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  1. entire albums incredible, but Bleed 4 You sets a new bar
  2. where are these pages Im supposed to be referring to I need more context for "my feet's tired"
  3. wait, so mr12 is Chief and Evils son? or am I taking the lyrics too literally.
  4. an obscure rapper bringing attention to a national headline. doing gods work.
  5. dude rhymed 'innocent' with 'leadership' bad music, poor attempt at capitalizing on a tragedy. trash
  6. comparing this to anything else feels like selling it short. just listen. thanks @Mr. Electric
  7. the fact that this album is 3 years old is really messing with my understanding of time this morning
  8. this is... fine. not as bad as some of you guys claim, its more streamline for sure but I don't get calling it 'mainstrem', still chugs, still grooves.. the samples and electronic touches are great. dark skies is just a very, VERY difficult album to follow up.
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