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  1. Replayed this last week, it's pretty good. Not that good as I remember it when it came out but still great to listen
  2. Started off like something I would hear on Disgusting. Was extremly happy for the rest but then the chorus came. I mean I love Beartooth and I think this song is catchy. But man, what a letdown
  3. I didn't even know about this lmao. Nice, will check later
  4. 1. Kero Kero Bonito - Time 'n' Place (Amazing album, weird, catchy and original. Haven't heard something like this in a while and also proud to say my AOTY) 2. You Me At Six - VI (It's catchy, full of good tunes and way better than Night People) 3. Polyphia - New Levels New Debils (Catchy, cute, good music) I should also mention twenty one pilots - Trench, since I have listened to some songs a lot, but legit hate half of the album. And lastly, Hands Like Houses - anone anone. Huge downgrade and I bashed it at first, but it's legit catchy radio friendly music. While I really dislike some songs and this is nowhere close to their past stuff, there are tunes I love (for example Sick, Black or Tilt). Should probably check more bands on the list but that's for another time
  5. I think they made a typo but were stoned and forgot about it
  6. Screams are good, music is good. But together it's a mess
  7. Mixed feelings. Well I mean, she's a forced meme but her music can be nice.
  8. Surprised to hear Loz rapping Overall instrments are nice, chorus is catchy. One of their best songs
  9. I like the vocals a lot. However it's not as good as the singles before
  10. IIRC they said wonderful life is harder so idk what are you on about
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