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  1. Thanks for the leak, @Feeshmon! This is an awesome mix of Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir. Are you going to upload the second part of this double album? It was released on the same day and called "The Sundering".
  2. Thank you for the leak,@Summers! Nice piece of melodic death/doom metal.
  3. Oh, that's great! Thank you both @serafina &@InsidAero!
  4. I apologize but this is incorrect release. Accordingly to their official bandcamp page, this album should contain 7 tracks. What's wrong with this leak?
  5. Misread track 5 as "Ein Lebowski" UPD: The sound is so old-school that I like it somehow. Feels like "Armoured Angel meets Eluveitie". Growls, blast beats + flutes and other symphonic instruments. Maybe only production is a bit weak. Would like to listen a re-master.
  6. @imnotspencer, don't worry, that sounds great! Of course, some tunes/chords/moves/riffs etc. are pretty similar to DGD (or Jovian, if I may), but however you have some specific sound. And I personally miss DGD, I'm not enough with prog PHC/swancore. So it's nice to see some other bands to play the same! Cheers!
  7. woah, that's a banger! thanks for leak, @Feeshmon!!!
  8. Nice piece of Russian deathcore scene. Reminds me of Calmed by the Tides of Rain.
  9. @DekinhoDesu @bananarampage guys, your words remind me of Weekly Words and Grammar
  10. Nice synths, cool riffs, old school growls - that's all we need! Thanks for the leak, @Summers!
  11. Thanks for the leak,@Summers!!! GROOOOVY
  12. @InsidAero, on their Bandcamp page, it says: Firelink's sophomore self-titled album will release on June 16th, 2020. 5 Tracks. More info to come very soon!
  13. Holy shit! This is a perfect balance between melodic death, black and prog! Love this mix of black-ish screams and death-ish growls, wow. And they are releasing new s/t EP next week!
  14. There's one more new release from Sadness "Atna", released on June 5. Will there be a leak?
  15. Woah! That was a nice surprise, wasn't expecting that.
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