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  1. Bleep Bloop has very Nine Inch Nails vibe to it, and Don't Ask is just simply incredible, love it. Unironically the "non-metal" songs are the best on this release, shit like If It Bleeds and Khaos (on this release) are just so unnecessary and add nothing but mediocrity to this already below average album
  2. Oh I see now. It's CD exclusive track. Unfortunately I found only CD version of the limited edition, so you'll have to wait until someone submits CD version of the regular release. I'll keep looking and will tag you once I find it and update the post
  3. Not sure where is that from tbh, the limited cd vsrsion has only instrumentals and サターン [Acoustic ver.]. What you want is most likely live video
  4. oh fug i wasn't expecting full album this soon
  5. apart from the cringe lyrics this is actually fucking great record, loved most of it
  6. After hearing Hurt I was pretty excited what this guy has to offer. Unfortunately, the answer is... not much. Same chorus melody pretty much on every single song, same vocal style throughout the whole record. You listen to first song and you suddenly heard the entire album. There is variety, but in the worst possible way ever. One loop ran through multiple effects that are being turned on and off accompanied with beat that changes depending on song's passage. There are some gems, as I said, Hurt is fun, 1993 is fun, but generally the album feels like one veeeery long song that starts to get really boring after hearing the same thing over and over again. All in all, despite me liking some songs and parts of some songs, it is a very mediocre release and it would have high changes of being played in radios on loop if it weren't for the corny and explicit lyrics. Some songs even straight up reminded me of Tones and I, which is not a good thing because that band is fucking awful
  7. He's already arranging date with her through Sharptone DMs on Twitter
  8. Release - August 3, 2020 Genre - J-Pop, Pop Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. 低血ボルト (3:34) 02. お勉強しといてよ (4:39) 03. Ham (3:40) 04. JK BOMBER (3:55) 05. マリンブルーの庭園 (3:34) 06. MILABO (4:27) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  9. Thank you for posting! This is just a fun little project, everything you need to know is written on bandcamp album page. Other than that I would really love to hear your opinions, I know noise is not very accessible genre but even if it's negative opinion I won't mind it really. Any feedback is very valuable to me and for the record I will NOT be making music like this in the future. It was a "one time gig"
  10. Well, I still can't form an opinion on these guys. While I acknowledge they are talented, their music does nothing to me. Or so I thought. The polarizing reception this album received here got me worried like "oh no another ihw release i won't like kekw" but I was actually surprised because this is.... good? I don't think I mind a single track here, last 6 tracks are total bangers, the interludes are sick, those 2 intro tracks are excellently executed, but there is one thing I still can't get into. The vocals. Those cleans sound incredibly generic during certain choruses and those screams seem to not fit most of the metalcorish songs. Unironically love Timebomb and Husk, love the grunge vibes. The only track I'm not that much into is Hellbringer but other than that I actually enjoyed this. I will definitely jam the instrumentals a lot more because they're just straight up fucking insane. Thank you @Tzeromus my based Kawakami man, you provided literally what I was looking forward to the most
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