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  1. secret band has always felt like dgd with the 'softness' forcibly removed, and not much else. this is the first time secret band feels concretely unique. the boys really brought it this time
  2. the first few listens I only appreciate this in the most basic, service level way.. but it's really starting to grow on me.
  3. really?.. a lot of this sounds very pop punk-ish. personally I love it, gives it personality... there's enough chuggy breakdown laden phc available... I'd take this with all its late 2000s cringe any day. but I cut my teeth on Silverstein and chiodos, so I'm probably biased, but a perfectly high pitched sing along chorus that transitions into some crunchy riffed bridge. yes please,
  4. the day ex military came out is the day I realized I was officially out of touch
  5. 18 - 25 year olds are too young to be in the internet?
  6. I would consider myself a country hater, and very picky when it comes to hip hop. I can list the rappers I like on one hand. this is just fun though
  7. YES this guys rapping voice sounds like moms trying to make their babies smile YES
  8. agreed, but the only reason that's worth mentioning is in contrast to all the hype. if I listen to it as just an album, not trying to reinvent the genre, it's pretty damn good.
  9. yeah man, that was kinda the point I'm sure you're not alone this is actually growing on me, cannot get into reptilian tho... everything else is fun as hell
  10. same, I should love everything about this based on my tastes, but this kinda feels 'by the numbers'... even the unexpected, unique moments feel predictable. I'm not hating on this though I really respect these guys and where they're pushing the limits of the genre... but it's not something I would put on for the jams.
  11. my first periphery album, let's see what all the hypes about
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