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  1. how is this on KL but no one's uploaded Nekroi Theoi
  2. what stupid fucking cover art. yeah Donald Trump is such a communist
  3. haste is my all time favorite band and WEF is my favorite album and I still gotta say their stuff with Stephen is better also everyone please listen to this if you never did when it came out, incredible album
  4. are these re-recorded versions or is this just a greatest hits album?
  5. this dude used to play guitar for Reflections, btw. if you liked them you should give this a shot
  6. machine gun kelly was punched in the chest 65 times
  7. lol this is horrible becoming 14 year old nu atheists was the worst thing that could have happened to this band
  8. I didn't even read past Battlefield to see everything else but yeah those games are definitely not getting announced also new Punter interface new quarterback arm animation Anthem presentation with Snoop Dogg and Zac Efron how does anyone fall for this shit? my god
  9. EA/Microsoft one is fake as shit. new Battlefield is called Battlefield V and is getting revealed tomorrow remember:
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