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  1. Pre-ordered it via bandcamp. From the very first second of "Such Small Hands" I was kinda blown away with that re-amped sound. Felt just like 10 years ago, when I heard it for the first time. Not disappointed, and don't regret spending money on that old-school masterpiece. Anyway, thanks for leaking!
  2. THIS IS CROSSOVER this was my first reactions both to first two singles as well as to tags in this topic anyway, waited 4 years for this to come, I'm still in love with their debut album (it's sooooo lovely) pre-ordered it via iTunes, this is incredibly awesome NORTHSTAR FOR EVER
  3. Got it via iTunes pre-order but still thank you very-fucking-much! This IS a masterpiece! It is much more brilliant than anyone could expect it to be. Since Nergal started posting some studio stuff on the IG, I couldn't sleep well waiting for some revealing piece. And, holy shit, what feelings I felt when they posted recording of children choir for "God=Dog". And I almost shitted my pants because of happiness and excitment when I first saw its music video. Great piece of Black/Death Metal, one of their best works and one of the best album in decades. And, of course, it is one of the most AOTY contenders, I bet it!👾 But sometimes I miss the sound thay had on "Apostasy" or "Evengelion", like "At the Left Hand Ov God" and "Ov Fire and the Void", they got some aggressive charm. Nobody will argue that nowadays they are just one of the best metal bands ever existed, though they changed their sound a bit.
  4. this is soooooo sickkkkkkkk! gosh, I'm definitely buying this stuff in october!
  5. gosh! thank you! waited for this!
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