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  1. What was that?! Is this new Architects' sound?! Never thought they would become another labeled bitch and follow "MODERN" & "POPULAR" tunes. This downgrade is even worse than the one of Northlane (they still have extreme vocals at least and sound something like KING 810 now). But this... After their last 3 or 4 albums this sounds just some fashionable modern industrial shit mixed with Slipknot snares. No breakdowns (except my heart's one), no screams (except me listening to it), no progressive riffs and even progressiveness! AND WHERE'RE THE BLEGHS??? One of the most unique bands just lost it's uniqueness in a single blow. Even the lyrics are not as great as on previous albums. Really hope this is the ONLY RADIO TRACK. Is it the fate of all cool British bands? First Asking Alexandria, then BMTH, now Architects... I know my opinion does not matter anything to anyone. I know that I'm just whining. But right now I am so much disappointed... P.S. I don't think they should keep the very same sound on and on but changes like this make me feel uncomfortable. And I also listen to a various number of genres but still their sound from 2011-2018 was one of my favorite among all the stuff I've been listening in my life.
  2. Finally! Technically it got more complex with quicker tempos. Added cleans became a surprise. It is not as djenty as previous albums but I still love the guys. Best rapcore for me personally. ”Black Magic” & “Tn Tax” are my two top tracks from the record, they’re bangers, love those breakdowns. “Off Tap” is more like previous albums which is a huge bonus. “Bloodlust” is just what I wanted the whole album be: more aggressive. Plus that harsh flow + CJ’s growls is a great mix, imo.
  3. Some insane and heavy mix of In Flames, Black Sabbath, Deathstars & The 69 Eyes (I guess). Damn! I love it!
  4. Judging by the songs and bandcamp page I would call it weebcore. Edit: @Greeley,WHY DOWNVOTE? I NEVER SAID I DISLIKE IT
  5. I'm missing Tom's vocals in Lorna Shore so I'm glad to hear him in Chelsea Grin. Great single, tho. Can't wait to hear more.
  6. Damn, this is so cool! Reminds me of Totem Skin, No Omega & other blackened hardcore/neocrust bands. Thanks for sharing!
  7. That's so beautiful, love that stuff. These guys never disappoint me. Thanks for the leak, @mR12!
  8. This is so warm, so calm but so emotionally beautiful. Thanks for the leak!
  9. Thanks for the leak, @Feeshmon! This is an awesome mix of Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir. Are you going to upload the second part of this double album? It was released on the same day and called "The Sundering".
  10. Thank you for the leak,@Summers! Nice piece of melodic death/doom metal.
  11. Oh, that's great! Thank you both @serafina &@InsidAero!
  12. I apologize but this is incorrect release. Accordingly to their official bandcamp page, this album should contain 7 tracks. What's wrong with this leak?
  13. Misread track 5 as "Ein Lebowski" UPD: The sound is so old-school that I like it somehow. Feels like "Armoured Angel meets Eluveitie". Growls, blast beats + flutes and other symphonic instruments. Maybe only production is a bit weak. Would like to listen a re-master.
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