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  1. it's boutta get real fuckin LIT in here BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH
  2. this is super sweet, honestly miss when these guys had Mike Semesky though, dude was such a good vocalist
  3. not EXACTLY the same, but Darke Complex’s Widow EP is pretty much the gold standard of nu-metalcore for me
  4. i think they've only just recently wrapped up recording, gonna assume it'll be out early next year
  5. this band never misses bro, maybe i'm biased bc saxophone makes me cum in my jorts, but god DAMN this band is talented, new vocalist is really great too. hopefully they'll be a bit more productive from now on and not take like 40 years to get the next record out bc i neeeeed more
  6. every time i hear a new song from this band nowadays i just get sad it's not like it's bad music but man, they're capable of so much more, it's just fuckin annoying. i'm not even a 'play yer old shit' type of fan of pretty much any band, i'm all for personal creative growth, but this feels like regression in almost every regard. feel like a broken record saying this shit every time but i keep hoping for more and don't get it, suppose that's my own fault. oh well.
  7. god damn this is fucking sick, this record's been a looooong time coming but i'm just glad we're finally getting it guitar work is fucking DOOOPE as usual, the solo especially is fucking great
  8. this is so sick, hearing Barr’s cleans on a Volumes song is so nice again, and those fuckin breakdown riffs god DAAAAMN bro
  10. such a fucking sick record man, this blew all my expectations out of the water. Acid Romance is SOOOOOO fucking dope.
  11. easily one of my favourite albums of the year, pretty much every song on this thjng is top tier Deftones and I am SO happy the spell of mathematics, radiant city, headless and this link is dead are definitely my favourites, but I love this thing end to end welcome back, deftones
  12. this is really fuckin good, such a dope chorus and the energy across the track is massive
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