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  1. don't forget about dental hygiene. your teeth are actually very delicate and once you've neglected them to a point, it's difficult and very expensive to reverse the damage. not to mention that bad teeth can lead to very serious health issues and even death. take care off your teeth guys
  2. these guy's need to learn how to passive aggressively spam downvotes like adults
  3. goddamn these comments are salty
  4. it's honest, is what I like about it, almost wholesome. anyone who screams like that knows that sometimes your technique is off and it makes you cough. I'll keep an ear out for the others now that I know... I have picked up on a few production 'quirks', like the occasional extra bass in the opening track. stuff like that really gives these songs personality
  5. the 320 file is still named [128], @dewey duck
  6. haven't listened to this because I can't get past who the dude was as a person... but have you heard this?
  7. the music video, at 2:50. and thank you for asking me wtf is wrong with me instead of just downvoting
  8. day 6 of what. why are these white supremacists using force powers.
  9. yup, worth the hype too soon to tell, but this will probably make my top 10... a list that's full of bands that were never on my radar until this year. can't swim, dwellings, trash boat, silent planet, Coletta, animal jam... what a surprising year for music. I owe most of that to kl I guess
  10. this folk singer has one metal as fuck logo
  11. with the vocals and production... some of the song writing... this reminds me of those late 2000s screamo bands. I like.
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