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  1. I'm not a fan of this genre, but England Keep my Bones is so good. reassuring to hear I haven't been missing out on anything recently though
  2. yeah I always ruin bands for myself by watching music videos and live performance. looks like these guys were 25 when scene shit blew up and never grew out of it lol which is fine, i like this album, but Jesus have a little self awareness and take the fucking sideways hat off
  3. your whole life youbeenwalkinonyour TIIIIP tooOoOoOOoesse
  4. same reason why anything gets re-released. hype, and money hopefully theres new music on the way
  5. damn you guys were right, this is the perfect mix of heavy and catchy.
  6. singers improved a lot, and he was already great obviously the instrumentation is incredible
  7. under the impression this would be an album, BUT still super excited to listen to this
  8. okay I get the two vocalists now this album sounds like it features every scene vocalist from 2005 - 2015 and it's awesome
  9. everything post self titled has been disappointing, headspace had a few decent songs, but I just don't care for the direction they're headed
  10. not even interested in checking this out after everything I've heard recently. sucks too, I've been a Tyler Carter fanboy since path less traveled. at least his solo shits still quality
  11. I don't know, I watched it again and he's harmonizing with him like 90% of the time. unless it's the long haired guy layering his vocals and the other guy is holding the mic up to his face and mouthing the words. but I don't think so. also, there's virtually no screaming in the song I'm not knocking it, as a fan of old hands like houses and old Woe, is Me I'm really enjoying this, it just seems weird to me
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