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  1. Not as good as My Disintegration though I am still hyped for this new material. I've been waiting for far too long and these 3 tracks released so far sound absolutely incredible, wonder how the rest of the album will sound like. Seems like he wants to go heavy to more Circle of Dust oriented style while keeping his signature synths and drumworks in the tracks so you can tell that this is Celldweller
  2. Intro to Disguise got me kinda hyped up but that didn't last long. The final breakdown/chorus or however you want to call it was decent. But what in the actual fuck is the second song
  3. It's not bad. Good combination of metal and dubstep. Intro and Outro are great and it's mostly the features that stand out. I guess 7/10 seems fair but I don't see myself coming back to this album besides few songs I really liked, like the one with Northlane, Spencer and Koven
  4. Paused Moe Shop for this and I wish I didn't
  5. I'm crying. Love to see them back together
  6. They are trying to sell so much by copying every modern band and trying to stay relevant. Her voice is soulless and they try to gain attention by putting her literally naked on every cover possible. Terrible song, especially the chorus where they do the vocal chops
  7. Northlane collab when. That would literally wipe out every band in the genre
  8. Because they kicked their original vocalist Jaz.
  9. LOVE THIS BAND. I was kinda worried how they would sound without Jaz BUT DUDE THEY JUST WENT FUCKING HEAVIER This is incredible
  10. HOLY SHIT this is huge. As someone who used to listen to dubstep some time ago pretty much nonstop I'm really digging it. Northlane are just fucking incredible even in this. Makes me want to hear their new album ASAP.
  11. 1. While She Sleeps - SO WHAT? 2. Whitechapel - The Valley 3. La Dispute - Panorama
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