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  1. Sorry meant to say thanks to@Dan_622thank you so so much!!! This means the world! But thanks@mjmartin167 for posting. Wouldn't have saw it right away in the chat box otherwise!!
  2. Noooo way!!!!! @mjmartin167 Thank you so so much buddy!!! So pumped!!!!
  3. Saw somebody say on a Twitter page about this album that the bonus tracks are really good additions to the album. That's about all the information I've been able to turn up about what they are like haha
  4. @DisturbedOne I hear ya man. I've been scanning to the ends of the earth of the internet to at least get a hear of them. Nothing!!! Great White Buffalo!
  5. One of the weirdest deluxe edition releases I've seen in a long time. Only gets announced the week of release date. And it was next to impossible for fans to get a hold of. Was like a unicorn. Nobody could capture it. Haja
  6. @DisturbedOne yes there is for the wal mart exclusive version. Song called Now or Never. And there is acoustic version of Desolation. Anybody hear these versions yet?
  7. Anybody hear the bonus tracks yet from the wall mart exclusive?!!
  8. My mental state can't take how good he's gotten. Just when you think he couldn't get any better. Proves you wrong everytime. Curious what the bonus track "Now or Never" is going to sound. Acoustic version of Desolation is going to decimate all!
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