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  1. holy hell this is good, hadn't listened to these guys and didn't know they were a DGD side project until today, this is brilliant
  2. haven't even listened to it yet and it's already corny as hell
  3. this really does sound like breaking benjamin had a slightly edgier younger brother that was also really into celldweller take that as you will
  4. it’s an ATB album so there’s always gonna be some bar of quality for djenty goodness, but more than any of their other albums I don’t really feel like this one progresses their sound in any certain way, unlike their previous releases it’s a good album, and the grooves and riffs and the riffs are unreal as always, but this doesn’t feel like enough of a step up from dig deep for me idk, I’m for sure gonna be bumping this the rest of the month so we’ll see how it stacks up but for now I’m kinda middle of the road
  5. super hype, but just a quick correction, the single for Mesmer from early 2017 was Intuition, not Solar
  6. weird one, but way better than the last 2, the corey taylor feature was super unexpected
  7. This EP is causing me to enact some very destructive behavior and it is causing Distress within my family. I cannot stop the swinging. It never stops. It never ends.
  8. EDIT: that seems kinda overly negative in retrospect, I do think this is a great song, but it's no Mire if you know what I mean
  9. much better than Behold The Crown, but still hasn't quite blown me away yet like much of Dig Deep did might take a few more listens, they're still an outstanding band but this doesn't quite feel like them realising their potential to me
  10. good lord Dan Watson has gotten even better
  11. this comment could be a joke but that’s how they’re actually formatted
  12. I prefer dbree for the file player, as sometimes when I’m out and a song leaks I can’t download it on my iPhone, and (as I’ve told one of the admins before) there’s a strange issue with passtheleaks on my phone with not being able to play files properly, but when I do wanna download something PTL is better for me I guess my main point is I had no use for zippyshare anyway, so good riddance
  13. having a couple of days with this song now, i gotta say this is one of my favourite Whitechapel songs, absolutely LOVE this I really hope the album is more this kinda direction than Brimstone
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