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  1. @Can'tComplain is this the same vocalist? it has to be anyways, this has some jams for sure. valiant hearts was kinda boring instrumentally imo, this is a lot more interesting. calculated, wanky with some nice heavy grooves. a lot more surprises to, not so straight forward. I'm a fan
  2. this ranges from great to garbage, sometimes bouncing between the two multiple times a song. there's definitely potential here though
  3. @TylerDurden no, they're trolling. they have to be. I've never used the word before, but if this is legit it's textbook 'boomer trying to stay relevant' shit
  4. slapknut and amo? fiiiinne at least this put dayseeker on my radar so alls well I guess
  5. I just wish there was more focus on the cleans, they're too good to be relegated to just the chorus. I'll still download with optimism that other songs have more singing
  6. okay so, is there any truth to the theory that green day intentionally made a shit album due to a disagreement with their label? how these do you explain this,
  7. it would make 'album of the year' list easier and more accurate too, no? I'm about it
  8. weird voice but really really nice and soulful
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