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  1. last album was so good, not sure how I feel about the change the fact that their music was so emotional and aggressive was kinda their selling point to me, without that they're kinda just another band it's certainly not bad, casket is a nice little song, but it's not what made them special hmm edit: fear of letting go is also a nice song, sounds like one of the softer songs on haven't been myself, still hope any forthcoming music they're planning on putting out packs a bit more of a punch
  2. made an america never really grabbed me but goddamn this is FANTASTIC, love almost every song on here to pieces inglewood/3 and the innocent are my highlights for sure
  3. I specifically said 'metalcore's answer to buttrock' because of course they aren't ACTUALLY buttrock, but it just feels like the metalcore equivalent of that. Also, for the 'saviors of metalcore' thing I saw SO many people saying they were when Reverence dropped, it confused me a lot at the time and it still does now.
  4. Parkway Drive all the fuckin way, especially their newer stuff no idea why so many hail them as the 'saviors of metalcore' when at this point they're essentially metalcore's answer to buttrock
  5. Easily their best song in years, absolutely love this
  6. seeing these guys soon w Bleed From Within, gonna be SICK
  7. holy SHIT I had listened to these guys once or twice before and liked what I heard but holy FUCK, this is incredible, one of the best albums I've heard in a LONG time
  8. not fully decided but most of this is probably gonna be final so here goes nothing 1. Can't Swin - This Too Won't Pass 2. Frontierer - Unloved 3. Architects - Holy Hell 4. Black Tongue - Nadir 5. Don Broco - Technology 6. Twenty One Pilots - Trench 7. The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships 8. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 9. Tiny Meat Gang - Locals Only 10. The Voidz - Virtue
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