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  1. this is... different to each his own
  2. yeah I don't understand that mentality... this IS bad, regardless
  3. this is fun. the vocalist has a nice range too. imo this sound only works if the vocals can keep the songs moving, otherwise it just feels like a 3 minute long breakdown
  4. I was thinking exactly the same thing... like Armor for Sleep with hints of The Used's self titled and taking back sunday's early stuff. I really like this
  5. everything after their second album has been so disappointing that I was hesitant to even listen to this. you've absolutely solidified my decision
  6. all I can find is 'true north' and a bunch of singles until this.
  7. this is great, how's the rest of their discog... anything as good as this?
  8. haha of course you're happy about this, 'emofgt'
  9. well now I'm excited I remember when woe, is me rereleased Numbers and it was the exact same album with extra songs at the beginning. so disappointed. I love wildlife, and their split with touche amore, but I never got around to this. now I have a reason to
  10. is this re-mixed or anything? or is it just a re release
  11. well this is the first I'm hearingof this band so its all new
  12. oh shit now I can finally dig into this. held off after the initial spin for this
  13. well, it's more of the same for one. and not just in regard to the band... but current heavy music in general. %75 of the core posted here sounds like the same band playing the same song.