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  1. while this EP is easily my favourite thing they've done since Sempiternal, I 110% agree with you. Both amo and TTS are great albums, and honestly I think the progression those albums took really helped this album. that super catchy, fun and refined songwriting they brought with those two records repurposed in an en masse heavier sound, it works beautifully imo but yeah fr, those last 2 records are fantastic and deserve better praise, but i get why some found the sound change jarring at the time
  2. I personally count this as an album since it's 9 songs and over 30 mins, but obvs that varies from person to person in general though i think it depends if you make separate lists for EPs and albums, usually my AOTY list is treated more as just "records of the year" rather than the specific format
  3. update: this is fucking INSANE, in terms of the tracks I hadn't already heard (Dear Diary,; 1x1 and One Day...) I am absolutely fucking astounded this EP taps into the best parts of every core BMTH sound of the past 12 years and expands on each one where needed; the blistering aggression of Dear Diary & Kingslayer; the catchy, hooky songwriting with huge emotive performances on Parasite Eve, Teardrops & 1x1; the spasmic, industrial-esque synthwork across the entire record, but particularly on Itch For The Cure & Obey; and the gorgeous curveball that is the closer on this thing what a fantastic record from end to end, this is easily one of BMTH's best projects yet, this (more than any other project they've done) truly sounds like a culmination of their works and experience over their career and i couldn't even possibly be happier about it.
  4. this might end up being my AOTY and I couldn’t be happier, time to listen to those few tracks I haven’t heard
  5. as expected, this is absolutely fucking amazing such a fucking evil guitar tone (production in general sounds fucking GOOOOOOOD) and Dane's vocals are only getting better
  6. knew you'd love this given all the different elements at play here, seemed right up your alley from the moment i heard it
  7. commenting again after listening 3 times in a row holy FUCK this is absolutely amazing, so ridiculously heavy and yet it retains the identity of their newer stuff I didn’t think they’d go much heavier than Obey on this project but they jumped the shark with this one, MASSIVE
  8. this is really good, suuuuuper fun banger with a sick chorus
  9. i'm torn on this because i find this brand of tiktokcore horny eboy trap music absolutely insufferable, HOWEVER, having emma langevin's face on the timeline is always a blessing. we're getting married and i am taking her name.
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