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Everything posted by Maximo

  1. this record is beyond words, music is saved AOTY
  2. really fuckin like this but i wish there was more
  3. I’m only a few tracks in but holy hell Red Pills is good, really surprised so far, hoping it doesn’t fall off further into the record the title track still sucks fat ass though
  4. just thought i'm come back here to state again that the instrumental on this song bangs unbelievably fucking hard justin lowe-tier shit
  5. Sleep Token new singles (names unknown apart from 1, every 2 weeks until November 21st) July 18th August 1st August 15th (maybe) Blood Sport - August 29th September 12th September 26th October 10th October 24th November 7th November 21st
  6. honestly I get what you’re saying but the implication that genres aren’t allowed to branch out over time (keeping in mind the bands you listed all emerged in the 80s/90s) is just a bit silly I get that you don’t like it or whatever, you don’t feel it’s on the same par, but it’s called METALcore for a reason, hardcore punk with ELEMENTS of metal, and saying “NO IT NOT METAL BECAUSE IT HAS OTHER ELEMENT TOO” doesn’t come off as all too bright this song ISN’T metal, or metalcore, but at one point AA WERE a metalcore band, and they also made some stuff that is largely agreed upon to be metal (from death to destiny was far less focused on metalcore for instance and had more classic rock/heavy metal influence (NOT SAYING ITS CLASSIC ROCK OR HEAVY METAL BEFORE YOU START TYPING THAT, JUST INFLUENCE))
  7. it’s not what I wanted but it’s alright ig, danny sounds good as per genuinely prefer this to a lot (not all) of their last record wish that riff was more interesting though for fucks sake it just repeats over and over
  8. more l ike I PREVAIL haha owneddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  9. of all of these? UABB was probably the one I enjoyed the most from what I’ve heard of Schlagenheim though that album is next level, just haven’t peeped the full thing yet didn’t enjoy disguise much at all but I’m absolutely not a MIW fan so that’s not surprising
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