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  1. track 9, D4L is missing from the download
  2. @Jackson is the explicit uploaded as of now
  3. Same. I don’t see any of the eps on this list when I go to download
  4. @callaI downloaded from my laptop multiple times. Same issue
  5. The zip folder continues to have an error and the only song that comes out is all day long
  6. I just went YouTube to get all the additional tracks.
  7. Overall, solid album. Don’t care how long ago he started it. He’s been one of my favorites since 1995. His voice is very dynamic and unique. Which is he reason people still do care about hearing what he can. I loved the eastern style drumming throughout the release.
  8. I agree with @mjistheway701, I was quite bored with this release. Sounds real lazy. I liked the last few way better
  9. Thank you. Very appreciated. Hope all enjoy my form of hip hop
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