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  1. dgd make me horny, sorry not sorry that sexy ass bass near the end confirmed my erection
  2. Now this shit slaps. I love the tranquil smooth funky vocals and instrumentation in the intro and the slow guitar picking from Sergio like his work in Sianvar transitioning to some melodic highs from Tilian and that CHORUS, Afterburner AOTY also calling it DGD are so consistent, bless this fucking mess
  3. Did you miss the info when it stated that Kellin Quinn was going to be on Upside Down along with Benji Madden on Second Chances? That's why he sounds like "the guy from Sleeping with Sirens" Also, there's plenty of variety on here unlike Breaking Benjamin who as much as I like them literally have the EXACT SAME FUCKING SONG and chord progressions every time. In Ember, the only track that separated itself was 'The Dark of You' because it added a moment of reprieve with a soft, melodic track like Ashes of Eden did for Dark Before Dawn which qualifies as mostly average. Feed the Wolf is a banger though. But, meh, we all have opinions.
  4. The only moment of ghost-writing in this record is Jorel's verse in Nightmare which he went out on a limb to mention on Instagram that Fudd Rukus, one of his fellow rapper friends wrote for him but since he acknowledged it, it's not exactly ghostwritten and those are just lyrics, as for the instrumentation work, they said they would step their game up since they have Luke Holland doing drums. The rest of it is all of them, baby like they always do. Each member works on their own part like it's been since the beginning, just because there's an upscale of quality doesn't mean it's suddenly not their work lmao. They've always been about evolution so they don't have an exact sound to not sound like themselves as Johnny mentioned in interviews, they'll always supply versatility to ensure things don't grow stale. Additionally, Killin' It is what Another Level should have been and Funny actually doing screams or close enough to it is a nice touch.
  5. There's going to be an extra 9+ songs on Volume 2 which will be released in June or maybe earlier with a little help from my KL friends. Danny said they were aiming to get at least 20 songs out due to the overflow of material they had recorded.
  6. This is some of the most impressive material they've made in their entire career. Excellent job, boys.
  7. @Bored To Death Yeah, my bad, dude. It's just a common thing to expect whenever HU is on here. The reception is a lot more pleasant than I anticipated lol.
  8. Here comes the edgy prick brigade that feel the need to express even the slightest modicum of discontent toward anything this group does. We understand they're polarising and you don't get their music, that doesn't make them inherently bad. Question is why venture onto a posting of a band you despise just to complain? You must have very sad lives.
  9. @KillMe2018 You took lyrics from a party song, well done. Not exactly gonna be thought provoking is it? S.C.A.V.A. Here's the massacre A mausoleum fit for me Lived a hundred years, A hundred years I didn't see Gave all my hope away Isn't any left for me? Bombs are splitting atoms What can the future bring? We can fill a million choirs And wait till children sing We can walk a million miles And end up in the sea And our lungs just keep filling And lying when we breathe The world's filled with liars Liars like me And I look at my child It's finite, this feeling Eyes blue like the sky I see all of this meaning I reach up to God and ask if I'm dreaming I'm so sorry I don't have those things that you're needing And darling, a kiss Kiss me I'm leaving Nobody's Watching I feel like I'm peaking, I become a beast when I dig deep inside of myself and let it all out when I conquer these demons It gives me the freedom, I'm breaking away from these chains I'm embracing the change and finding the courage to face all this pain Wealth gives help while the poor die young It is what is, I won't hold my tongue Dad died poor, what did that give me? Strength inside, now the question lies How you measure my value, I wonder 'Cause I've reached the clouds from the gutter If it's by heart, then I'm breaking the bank Add up what matters, now do the numbers It's times like this I feel I'm on the pavement It's like my heart's so numb Then I grab that book and turn the pages And see how far I've come Hmm...
  10. You know this song is fucking awful when even hardcore HU fans hate it. Lmao.
  11. Why even click on a link to a song from a "shit band" I don't even like these guys that much but they're not half as bad as you and some of the folks from Sputnik continuously point out. Try Brokencyde or Blood on the Dance Floor. HU is just mediocre hip hop/pop/rock for people that don't give a shit because their music is "fun" it's not insanely technical like DGD, it's just something to put on and laugh at yourself a bit with.
  12. Maybe because that's a party song, of course they're gonna have cringy lyrics because they're just trying to have a good time, you're a moron for actually thinking they're serious. Check songs like S.C.A.V.A. for proper lyrics which other artists like Syn and Matt from A7X actually complimented but you do you.
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