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  1. have you checked dgd's 2 cover songs? 'that's what I like' and 'semi charmed life' are not terrible, considering.
  2. I really dislike the term nu metal, but I definitely appreciatetnt metalcore and phc vibes here.
  3. there's the brandnew single, headhunter. I think that's it.
  4. oh, okay. yea if you download the discog uploaded here last year they're part of the dbm2 link.
  5. well yeah to you, and me, it's obvious. but if you are familiar enough to recognize which era of mess you're listening to; you're also probably going to know these were on dbm2 already. the people confused are the casual dgd listeners
  6. dgd will put up with a lot apparently, but rape allegations where they draw the line it seems. but I would give my left ball for another jonny craig fronted dgd album, his voice on beautiful death was a career highlight
  7. @fohlenetech @Kayze @Ad0492 these are dbm2 songs, remastered maybe? has to be, why else would they rerelease them
  8. you can't rush art tbf the original is damn catchy, and I'm not a fan of either genre it pulls from
  9. I hate how these guys put 'screamo' in their YouTube titles when they fuckin know fucking better
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