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  1. Nice breakdown, but song overall is so repetitive with no feelings behind it. It has its moments, but I wish they tried to change up the scheme and delivered something less generic and more innovative. But we're talking about OM&M here who are the kings of risecore so yeah
  2. What a good album tbh! A LOT better than sweetener. Digging it a lot. It's a strong 8/10, has some super nice and catchy tunes and it flows so well
  3. Lowkey waiting for bonus track "small bbq grill" to drop
  4. Honestly this is so great and it gets better with each listen. I'm surprised I like it. What a good release
  5. The bridge is so nuts. Absolutely loving this song. Looks like this album will be a lot darker
  6. Just when you though she can't get weirder
  7. I don't even need to take a full listen to call this generic metalcore that should've died 5 years ago.
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