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  1. yup, some major Translating the Name/early cove vibes on here can't believe I almost slept on this
  2. that's probably because the first song on this pretty much rips off one of Silverstein's earlier songs. at least the melodies and verse structure.
  3. yup once we start trying to dictate speech, then we have to decide whos going to set the boundaries of 'acceptable speech'. would you want evangelicals telling you whats not okay to say? the far left, do you trust them to decide which words are worth a prison sentence? it's just unrealistic
  4. reminds me of sempiternal I'll definitely keep an eye out for a full album
  5. fun game to play with this album: know than Jonny Craig is featured.. but don't when.
  6. holy shit I love this great dual vocals and fun writing, easy download
  7. this is that corny '06 metalcore that I fuck with
  8. hate to be that guy, but last night during an out of control trip... when none of my go to music sounded right, I had a profound experience with this album. would recommend
  9. this shits like if The National started writing phc and I love it amazing on first listen and tons of potential to grow a slow burner though, for sure. and I'm not loving dudes voice... but he does some interesting stuff with it.
  10. loved Alaska and colors, but fell off the btbam train when this came out worth a listen?
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