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  1. Emmure gets a lot of shit for being memey and I've never liked their music, but I do respect that they've only gotten more abrasive over the years instead of transitioning into dad metal or something like parkway drive
  2. well goddamn Tyler sounds amazing on this, some of my favorite Tyler songs are the acoustic Woe songs, so not surprised, but he really went all out on a few of these songs. and the guitarist is something else, the way he translates these songs acoustically, it's intricate and catchy, I didn't even know this was coming out but it's a highlight of the year for me so far.
  3. Amelia please don't go easy aoty
  4. oh yeah? acoustic solo Tyler? I've always wanted something like this from him
  5. better than amo/TtS, not as good as ludens still hype for whatever this will be on
  6. the acoustic versions on the deluxe edition were kinda cringe, hope fully these are better since they're all legit live
  7. I think this is rodys best writing some kezia, I assume he's writing the lyrics here?... I know he didn't start writing until scurrilous.. but everything here feels so epic and catchy, it's been stealing the spotlight for me. usually I listen to protest for the guitar work, but I'm having a hard time focusing haha @967-EVIL yeah I get that a lot when I rec these guys. I've always loved how voice but I can see how it could be grating. I think he quit using pitch correct a few albums back, sound pretty good considering
  8. what is Canterbury Scene and why do I love it
  9. in that case I'd say it reminds me more if a kid between volition and scurrilous, with a hint of kezia's punk vibe
  10. is that the last pth album you listened to? it's not, and it's better for it. it's more like a mix of everything they've done,
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