'm really enjoying it so far, I just can't imagine myself listening to horror movie songs year round
  13. fuck all of yall I haven't even listened to it