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  1. seeing them play king of anything live was the best thing in my entire life. i had goosebumps and now i have them again
  2. this is so beautiful, they never fail to amaze me
  3. Make it hurt is instantly my fav song by them and I don't even listen to them
  4. hmmm, not bad actually but they should rename
  5. absolutely love first song
  6. this is amazing, really
  7. this gets so much yes from me
  8. ehh this is gay
  9. It was a joke, read Papa roach thread
  10. good BUT YOU DIDN'T CREDIT ME 1111!!!!!1!!!1!1!
  11. so far the best single imho
  12. single

  13. kinda ok, i like it, but few songs are really boring
  14. Lol this Parawhore will be boring but thanks anyways I needed new music in my phone