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  1. Oh you made it seem like you think Dayseeker is objectively better. Makes sense then I guess
  2. What was your reasoning behind voting for amo when Dayseeker is objectively better?
  3. Objectively speaking the top 3 albums, believe it or not, were actually something interesting, genre defying and well thought. Dayseeker is just average phc as Medusa said and it makes no sense to stand next to such huge releases
  4. Where are the comedy kings memeing the album title and saying "Eminem bad"? Did not listen yet but I enjoy his music quite a bit so I'm very interested to hear what's this all about
  5. Considering that a lot of great stuff (better than Dayseeker) came out, it's kinda hilarious to see it in the poll. I know people here love this kind of KLCore whatever music but it's not that good to be considered as a choice in top 4 AOTY. It feels like it doesn't even belong there. Making the poll top 3 would make much more sense. Afterall, Dayseeker was last anyway.
  6. My disappointment is unmeasurable. How did Dayseeker get into the top 4 anyway
  7. Basically RateYourMusic but on KL which is a very welcome idea I would love to see implemented
  8. @serafina I can provide you with Shade's mixtape project with Drumcorps titled "It's Almost Forever" if you want to add it
  9. Release - April 11, 2018 Genre - Noise Pop, J-Pop, Japanese Hip Hop, Poetry Rap, Noise Rock, Art Rock Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. MAKE MORE NOISE OF YOU (1:44) 02. narashite (3:19) 03. underground (2:09) 04. harutosyura (5:02) 05. zzz pt.ⅰ (1:18) 06. lostplanet (2:41) 07. sekaiwotorikaeshiteokure (4:19) 08. yoruwooyoideta (2:59) 09. zzz pt.ⅰI (1:38) 10. nineteen (3:34) 11. yumewomiyou (3:11) 12. zzz pt.Iⅰi (0:21) 13. rock 'n' roll wa shinanai with totsuzenshounen (4:24) 14. zzz pt.Iⅰii (0:17) 15. yoruwooyoideta (Nemu remix) (4:16) 16. underground (shnkuti remix) (2:37) 17. narashite (hasegawahakushi remix) (4:35) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  10. I like how you didn't include the length of this song
  11. REBA KILLED IT. Holy fuck I love the vibes this gives me. I hope this album will have moments like The Mud, dream2, Dreams in Inertia and Ugly
  12. Can't wait to see this album in your top 10 AOTY 2020
  13. This is such fun and catchy song, I really like this a lot
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