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  1. Oof... Sorry they hurt your feelings. Do you want a gun-shaped lollipop?
  2. That's not Cardinal Copia, that's young Papa Nihil... It's clearly explained at the beginning of the video, come on.
  3. Oof, fuck. I didn't get it that way HAHA but it's still trash and we can agree on that.
  4. I'll leave this here. Spoiler alert . . . . 0/10
  5. Honestly, In Flames is (fucking) dead to me. I had hopes after hearing "I Am Above" but man, the new album have some cringy lyrics and generic riffs.
  6. Call My Name: "Sometimes I'm angry And some days I'm totally numb I just wanna give it all I got" What the fuck is that? My Chemical Romance?!
  7. Album cover is way better than the band.
  8. In Flames peaked with Clayman. Everything after that is pure fucking trash. (Maybe Reroute to Remain is okay) I cannot comprehend how they went from an album like Colony to this diarrhea.
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