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  1. interesting, you say you hope they stretch that flexin vibe (my least favorite song, infact I kinda hate it) out to a full album ... then proceed to list MY FAVORITES as your favorites. and you say your least favorite is Your Sake and I love that song. just goes to show how differently we all hear the same music but agreed, for sure AOTY material, admittedly I did cut out a good fourth of the album, but what's left is 35 mins of fuckin gold. it'll be a close match between this, silversun, oh sleeper, periphery and new tDwP (which I have a hard time believing)
  2. dude you wrote exactly my thoughts. I think what you mentioned about the 'good bad' vocals is spot on. there's some legit skramz vibes here and that's always been a characteristic of those bands. but yeah I cannot leave this album alone
  3. what a strange turn of events tDwP and Issues are rounding or my top 5 list this year either I'm getting soft or these bands are stepping up their shit, it's hard to be s
  4. never heard of these guys before, getting Arsonist.... vibes, so.. awesome
  5. I think most people would prefer better music, less often.. over a lot of average music.
  6. uhhh wha are we listening to the same band?
  7. this is not what I was expecting at all. salright.. I prefer the catchy, poppier stuff from the full length
  8. kkkiiiinnddaaa want that acoustic black and white
  9. this year has been so fucking kind to fans of heavy music it's almost ridiculous never been a fan of tdwp, aside from one it two nostalgia trip albums, glad they stepped outside of their genre core box for this
  10. I can't tell you how many random bands have broken my top ten lists this year and last, just from what people post hear. I say random, stuff I've never heard of. dwellings, can't swim, coletta, even the trees, animal jam. tons
  11. I knew someone would comment on the trans kid. I don't really fuck with it, but don't care enough to comment on it either way. regardless, THE MUSIC is killer. better than Wolf and Bears EP, closely following these guys now
  12. imagine starting a sentence with 'imagine' but I do sorta agree, im not a fan of Michael's vocals but I do think this album would benefit from more screams from any one of the other members who can do it consistently. but I do like it as is too, reminds me of slaves' vibe
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